Start   : 1992
Owner   : Hans van Vuuren
Distr.  : NE - EMI/Clear Spot/Shiny Beast/
          US - Forced Exposure
Style   : reissue - garage rock / beat / psychedelic /

PSEUD   1012    THE OUTSIDERS           BEAT LEGENDS                    CD+BK   05.2010
VP      99001   THE OUTSIDERS           THE OUTSIDERS                   LP        .1999

        A1      Story 16
        A2      Tears Are Falling From My Eyes
        A3      Ain't Gonna Miss You
        A4      I Wish I Could
        A5      Afraid Of The Dark
        B1      Teach Me To Forget You
        B2      Filthy Rich
        B3      I Would Love You
        B4      Don't You Cry
        B5      Won't You Listen
        B6      If You Don't Treat Me Right

LP      Relax           30.007          1967    NE
VP      99002   THE ZIPPS               BE STONED! DIG: ZIPS            LP        .1999

        A1      Highway Gambler
        A2      Roll The Cotton
        A3      Kicks And Chicks
        A4      Hipsterism
        A5      Beat & Poetry Part 1
        A6      Beat & Poetry Part 2
        B1      Marie         Juana
        B2      The Struggle For Ice-Cold Milk Of Benzi The Bassplayer Or How To
                Promote Original Dutch Milk
        B3      When You Tell It, Tell It Well..!
        B4      Lotus Love
        B5      Walking This Road To My Town
        B6      The Beer Hall Song
        B7      Kicks And Chicks
VP      99003   GROUP 1850 : AGEMO'S TRIP TO MOTHER EARTH               LP        .1999

        A1      Steel Sings
        A2      Little Fly
        A3      I Put My Hands On Your Shoulder
        B1      You Did It Too Hard
        B2      A Point In This Life
        B3      Refound
        B4      Reborn

LP      Philips         844083 PY       1968    NE
VP      99004   AHORA MAZDA             AHORA MAZDA                     LP        .1999

        A1      Spacy Tracy
        A2      Timeless Dream
        A3      Oranje Vrijstaat
        B1      Fallen Tree
        B2      Power
        B3      Fantasio

LP      Catfich/EMI     5C-054-24184    1970    NE
VP      99005   CARGO                   CARGO                           LP        .1999

        A1      Sail Inside
        A2      Cross Talking
        B1      Finding Out
        B2      Summerfire

LP      Harvest/EMI     5C 052 24592    1972    NE
VP      99006   COSMIC DEALER           CRUSTALLIZATION                 LP        .1999

        A1      Daybreak
        A2      If There Is Nothing Behind The Hills
        A3      Child Of The Golden Sun
        A4      Swingin' Joe Brown
        A5      I Had A Friend
        A6      Crystallization
        B1      The Scene
        B2      The Fly
        B3      One Night With You
        B4      Find Your Way
        B5      Flying In The Winter
        B6      Head In The Clouds
        B7      Illusions

LP      Negram          NQ 20.015       1972    NE
VP      99007   Q65                     REVOLUTION                      LP        .2001

        A1      The Life I Live
        A2      I Got Nightmares
        A3      Just Who's In Sight
        A4      Mr. Pitiful
        A5      I'm A Man
        A6      Middle-Age Talk
        A7      Summerthoughts In A Field Of Weed
        A8      Down At The Bottom
        B1      Get Out Of My Life, Woman
        B2      Spoonful
        B3      Sour Wine
        B4      Bring It On Home

LP      Decca           QL 625 363      1966    NE      mono
VP      99008   THE OUTSIDERS           CQ                              LP        .2001

        A1      Misfit
        A2      Zsarrahh
        A3      CQ
        A4      Daddy Died On Saturday
        A5      It Seems Like Nothing's Gonna Come My Way Today
        A6      Doctor
        A7      The Man On The Dune
        B1      The Bear
        B2      Happyville
        B3      You're Everything On Earth
        B4      Wish You Were Here With Me Today
        B5      I Love You No. 2
        B6      Prison Song

LP      Polydor         236803          1968    NE
VP      99009   Q65                     REVIVAL                         LP        .2001

        A1      Cry In The Night
        A2      No Place To Go
        A3      It Came To Me
        A4      I Was Young
        A5      World Of Birds
        A6      So High I've Been, So Down I Must Fall
        B1      Sundance
        B2      Voluntary Peacemaker
        B3      Ridin' On A Slow Train
        B4      Fairy Tales Of Truth

