Distr.  : NE - Shiny Beast
Style   : psychedelic /

PZR     1       STONERROR               STONERROR                       LP      02.2018

This album is full of different emotions, different tempos, sometimes trippy, sometimes
catchy with captivating vocals, magnified by an evil guitar-bass-drums trio. Desertrock
at its best and highest quality stoner from Poland!
PZR     2
PZR     3       THE BELLRAYS            LET IT BLAST                    LP      06.2020

Originally released on LP in 1998 on Scooch Pooch Records. This second album is the
real start for our fave Californian punk-soul rockers. Bob is on the bass and with
Ray Chin on drums they built a ferocious rhythm section, savagely embellished by
guitar maestro Tony Fate himself!! And the one who leads this frantic combo to a
soulful fireworks is princess Lisa Kekaula!! Now in 2020, the world (let's say "a
part of") know our heroes and their so personal way of treating punk, rock and soul.
But in in 1998, whaoooh this has been a real kick-in-the-ass!!! Nevertheless, be
careful (or not) when you put the needle on the wax for the first time!!! Simply
because Bob Vennum remixed the album and Bob Lanzner remastered it. The sound is
enormous!! And for your listening pleasure Purple Zone added 2 bonus tracks.
So we can say that this first-time on vinyl reissue in 22 years is a real EVENT!!!
Limited to 500 copies.
PRZ     1       THE BOGEYMEN            ACTION TIME!                    LP      06.2019

Originally released on CD in 1995 on the defunct French garage-punk label DIG! Records.
This was the second album of French #1 mod band The Bogeymen. This record contains
11 originals and 1 cover. All songs are real smashers, no fillers!! Soulful vocals of
singer/guitarist Laurent Bauer, smashing Rickenbacker, groovy organ and powerful bass
/drums section make this album the perfect companion to any Small Faces, Prisoners,
Creeps albums. Only 200 copies on black vinyl.

All notes taken from: www.shinybeast.nl