PSYCHO RECORDS                          Funhouse Records
**************                          1st Floor
                                        24 Cecil Square
                                        Margate , Kent

                                        tel. : 0843 295027

Distr. : UK - Rough Trade / Cartel
Style  : psychadelic/garage rock/blues rock reissue specialist
Exist  : dec.1982-1985

PSYCHO    1     V / A                   ENDLESS JOURNEY PHASE ONE       LP         1982

        A1      Moving Sidewalks        I Wanna Hold Your Hand
        A2      Rising Storm            Baby Please Don't Go
        A3      Outcasts                Smokestack Lightning
        A4      Oxford Circle           Foolish Woman
        A5      Oxford Circle           Mind Destruction
        A6      Unsettled Society       Diamond Studded Cadillacs
        B1      Finchley Boys           I'm Not Like Everybody Else
        B2      Rising Storm            A Message To Pretty
        B3      Rising Storm            Don't Look Back
        B4      Clique                  Splash 1
        B5      Mystic Tide             Psychedelic Journey Pts. 1+2
                (Note : 1000 numbered copies)
PSYCHO    2     YA HO WA 13 WITH SKY SAXON : GOLDEN SUNRISE             LP         1983

        A1      Time Travel
        A2      Food For The Hungry
        A3      Voyage
        A4      Atlantians
        A5      Go With The Flow
        A6      New Revolution
        B1      Wolf Pack
        B2      Come To The Ocean
        B3      Across The Prairie
        B4      Just Moving On
        B5      Celebration
                (Note : 319 copies on multicoloured vinyl)
PSYCHO    3     V / A                   ENDLESS JOURNEY PHASE TWO       LP         1983

        A1      Paisleys                Wind
        A2      Finchley Boys           It All Ends
        A3      Creme Soda              Tonight
        A4      Flat Earth Society      Feelin' Much Better
        A5      Mint, The               Cant Be Free
        A6      Mint, The               We're Friends
        A7      Help                    Do You Understand The Words
        A8      C.A. Quintet            Blow To My Soul
        B1      Hunger                  Workshop
        B2      C.A. Quintet            Cold Spider
        B3      Faine Jade              People Games Play
        B4      Faine Jade              Cold Winter Sun
        B5      Kak                     Trieulogy
        B6      Creme Soda              Keep It Heavy
                (Note : 1000 numbered copies)
PSYCHO    4     KEN KESEY               THE ACID TEST                   LP         1983

        A1      Ken Kesey                                       7:02
        A2      Ken Babbs And Harmonica                         3:00
        A3      Take Two                                        0:43
        A4      Bull                                            0:47
        A5      Peggy The Pistol                                4:05
        B1      One Way Ticket                                  8:11
        B2      Bells & Fairies                                 1:20
        B3      Levitation                                      3:41
        B4      Trip X                                          1:48
        B5      The End                                         0:30
                (Note : 300 copies)
PSYCHO    5  FAPARDOKLY         Fapardokly                              LP         1983

        A1      Lila                                            3:22
        A2      The Music Scene                                 2:35
        A3      Sorry For Yourself                              2:00
        A4      Glass Chandlier                                 2:05
        A5      Tomorrows Girl                                  2:27
        A6      Suzie Cryin                                     2:22
        B1      Mr. Clock                                       2:26
        B2      Gon To Pot                                      2:00
        B3      No Retreat                                      1:53
        B4      Too Many Heart Breaks                           2:24
        B5      When I Get Home                                 2:43
        B6      Super Market                                    2:08
                (Note : 300 hand-numbered copies)

LP      UIP             LP 2250         1966    US      mono.stereo
PSYCHO    6     V / A                   THE PERFUME GARDEN              LP         1983

        1.      Factory                 Try A Little Sunshine
        2.      Eyes                    You're Too Much
        3.      Syn                     Grounded
        4.      Nimrod                  The Bird
        5.      Smoke                   Sidney Gill
        6.      Birds, The              No Good Without You Baby
        7.      Shy Limbs               Reputation
        8.      Game                    It's Shocking What They Call Me
        9.      Frame                   Doctor, Doctor
        10.     Mandrake Paddle Steamer  Strange Walking Man
        11.     French Revolution       Nine Til Five
        12.     Vamp                    Floatin'
        13.     Syndicats               Crawdaddy Simone
        14.     Sands                   Listen To The Sky
PSYCHO    7     THE PAISLEYS            COSMIC MIND AT PLAY             LP         1983

        A1      Cosmic Mind At Play
        A2      Rockin'
        A3      Now
        A4      Smokey Windows
        A5      Diddley
        A6      Wind
        B1      Musical Journey