LP      Decca           XBY 846515      1969    NE
VP      99010   THE MOTIONS             INTRODUCTION THE MOTIONS        LP        .2001

        A1      Love Won't Stop
        A2      I've Waited So Long
        A3      I'll Follow The Sun
        A4      The Girl From New York City
        A5      You Bother Me
        A6      I Want Someone To Love
        B1      It's Gone
        B2      No Matter Where You Run
        B3      Be The Woman I Need
        B4      I've Got Misery
        B5      Who'll Save My Soul
        B6      For Another Man

LP      Havoc           HJH 2           1965    NE
VP      99011   BZN                     THE BASTARD                     LP        .2005

        A1      The Bastard
        A2      Dizzy Miss Lizzy
        A3      The Man In The Wood
        A4      Delirium
        A5      Bad Bad Woman
        B1      Second Autumn
        B2      She's Back Again
        B3      Searching
        B4      Rock And Roll Woman
        B5      Wilhelmus

LP      Negram          NQ 20.048       1971    NE
PSEUD   99012   THE OUTSIDERS           AFRAID OF THE DARK              LP      05.2010

Bird In A Cage / Ain't Gonna Miss You / Afraid Of The Dark / Ballad Of John B. / I Love
Her Still , I Always Will //// Story / I Wish I Could / Tears Are Falling From My Eyes
/ Set Me Free / Won't You Listen
(Note : LP , 180 g. , 500 copies)
PSEUD   99013   THE OUTSIDERS           YOU MISTREAT ME EP              10"     06.2010

You Mistreat Me / Sun's Going Down / Thinking About Today //// Felt Like I Wanted To
Cry / I Love Her Still , I Always Will
(Note : 10"/45 RPM , 500 black copies)
VP      99015   CIRCUS                  CIRCUS                          LP      08.2012

        A1      Fairy Tales Of Truth
        A2      Mother Sundance
        B1      Change Of Scene
        B2      Voluntary Peacemaker
        B3      Medusa

(Note : LP/180 g. , 350 g.cartoon sleeve ; Dutch super group , 1968)
VP      99016   THE ZIPPS : KICKS AND CHICKS-EVER STONED                LP      08.2012

        A1      Roll The Cotton Down
        A2      The Beer Hall Song
        A3      Rock My Soul
        A4      Kicks And Chicks
        A5      Mari-Juana (Give Me Your Smell)
        A6      Benzedrine Bassplayer (Hurry I Need Benzedrine)
        A7      Mari-Juana (Give Me Your Smell)
        B1      The Struggle For Ice-Cold Milk Of Benzi The Bassplayer Or How To
                Promote Dutch Milk
        B2      The Singer Was Stoned
        B3      The Singer Was Stoned
        B4      Lotus Love
        B5      When You Tell It, Tell It Well
        B6      Watch What Happens!
VP      99017   TEE-SET                 EMOTION                         LP      06.2012

        A1      Just Another Hour
        A2      I Go Out Of My Mind
        A3      Don't You Leave
        A4      Midnight Hour
        A5      Nothing Can Ever Change This Love
        A6      Jet Set
        B1      Willy Nilly
        B2      Play That Record
        B3      Can Your Monkey Do The Dog
        B4      So Fine
        B5      For Miss Caulker
        B6      You Better Believe It

