Distr.  : NE - Clear Spot/
Style   : garage punk /

LUST    4       FIREBEATS LTD.          ON STAGE                        7"      05.2017

The sound of Norway's '60s garage/beat/mod heroes The Firebeats Inc. revisited by
Per Oydir (Euroboys. Peter Berry & The Shake Set, The Indikation) and a handful of
highly skilled musicians, for the occasion using the Firebeats Ltd. moniker. 'On
Stage' creates that true Firebeats Inc. vibe like it's 1966 all over again. Expect
the authentic instrumentation, Accuset PA and the neat beat suits. Put this 7-inch
on your turntable and experience the true live feeling of Oslo, 1966!
LUST    6       CAVEBONES : THE BEER DRINK'N ZOMBIE DWARF...            10"     06.2019

The Cavebones' recording history is short. In 1992, they had the song 'The Wolfman'
released on the That's Entertainment Records Norwegian garage/punk sampler 'Penguins
And Bondage'. Then in 1995 they had their own song 'Atomic Cocktail' featured on the
double CD-only sampler 'Mosserock' featuring local bands from Moss, Norway from the
'60s to the '90s. This is the first Cavebones record! It took 30 years to finally get
here. The six tracks give a good representation of where the band comes from and where
they stand today. Musically, The Cavebones were influenced by deranged and wild '50s
compilations like 'Sin Alley', and 'Desperate Rock And Roll'. In fact, their first
band rehearsals were all about covering artists that appeared on compilations like
that. Other band influences from the early days included the fantastic sounds of
The Cramps and the neo-garage fame of The Fuzztones.
LUST    10      DIRTY BURGER            PART TIME LOSER                 LP      12.2020

Dirty Burger started out in early 2015 as a three-piece band, playing garage rock
with punk and boogie influences. They have earned their reputation as an energetic
live act. 'Part Time Loser' is a collection of ten songs that have been written during
a four-year period and has influences from the 60's garage rock scene, and the 70's
/80's punk scene. The album features Johannes Cronquist on organ.
PR      1       BAJA BUG                THE SURF WILL RISE AGAIN        LP      04.2020

Baja Bug is a Norwegian instrumental surf rock band, deeply inspired by the awesome
'60s. The sound of the band challenges the genre mainstream, while staying faithful
to the context of Dick Dale, The Ventures, The Astronauts, Ahab & The Wailers and
Link Wray. One can also find references from the contemporary surf rock scene, as
well as elements from alternative rock, B-movies and Tarantino.