LP      Peace           944S 2809       1970    US
PSYCHO    8     THE ELECTRIC TOILET : IN THE HANDS OF KARMA             LP         1983

        A1      In The Hands Of Karma
        A2      Within Your State Of Mind
        A3      Revelations
        B1      Mississippi Hippy
        B2      Goodby My Darling
        B3      Don't Climb Nobody Else's Ladder

LP      Nasco           9004            1969    US
PSYCHO    9     THE HAUNTED             THE HAUNTED                     LP         1983

        A1      1-2-5                                           2:30
        A2      Shake                                           2:25
        A3      Horror Show                                     5:27
        A4      Untie Me                                        4:40
        B1      Out Of Time                                     3:36
        B2      Searching For My Baby                           2:55
        B3      A Message To Pretty                             2:35
        B4      Twist                                           2:30
        B5      Montreal Blues                                  3:59

LP      Hungry For Vinyl  HFV 001       2010    CA
                MOON - LIVE

LP 1    A1      Back Door Man
        A2      Codine
        A3      Mona / Maiden Of The Cancer Moon / Mona
        B1      Gold And Silver
        B2      Smokestack Lightning
LP 2    C1      Light Your Windows
        C2      Dino's Song
        C3      The Fool
        D1      Who Do You Love
        D2      Mona / Maiden Of The Cancer Moon / Mona
PSYCHO   11     MUSIC EMPORIUM          MUSIC EMPORIUM                  LP         1983

        A1      Nam Myo Renge Kyo                               2:33
        A2      Velvet Sunsets                                  2:30
        A3      Prelude                                         2:04
        A4      Catatonic Variations                            1:57
        A5      Times Like This                                 1:55
        A6      Gentle Thursday                                 3:42
        B1      Winds Have Changed                              2:08
        B2      Cage                                            5:05
        B3      Sun Never Shines                                3:56
        B4      Day Of Wrath                                    3:20

LP      Sentinel        PC 69001        1969    US
PSYCHO   12     C.A.QUARTET             TRIP THRU HELL                  LP         1983

        A1      Trip Thru Hell (Part I)                         9:00
        A2      Colorado Mourning                               2:10
        A3      Cold Spider                                     4:38
        B1      Underground Music                               4:39
        B2      Sleepy Hollow Lane                              1:37
        B3      Smooth As Silk                                  2:12
        B4      Trip Thru Hell (Part II)                        3:30

LP      Candy Floss     CF 7764 S       1969    US
PSYCHO   13     A FAINE JADE RECITAL    INTROSPECTIONS                  LP         1983

        A1      Dr. Paul Overture                               3:02
        A2      People Games Play                               4:10
        A3      Cold Winter Sun Symphony In D Major             3:11
        A4      I Lived Tomorrow Yesterday                      2:30
        A5      Ballad Of The Bad Guys                          4:25
        B1      Introspection                                   3:35
        B2      A Brand New Groove                              3:00
        B3      On The Inside There's A Middle                  5:36
        B4      Don't Hussle Me                                 2:40
        B5      Grand Finale                                    5:25

LP      RSVP            ES 8002         1968    US
PSYCHO   14     HUNGER                  STRICTLY FROM HUNGER            LP         1983

        A-1     Colors
        A-2     Workshop
        A-3     Portland 69
        A-4     No Shame
        A-5     Trying To Make The Best
        B-1     Open Your Eyes
        B-2     The Truth
        B-3     Mind Machine
        B-4     She Let Him Continue
        B-5     Trying To Make The Best No.2

LP      Public!, Public!  P 1006        1969    US
PSYCHO   15     V / A                   THE PERFUMED GARDEN 2           LP         1983

        A1      Kult                    No Home Today                   2:46
        A2      Eyes                    When The Night Falls            2:34
        A3      Poets                   Baby Don't You Do It            2:27
        A4      Ace Kefford Stand       For Your Love                   5:42
        A5      Rupert's People         Reflections Of Charles Brown    4:15
        A6      Thane Russal & Three    Security                        2:42
        A7      Deviants                I'm Coming Home                 5:57
        B1      Fleur-De-Lys            Liar                            3:20
        B2      Kult                    Mister Number One               3:28
        B3      In-Be-Tweens            You Better Run                  2:37
        B4      Uglies                  I See The Light                 3:37
        B5      Glen Athens & The Trojans  Let Me Show You How         4:29
        B6      Gary Leeds & Rain       Francis                         3:01
        B7      Les Goths               Turn Over                       3:46
PSYCHO   16     THE DEVIANTS            PTOOFF!                         LP         1984