LP      Delta           DL 512          1966    NE

Original album and artwork from December 1966. Limited Edition of 300 copies on black
180-grams vinyl, presented in a thick carton sleeve and Japanese plastic bag. In the
mid sixties beat groups got quite popular in the Netherlands. The Motions, Golden
Earrings, Outsiders and Q65 manifested themselves in the footsteps of The Beatles,
Rolling Stones and Pretty Things. In 1966 a new top band entered the scene, this time
from Delft. After the hit singles 'Early In The Morning' and 'Believe What You Say',
songs written by Shocking Blue-guitarist Robbie van Leeuwen, in November 1968 the
Tee-Set went into the GTB studio to record an album with all new songs. Stimulated by
Harry Knipschild, manager Theo Kuppens and singer Peter Tetteroo, with a voice
reminiscent of Stevie Winwood, decided to build Dave Van Ronk's 'Don't Leave Me Here'
into the party song 'Don't You Leave'. The reactions to the album were phenomenal. The
trendy Hitweek wrote: "The Tee-Set album is, in one word, fantastic. With a sound that
is solid like a brick house. This is the Nederlanger [Dutch LP] of the year! We do not
get enthusiastic very fast, but this album is incredibly good. The Dutch Beat is
on a roll." 'Dont You Leave' became the Tee-Set's first top 10 hit. The album was also
a great success. Unique in that time: 'Emotion' was also released in Italy. Tee-Set
continued. 'Ma Belle Amie' became a worldwide hit, and even landed in the U.S. Top 5.
'She Likes Weeds' was a number one in the Netherlands. The fantastic first album
'Emotion' has now been remastered from the original master tapes for the first time.
It sounds better than ever and is available with the original artwork. Enjoy the
breakthrough of the Tee-Set.
VP      99018   V / A                   MUZIEK EXPRESS                  2LP     06.2012

Side 1  PETER AND THE BLIZZARDS         Bye Bye Baby
        PETER AND THE BLIZZARDS         Why
        BINTANGS                        Im A Man
        BINTANGS                        You Cant Judge A Book By The Cover
        OUTSIDERS                       You Mistreat Me
        OUTSIDERS                       Suns Going Down
        FOLK MESSENGERS                 Black Girl FOLK
        MESSENGERS                      Soft Blowes The Summerwind
SIDE 2  PETER AND THE BLIZZARDS         Sittin In My Room
        PETER AND THE BLIZZARDS         All I Want
        OUTSIDERS                       Felt Like I Wanted To Cry
        OUTSIDERS                       I Love Her Still, I Always Will
        ZIPPS                           Roll The Cotton Down
        ZIPPS                           Highway Gambler
        BINTANGS                        Walkin The Boogie
        BINTANGS                        Groovin
SIDE 3  BUMBLE BEES                     Day By Day
        BUMBLE BEES                     You
        KEY                             I See Your Image
        KEY                             Play Vivaldi
        FUN OF IT                       Silly Baby
        FUN OF IT                       Drollery
        BINTANGS                        Splendid Sight
        BINTANGS                        $ 60
Side 4  GROEP 1850                      Misty Night
        GROEP 1850                      Look Around
        PETER AND THE BLIZZARDS         It Happens Everyday
        PETER AND THE BLIZZARDS         Cold As Ice
        GROUP REZA                      Its A Shame
        GROUP REZA                      From Home
        BUMBLE BEES                     I was blind (Unreleased)
        BUMBLE BEES                     a girl of my kind (Unreleased)
VP      99019   RAINMAN                 RAINMAN                         LP      06.2011

        A1      Rainman
        A2      The Natural Man
        A3      Don't
        A4      Vicious Circle
        A5      Don't Make Promises
        A6      You Will Be Freed By Me
        A7      Clouds (Unreleased Demo)
        B1      Money Means Nothing At All
        B2      Get You To Come Through
        B3      She Told Me So
        B4      They Didn't Feel
        B5      The Joy That Is Inside
        B6      Money Means Nothing At All (First Version)
VP      99020   BAG                     TRIPDREAM                       7"        .2011

        A       Tripdream
        B       Nothing Will Remain
VP      99021   HET : Ik Heb Geen Zin Om Op Te Staan                    LP      12.2011

        A1      HET : Ik Heb Geen Zin Om Op Te Staan (Mono)     3:07
        A2      HET : Alleen Op Het Kerkhof (Mono)              3:21
        A3      HET                     Kejje Nagaan (Mono)     2:52
        A4      HET                     Spat Niet Met Pap (Mono)2:52
        A5      HET : I Got You (I Feel Good) (Mono)            2:51
        A6      HET                     She'll Stay (Mono)      2:21
        A7      HET                     S.O.S. (Mono)           2:10
        A8      HET                     I Call You Bluff (Mono) 2:40
        B1      Het Poco Mania          Heikrekel (Mono)        2:55
        B2      Het Poco Mania          Peterselie (Mono)       2:54
        B3      HET                     De Pil... (Stereo)      2:07
        B4      HET : Ik Heb Geen Zin Om Op Te Staan (Stereo)   3:07
        B5      HET : Alleen Op Het Kerkhof (Stereo)            3:21
        B6      HET                     S.O.S. (Stereo)         2:10
        B7      HET                     I Call You Bluff (Stereo)2:40
        B8      Het Poco Mania          Heikrekel (Stereo)      2:55
VP      99022   Q65                     WE'RE GONNA MAKE IT             LP      09.2011

