Distr.  : NE - Shiny Beast/
Style   : garage rock / psychedelic /

POTS    45001   V / A                   LOST SOULS, VOL.1               CD        .2013

        01.     The Blue And The Gray - Don't Send Me No Flowers
        02.     The Yardleys - The Light Won't Shine The
        03.     Problems Of Tyme - Back Of My Mind
        04.     Barefacts - Tell Me
        05.     Xciters - Upsetter
        06.     The Marion Deaton Group - Apple Of My Eye
        07.     Gene Barnett - Hey Come On Now
        08.     Barefacts - Leaf On A Tree
        09.     The Shades Featuring Bob Fly - Hit It
        10.     The Roustabouts - Just You And Me
        11.     Michael-Troy & The Pharoahs - Even Though It's Wrong
        12.     The Vycounts - Can't You Tell
        13.     The Blue & The Gray - Wine Wine Wine
        14.     The Coachmen - You're My Girl
        15.     The Lost Souls - My Girl
        16.     Lost Souls - Lost Love
        17.     Blues Foundation - It's Called Love
        18.     Dead On Arrival - Mr. Crying
        19.     Trouble Bros. - Your Love Is Gone
        20.     The Marc IV - Hi Ho Silver
        21.     The Marc IV - Now I'm Free
        22.     Sunset Society - Land Of Make Believe
        23.     Purple Canteen - Brains In My Feet
        24.     Suspension Of Belief - LSD
        25.     LD Mitchell & The Amalgamated Taxi Cab Service - Planet Of Union
        26.     Dead On Arrival - Run Hide Get Away
        27.     The Sole Society - Psychedelic Cycle
        28.     Mystic Illusion - Colour Of My Daye
        29.     Blackfoot - Bummed Out

Repress with a fully updated 20 page booklet! '1960s GARAGE AND PSYCHEDELIC MUSIC
FROM THE UN-NATURAL STATE: ARKANSAS' - A CD full of cryptic killers and psychedelic
cycles from custom labels and obscurities of Arkansas, many of which never landed
outside of the town where they originated. They all share a unique sound that comes
from being isolated in rural communites yet brimming with teen abandon. Liners with
detailed exclusive info on the bands will aim to please the curious listener.
This CD is simply some of the best garage out there, with most of it appearing here
for the first time.
POTSLP  45005   V / A                   LOST SOULS, VOL.4               LP      04.2013
POTSCD  45005   V / A                   LOST SOULS, VOL.4               CD      04.2013

        01.     The Federal Union       Can't Stop, Can't Go
        02.     The Stepin' Stones      I Pity People
        03.     The Vipers              She Just Goes Her Way
        04.     The Vipers              My Love is Gone
        05.     The Federal Union       I Really Need You
        06.     The Coachmen            Tears of Blue
        07.     The Barons              That's What I Need Your Love For
        08.     The Federal Union       Can't Stop, Can't Go (version 2)
        09.     Steppendog              I'm Feeling Down
        10.     The Vipers              So Excited
        11.     The Vipers              Time
        12.     The Federal Union       A Day Without Time
        13.     The Villigers           I'll Call You
        14.     The Loved Ones          Please Send Her
        15.     Unknown                 In My Place
        16.     The Barons              You're My Girl
        17.     The Tuesday Blues       Please Don't Go
        18.     The Sons of Soul        I Don't Believe
        19.     The Stepin' Stones      Don't Let the Weekend End
        20.     The Loved Ones          I'm Alone
        21.     Barnsley & Bradley      Sister of Wisdom
        22.     The Vipers              Climax

Lost Souls Volume 4 features ALL unreleased tracks from the heyday of garage and
psychedelic rock in Arkansas from 1965-1968. Lost Souls Volume 4 mines unknown and
rare gems from even deeper into the vault of Arkansas. 90% originals and 100% uncomped.
Lost Souls Volume 4 features acetate contributions by Joey D, Mark Taylor, and Barry 
ickham in addtion to discoveries by Harold Ott for Psych of the South records. A 16
page booklet provides info and pictures to check out.