        A1      Opening/I'm Coming Home
        A2      Child Of The Sky
        A3      Charlie
        A4      Nothing Man
        B1      Garbage
        B2      Bun
        B3      Deviation Street

LP      Underground Imp.  IMP 1         1968    UK
LP      Sire              SES 97001     1968    US
PSYCHO   17     FLAT EARTH SOCIETY      WALEECO                         LP         1984

        A1      Feelin' Much Better                             3:47
        A2      Midnight Hour                                   3:38
        A3      I'm So Happy                                    1:37
        A4      When You're There                               1:58
        A5      Four & Twenty Miles                             1:56
        A6      Prelude For The Town Monk                       3:10
        B1      Shadows                                         1:54
        B2      Dark Street Downtown                            3:45
        B3      Portrait In Grey                                5:05
        B4      In My Window                                    2:11
        B5      Satori                                          3:30

LP      Fleetwood       FCLP 3027       1968    US

        A1      Bye Bye Baby
        A2      Say You Love Me At Last
        A3      Got To Make You Mine
        A4      Piece Of Your Love
        A5      Love In My Heart
        A6      Down Hearted
        B1      Climax
PSYCHO   19     V / A                   ENDLESS JOURNEY PHASE THREE     LP         1984

        A1      Them                    Gloria
        A2      Them                    Baby Please Don't Go
        A3      Electric Rubayyat       If I Was A Carpenter
        A4      Clear Light             Sand
        A5      Cykle                   Lesson To Learn
        A6      Cykle                   Do My Thing
        A7      49th Parallel           lose The Barn Door
        B1      T. Swift And The Electric Bag  Are You Experienced?
        B2      Golden Dawn             My Time
        B3      Frumious Bandersnatch   Hearts To Cry
        B4      Dirty Filthy Mud        The Forest Of Black
        B5      Strange                 Ruler Of The Universe
                (Note : numbered)
PSYCHO   20     MICK FARREN             MONA (The Carnivorous Circus)    LP        1984

                Mona (A Fragment) Carnivorous Circus Part I
        I)      The Whole Thing Starts
        II)     But Charlie It's Still Moving
        III)    Observe The Ravens
        IV)     Society Of The Horseman
                Summertime Blues Carnivorous Circus Part II
        V)      Don't Talk To Me Mary
        VI)     You Can't Move Me
        VII)    In My Window Box
        VIII)   An Epitaph Can Point The Way Mona (The Whole Trip)
                (Note : orig.released on Transatlantic Rec. TRA 212 , 1970)
PSYCHO   21     TERRY BROOKS AND STRANGE : RAW POWER                    LP         1984

        A1      Fields And Fields Of People
        A2      Are You My Friend
        A3      To The Far Side Of Time
        A4      Raw Power
        A5      Love Me
        B1      Life Jam

LP      Outer Galaxie Inc.  OG 1001     1976    US
PSYCHO   22     THE WIPERS              IS THIS REAL?                   LP         1984

SIDE -  A1      Return Of The Rat
        A2      Mystery
        A3      Up Front
        A4      Let's Go Let's Go Away
        A5      Is This Real?
        A6      Tragedy
        A7      Alien Boy
SIDE +  B1      D-7
        B2      Potential Suicide
        B3      Don't Know What I Am
        B4      Window Shop For Love
        B5      Wait A Minute
                (Note : with lyric insert)

LP      Park Avenue     PA 82801        1979    US
CD      Sub Pop         SP 190 A        1993    US
PSYCHO   23     THE WIPERS              YOUTH OF AMERICA                LP         1984

        A1      Taking Too Long                                 3:05
        A2      Can This Be                                     2:55
        A3      Pushing The Extreme                             3:15
        A4      When It's Over                                  6:30
        B1      No Fair                                         4:25
        B2      Youth Of America                                10:30

LP      Park Avenue     PA 82802        1981    US
PSYCHO   24     GROUNDHOGS              HOGGIN THE STAGE                2LP        1984

LP 1    A1      Cherry Red
        A2      Garden
        A3      Split Pt. 1
        B1      Groundhog Blues
        B2      Eccentric Man
        B3      Split Pt. 2
LP 2    C1      Mistreated
        C2      Still A Fool
        D1      Boogie With Us
        D2      Your Love Keeps Me Alive
        D3      Live Right
        D4      I Love Miss Ogyny
7"/A    E       Cherry Red / Split Pt. 2
7"/B    F       Light My Light Pts. 1 & 2
                (Note : double LP plus 7" , stickered sleeve)
PSYCHO   25     DEVIANTS : HUMAN GARBAGE (LIVE IN DINGWALLS)            LP         1984