SIDE 1  1.      We're Gonna Make It
        2.      Love Is Such A Good Thing (Non album/Bonus track)
        3.      I Just Can't Wait
        4.      Saddy
        5.      Please Come Back To Me
        6.      We Are Happy
SIDE 2  7.      I Gotta Move
        8.      There Was A Day
        9.      Don't Let Me Fall
        10.     Crumblin'
        11.     Night
        12.     Sexy Legs
VP      99023   BRAINBOX                BRAINBOX                        LP      09.2011

        A1      Dark Rose                                       5:19
        A2      Reason To Believe                               2:22
        A3      Baby, What You Want Me To Do                    2:35
        A4      Scarborough Fair / Canticle                     6:25
        A5      Summertime                                      4:21
        B1      Down Man                                        2:38
        B2      Sinner's Prayer                                 2:30
        B3      Sea Of Delight                                  16:58
VP      99024   Q65                     AFGANISTAN                      LP        .2011

        A1      Injection
        A2      Baby Don't Worry
        A3      I'm Glad
        A4      Nobody Knows When You're Down & Out
        A5      Please Come Back To Me
        A6      We Are Happy
        A7      Night
        B1      Graveyard Train "Live"
        B2.a    Long Tall Sally
        B2.b    Whole Lot Of Shakin' Goin' On
        B2.c    Jenny Jenny
        B2.d    One Night
        B2.e    My Babe
VP      99025   V / A                   A BAG FULL OF FLAMES            LP      10.2012

CHAP.A  1.      KLEPTOMANIA             Moonchild               3:09
        2.      PHOENIX                 Ode To Jimi Hendrix     4:27
        3.      SUNSHINE EXPRESS        Nice Little Girl        2:12
        4.      DOUBLE DUTCH            You're Out Of Sight     2:35
        5.      BAG                     Nothing Will Remain     3:07
        6.      TON VLASMAN             Pale Blue Eyes          3:42
CHAP.B  1.      BAG                     Tripdream               3:02
        2.      KLEPTOMANIA             Cadens                  3:15
        3.      DENNIMAFF               You've Gone Away        3:37
        4.      TON VLASMAN             It's Allright With Me   1:46
        5.      PHOENIX                 Reborn                  3:29
        6.      RAIN                    She Gets Me             3:01
        7.      KLEPTOMANIA             Visit From Above        3:33
VP      99026   THE OUTSIDERS           CQ MYTHOLOGY                    2LP     11.2011
VP      99026   THE OUTSIDERS           CQ MYTHOLOGY                    2LP     11.2019
                (Note : 2019 repress, 200 copies on transp.-green vinyl)

SIDE 1: 1.      Misfit                  3:22 - Instrumental, stereo
        2.      Misfit                  3:16 - Vocal, mono
        3.      C.Q.                    4:13 - Instrumental, stereo
        4.      I Dont Care             2:54 - Vocal, mono
        5.      Zsarrahh                3:30 - Instrumental, stereo
        6.      Zsarrahh                4:00 - Vocal, mono
SIDE 2: 1.      Doctor                  4:45 - Instrumental, stereo
        2.      1, 2, 3, 4 (Doctor)     3:05 - Vocal, mono
        3.      It Seems Like Nothings Gonna Come My Way Today 2:54
                - Instrumental, stereo
        4.      You Remind Me           3:02- Vocal, mono
        5.      Daddy Died On Saturday  3:25 - Instrumental, stereo
        6.      You're Everything On Earth 4:39 - Vocal, mono

SIDE 3: 1.      The Man On The Dune     2:14 - Instrumental, stereo
        2.      The Man On The Dune     2:22 - Vocal, mono
        3.      The Bear                1:09 - Instrumental, stereo
        4.      Happyville              2:37 - Instrumental, stereo
        5.      Happyville              3:11 - Vocal, mono
        6.      Do You Feel Allright    3:03 - Instrumental, mono
        7.      Do You Feel Allright    3:54 - Vocal, stereo
        8.      M.E. Song               3:29 - Vocal, mono
SIDE 4: 1.      Prison Song             5.38 - Instrumental, mono
        2.      Prison Song             5:20 - Vocal, stereo
        3.      Wish You Were Here With Me Today 2:02 - Instrumental, stereo
        4.      Wish You Were Here With Me Today 2:18 - Vocal, mono
        5.      Instrumental Space Demo 2:36 - mono
        6.      I Love You No. 2        3:26 - Vocal, mono
VP      99027   Q65 : THE LIFE I LIVE/THE DECCA 45'S                    LP      02.2012

Chap.A  1.      You're The Victor                               2:25 - mono
        2.      And Your Kind                                   3:09 - mono
        3.      The Life I Live                                 3:19 - mono
        4.      Cry In The Night                                2:14 - mono
        5.      I Despise You                                   2:24 - mono
        6.      Ann                                             2:49 - mono
        7.      From Above                                      2:48 - mono
        8.      I Was Young                                     2:35 - mono
Chap.B  1.      World Of Birds                                  3:24 - mono
        2.      It Came To Me                                   2:33 - mono
        3.      Aint That Loving You Babe                       2:17 - mono
        4.      Rambling On My Mind                             4:47 - mono
        5.      No Place To Go                                  3:07 - mono
        6.      80% O                                           2:45 - mono
        7.      So High I've Been, So Down I Must Fall          3:09 - mono
        8.      Where Is The Key                                2:18 - mono

(Note : 500 COPIES. LP black 180 grams vinyl 350 grams carton Gatefold sleeve. Liner
        notes Mike Stax / Ugly Things Magazine)
VP      99028   GROUP 1850              MOTHER NO-HEAD                  2LP     03.2012

LP 1    A1      Misty Night
        A2      Look Around
        A3      I Want More (Finger Tips)
        A4      I Know (La Pense)
        A5      Mother No-Head
        A6      Ever Ever Green
        B1      Zero
        B2      Frozen Mind
        B3      We Love Live (Like We Love You)
        B4      Little Fly
        B5      Dont Let It Be (We Have To Do It Now)
        B6      Sun Is Coming (So Were Calling You)

LP 2    C1      Fire
        C2      Have You Ever Heard
        C3      Mother No-Head - French Version
        C4      Mother No-Head - Instrumental
        C5      1.000 Years Before
        C6      Dream Of The Future
        D1      Sun Is Coming - Demo
        D2      Dont Let It Be - Demo
        D3      Falling Mountains - Demo
        D4      Liar - Demo
        D5      Dream Of The Future - Demo
        D6      1.000 Years Before - Demo

(Note : double LP/180 g. , black vinyl , 350 g.carton gatefold sleeve packed in
        Japanese plastic bag ; the Netherlands first ; end of the 60's)
VP      99029   THE OUTSIDERS : MONKEY ON YOUR BACK-THEIR 45'S          2LP (m) 05.2012

LP 1    A1      You Mistreat Me                                 1:58
        A2      Sun's Going Down                                2:39
        A3      Felt Like I Wanted To Cry                       2:50
        A4      I Love Her Still, I Always Will                 3:27
        A5      Lying All The Time                              3:14
        A6      Thinking About Today                            2:45
        A7      Keep On Trying                                  2:57
        A8      That's Your Problem                             2:35
        B1      Touch (Single Version)                          3:12
        B2      Ballad Of John B.                               5:55
        B3      Monkey On Your Back                             3:44
        B4      What's Wrong With You                           3:16
        B5      Summer Is Here                                  3:25
        B6      Teach Me To Forget You                          3:12

LP 2    C1      I've Been Loving You So Long                    3:21
        C2      I'm Only Trying To Prove To Myself That I'm
                Not Like Everybody Else                         2:30
        C3      Don't You Worry About Me                        3:25
        C4      Bird In A Cage (Live)                           3:03
        C5      Cup Of Hot Coffee                               3:18
        C6      Strange Things Are Happening                    2:33
        C7      I Don't Care                                    2:41
        D1      You Remind Me                                   2:45
        D2      Do You Feel Alright                             3:26
        D3      Daddy Died On Saturday                          3:01
        D4      Touch (Stereo)                                  3:12
        D5      Talk To Me (Demo)                               2:54
        D6      Monkey On Your Back (Demo)                      4:00
        D7      Bird In A Cage (Live)                           3:04
VP      99030   CARGO                   CARGO                           2LP     07.2012