        A1      Outrageous Contagious
        A2      Broken Statue
        A3      Ramblin' Rose
        A4      Hey Thanks
        A5      Screwed Up
        A6      I Wanna Drink
        B1      Takin' L.S.D.
        B2      Police Car
        B3      Trouble Coming Every Day
PSYCHO   26     HIGH TIDE               SEA SHANTIES                    LP         1984

        A1      Futilist's Lament                               5:17
        A2      Death Warmed Up                                 9:08
        A3      Pushed, But Not Forgotten                       4:43
        B1      Walking Down Their Outlook                      4:58
        B2      Missing Out                                     9:38
        B3      Nowhere                                         5:54

LP      Liberty         LBS 83264       1969    UK
PSYCHO   27     HIGH TIDE               HIGH TIDE                       LP         1984

        A1      Blankman Cries Again                            8:25
        A2      The Joke                                        9:25
        B1      Saneonymous                                     14:25

LP      Liberty         LBS 83294       1970    UK
PSYCHO   28     CRYSTALLIZED MOVEMENT   MIND DISASTER                   LP         1984

        A1      Overture
        A2      Stone Cathedral
        A3      Communal Storybook
        A4      Sandy Roy
        A5      The Hymn
        B1      Orange Acid Orange
        B2      Close Your Eyes
        B3      Psychotical Delusions

LP      Twisted Village  1001           1983    US
                : STARRY RIDE

        A1      Starry Ride
        A2      I'm In Love With Life
        A3      Drums, Stars & Guitars
        B1      24 Hour Rocker
                (Note : LP , white vinyl)
PSYCHO   30     HEAVY JELLY : TAKE ME DOWN TO THE WATER                 LP         1984

        A1      You Better Let Me Know
        A2      Born For Something
        A3      Too Complicated
        A4      Just Don't Feel So Good
        B1      F-F-F-Females
        B2      Bio-Blues
        B3      If You'd Like Too
        B4      Take Me Down To The Water
                (Note : orig.released on Island Rec. as a promo only)
PSYCHO   31     MIGHTY BABY             EGYPTIAN TOMB                   LP         1984

        A1      Egyptian Tomb
        A2      A Friend You Know But Never See
        A3      I've Been Down So Long
        A4      Same Way From The Sun
        B1      House Without Windows
        B2      Trials Of A City
        B3      I'm From The Country
        B4      At A Point Between Fate And Destiny
                (Note : orig.released on Head Rec. HDLS 6002 , 1969  as
                "Mighty Baby")
PSYCHO   32     THE DAILY FLASH         I FLASH DAILY                   LP         1985

        A1      Jack Of Diamonds
        A2      Queen Jane Approximately
        A3      Violetts Of Dawn
        A4      Barbara Flowers
        A5      The Girl From North Alberta
        A6      The French Girl
        B1      Canteloupe Island
        B2      Queen Jane Approximaltely
PSYCHO   33     MOOD SIX                THE DIFFERENCE IS...            LP         1985

        A1      She's Too Far (Out)
        A2      Party Time
        A3      It's Your Life
        A4      Victim
        A5      Hanging Around
        B1      Plastic Flowers
        B2      Brief Encounter
        B3      Stay This Away
        B4      The Rain Falls On Mary
        B5      The Difference Is ......

        A1      Jimi                                            4:31
        A2      Ruler Of The Univers                            11:05
        B1      The Kiss Of A Butterfly                         6:04
        B2      Hey Mr. Lonely Man                              4:42
        B3      Lost                                            5:50
PSYCHO   35     V / A                   THE WALKING DREAM               LP         1985

        A1      Palace Of Light         Return To You
        A2      Palace Of Light         Safer
        A3      Palace Of Light         Bitter Seal
        A4      Mood Six                You Don't Know Me
        A5      Mood Six                Far Away
        A6      Sleep Creature & The Vampires  Fade Away
        B1      Sleep Creature & The Vampires  Calling Out Your Name
        B2      Sleep Creature & The Vampires  Hilltop Land
        B3      Green Telescope         Turnin' Out
        B4      Green Telescope         Can't Step Off The Path
        B5      Green Telescope         I'm A Living Sickness
        B6      Magic Mushroom Band     Magick Eye
        B7      Magic Mushroom Band     Wide Eyed And Electrick
PSYCHO 2001  MOOD SIX           Plastic Flowers // It's Your Life       7"         1985
PSYCHO 4001  MOOD SIX           PLASTIC FLOWERS                         12"EP      1985

        A1      Plastic Flowers (Remixed Version)
        A2      It's Your Life
        B1      Is It Right?
        B2      I Wanna Destroy You
        B3      Starting Points
                (Note : 12" , white vinyl)