LP 1    CHAPTER 1 : Sail Inside / Cross Talking
        CHAPTER 2 :Finding Out / Summerfair
LP 2    CHAPTER 3 : Strings On Fire / Sail Inside
        CHAPTER 4 : Summerfair / Last Time I Saw Dennis

(Note : double LP/180 g.vinyl , 350 g.cartoon gatefold sleeve ; reissue from 1972
VP      99031   THE MOTIONS             WASTED WORDS-THE HAVOC 45s      LP      10.2012
                                                                        LP      08.2016

It's Gone / I've Got Misery / You Bother Me / We Fell In Love / For Another Man / I've
Waited So Long / Love Won't Stop / No Matter Where You Run / Wasted Words / I'll Follow
The Sun //// Everything That's Mine / There's No Place To Hide / Why Don't You Take It
/ My Love Is Growing / Every Step I Take / Stop Your Crying / The Same Old Song /
Someday Child

When The Motions crashed into the Dutch charts at the beginning of 1965 with 'It's
Gone', they opened the floodgates for a tidal wave of young Dutch bands. Few of them,
though, could match the pure excitement etched into the grooves of The Motions
'1965-'66 singles, featuring the definitive line-up of singer Rudy Bennett, songwriter/
guitarist Robbie van Leeuwen, bass player Henk Smitskamp and drummer Sieb Warner. That
magnificent procession of songs is laid out for all to hear in dynamically remastered
sound on 'Wasted Words: The HAVOC 45s'. The raw, frenetic garage-beat of 'It's Gone'
and 'We Fell In Love', vibrant, mournful laments like 'I've Got Misery', 'For Another
Man' and 'I'll Follow The Sun', the stark socially-conscious folk-rock of 'Wasted
Words', the explosive freakbeat of 'Everything That's Mine' and the sophisticated pop
balladry of 'My Love Is Growing' - all written by master songsmith (and future Shocking
Blue mastermind) Robbie van Leeuwen. The latter song so impressed co-producer Scott
Walker that he recorded it with the Walker Brothers. Pressed on 180-gram vinyl, 'Wasted
Words' features a top quality 350-gram carton gatefold sleeve featuring rare photos and
all of the original picture sleeve artwork.
VP      99032   COSMIC DEALER : CRYSTALLIZATION 1971-1973 DEMOS         2LP     07.2012

LP 1    [see VP 99006]
LP 2    C1      Crystallization (demo)
        C2      The Scene (single mix)
        C3      Child Of The Golden Sun (single mix)
        C4      Head In The Clouds (single mix)
        C5      Find Your Way (single mix)
        C6      One Night (mix 1)
        C7      Illusions (demo take 3)
        D1      Daybreak (demo)
        D2      Fast (live)
        D3      Child Of The Golden Sun (live)
        D4      Swingin' Joe Brown (live)
        D5      You're So Good (demo)

(Note : formed in Dordrecht in 1968, Cosmic Dealer were one of the most gifted Dutch
        bands to emerge from Holland's rich psychedelic scene)
VP      99033   AFTER TEA               JOIN HOUSE BLUES                LP      10.2012

Joint House Blues / You've Got To Move Me / I'm Here (And Nowhere Else)(mono) /
Someday / Let's Come All Together //// [Trial/Punishment/The End]

(Note 1 : remastered reissue on 180 g.vinyl/350 g.carton gatefold sleeve)

(Note 2 : After Tea was formed in 1967 when 4 members of The Tee Set split from singer
        Peter Tetterroo to start a new band ; original LP issued in 1970)
VP      99034   AHORA MAZDA             AHORA MAZDA                     LP      10.2012

CHAPTER A       Spacy Tracy / Timeless Dream / Oranje Vrijstaat
CHAPTER B       Fallen Tree / Power / Fantasio
THE SESSIONS CHAP. C : Spacy Tracy / Oranje Vrijstaat / Timeless Dream
THE SESSIONS CHAP. D : Fantasio / Fallen Tree / Power

(Note 1 : LP/180 g.audiophile pressing/350 g.cartoon sleeve)
(Note 2 : Dutch psychedelic underground , LP released in may 1970)
UP      99035   BRAINBOX                DARK ROSE-THEIR 45s             2LP     12.2012

LP 1    Down Man / Womans Gone / Sea Of Delight / Amsterdam,The First Days / Summertime
        Dark Rose (Note: all mono) //// To You / So Helpless /. Between Alpha And Omega
        / Cruel Train / Doomsday Train / Good Morning, Day / The Smile (Old Friends
        Have A Right To) / The Flight

LP 2    Virgin / Mobilae / Dark Rose (demo) / Virgin (demo) //// Sea Of Delight (demo)
UP      99036   THE OUTSIDERS           THE OUTSIDERS                   2LP     12.2012

LP 1            Live
        A1      Story 16                                        6:30
        A2      Tears Are Falling From My Eyes                  3:29
        A3      Ain't Gonna Miss You                            1:54
        A4      I Wish I Could                                  4:01
        A5      Afraid Of The Dark                              3:18
        A6      Wally's Answering Machine                       0:16
        B1      Teach Me To Forget You                          3:12
        B2      Filthy Rich                                     2:40
        B3      I Would Love You                                2:47
        B4      Don't You Cry                                   2:21
        B5      Won't You Listen                                2:49
        B6      If You Don't Treat Me Right                     2:10
        B7      Strange Things Are Happening (Demo)             2:22

LP 2            Sessions
        C1      Lying All The Time (Take 1)                     3:24
        C2      Lying All The Time (Take 2)                     3:53
        C3      If You Don't Treat Me Right (Take 1)            2:40
        C4      If You Don't Treat Me Right (Take 2)            3:17
        C5      Talk To Me (Take 1)                             2:56
        C6      Talk To Me (Take 2)                             2:55
        C7      I Want To Know (Take 1)                         2:25
        D1      Do You Feel Alright                             3:21
        D2      Daddy Died On Saturday                          3:19
        D3      I Love You N2                                  3:29    
        D4      Misfit                                          3:16
        D5      Happyville                                      2:27
        D6      Prison Song                                     5:38
VP      99037   SUPERSISTER             LONG LIVE SUPERSISTER!          2LP     05.2013

LP 1            Chapter A - Stereo
        A1      Mexico / Metamorphosis / Eight Miles High
        A2      A Girl Named You
                Chapter B - Mono
        B       Energy (Out Of Future) / Higher

LP 2            Chapter C - Mono
        C1      Mexico
        C2      Judy Goes On Holiday
        C3      Radio
                Chapter D - Stereo
        D1      Introduction / Present From Nancy
        D2      Modest Man
        D3      House In The Country
        D4      Nothing Is Real
        D5      Sweet Suicide
VP      99038   FINCH                   VITA DOMINICA                   LP      10.2012

Paradoxical Moods / Places //// Register Magister / Colossus Pt.1 / Colossus Pt.2 /
Remembering The Future

(Note : founded in 1974 and derived from the group Q65)
VP      99039   RODYS : TAKE HER HOME/THE PHILIPS 45S                   2LP     05.2013

LP 1    A1      You Better Take Care Of Yourself
        A2      Wheels, Wheels, Wheels
        A3      Take Her Home
        A4      Only One Week
        A5      Just Fancy
        A6      Gods Of Evil
        A7      Nothing To Change A Mind
        A8      Stop Looking On A Deadlock
        A9      Show Me By Candlelight
        B1      Sleep, Sleep, Sleep
        B2      Anytime
        B3      Dr. SipherVP0099039
        B4      Unforgettable Girl
        B5      Everytime A Second
        B6      Earnest Vocation
        B7      Isn't It A Good Time

LP 2    C1      Winter Woman
        C2      Looking For Something Better
        C3      Tomorrow
        C4      You Better Take Care Of Yourself
        C5      Just Go On
        C6      Bad Babe
        C7      Waiting For A Cloud-Burst
        D1      Hitch-Hiking
        D2      Flowers Everywhere
        D3      Easy Come Easy Go
        D4      Love Is Almost Everywhere
        D5      Unforgettable Girl (Alt)
        D6      Robinetta (With The Air Balloon)
        D7      Let It Be Tomorrow

One of Holland's greatest, unheralded bands, the Ro-d-ys hailed from the small village
of Oude Pekela, in the northeast province of Groningen. From this remote rural outpost,
carved out of the regions peat bogs, the Ro-d-ys burst forth onto the Dutch music scene
in 1967 with a uniquely original sound that was always several steps removed from the
rest of the beat music pack. Between 1967 and 1969 they released two albums, along with
a string of unerringly inventive and melodic singles, including the Top 10 hits 'Take
Her Home' and 'Just Fancy'. 'Take Here Home: The Philips 45s' is a magnificent double
album collection, presenting all of the Ro-d-ys A- and B-sides of their 45rpm releases
in their original mono mixes, along with an array of bonus tracks, including choice
selections from their 'Just Fancy' and 'Earnest Vocation' LPs, hard-to-find obscurities
like 'Tomorrow' and a previously unreleased version of 'Flowers Everywhere'. All tracks
are dynamically remastered from the original tapes. The deluxe gatefold sleeve includes
rare photos, single covers and liner notes by Mike Stax - Ugly Things magazine. Music
Style: Beat, Mod Exclusively restored dynamic 24 bit remastering from the original
master tapes 2LP high quality 180 gram audiophile pressing Deluxe 350 gram carton
gatefold sleeve Rare archival photos included Liner Notes by Mike Stax / Ugly Things
VP      99040   JAY-JAYS                JAY-JAYS                        LP      05.2013

CHAP.A  1.      Come Back If You Dare                           2:24
        2.      Dont Sell The Sun                               2:28
        3.      So Mystifying                                   2:52
        4.      Cruncher                                        3:18
        5.      A Distance Place                                1:56
        6.      Bald Headed Woman                               2:35
        7.      Are You A Woman                                 2:33
        8.      Cause Youre Mine, Babe                          3:14
CHAP.   1.      I Got Love If You Want It                       3:00
        2.      Today Im Gay                                    2:36
        3.      All Around The World                            2:31
        4.      Shake It Some More                              3:02
        5.      The Name Of You                                 2:26
        6.      I Keep Tryin                                    2:02
        7.      Waauw!                                          2:30
        8.      Are You A Woman                                 2:38

(Note : LP/180 g. , white vinyl , 350 g. cartoon gatefold sleeve)

At the end of 1965, four members of The Hague's popular band the Jumping Jewels dumped
their manager and struck out on their own as the Jay-Jays. With the name change came a
new musical direction, a pent-up beat music sound inspired by the Beatles, the Who and,
especially, the Kinks. Their first single, 'Bald Headed Woman', was a Top 10 smash. The
Jay-Jays' most impressive recordings were all released within the span of one
tumultuous, action-packed year, 1966. Their self-titled album included such Dutch beat
gems as 'Come Back If You Dare', 'I Keep Tryin', 'Today I'm Gay' and the fuzz-packed
instrumental 'Cruncher'. Every one of those jumping '66 jewels can be heard on this
twelve-inch platter, remastered in dynamic mono sound, each sounding louder, more
vibrant, and more crunch-filled than ever before. The album is supplemented by three
non-LP single sides, and a previously unreleased instrumental demo version of 'Are You
A Woman'. The package includes full liner notes by Mike Stax of Ugly Things magazine.
Music Style: Beat, Mod. Exclusively restored dynamic 24 bit remastering from the orig.
master tapes. The LP is pressed on high quality 180-gram audiophile WHITE vinyl and
comes with original restored artwork, housed in deluxe 350-gram carton gatefold sleeve.
Rare archival photos included. Liner Notes by Mike Stax / Ugly Things 
VP      99041   MR. ALBERT SHOW         MR. ALBERT SHOW                 LP      04.2013

CHAP.1  1.      Act Of Love                                     5:29
        2.      Kings Of Galaxy                                 4:07
        3.      King Horse                                      3:20
        4.      Don't Worry                                     2:35
        5.      White Bear Skin Coat                            2:26
CHAP.2  1.      Wild Sensation                                  3:09
        2.      There's A Sad Song In The Air                   7:13
        3.      White                                           4:23
        4.      Revolver                                        4:32
        5.      I Can't Help It (bonus)                         2:32

The Eindhoven-based Mr. Albert Show can be considered as one of the jam bands from The
Netherlands in the late sixties, combining elements from rhythm & blues, rock, soul and
psychedelica. The five-piece band, led by saxophone player Bertus Borgers (Sweet
d'Buster, Golden Earring, Groove Express) was a truly wild sensation for anyone who
witnessed one of their gigs between 1969 and 1973. In between those years, the band
recorded two albums, both fetching high prices from international record collectors.
Now, for the first time since its release in 1970, their debut album Mr. Albert Show
has been reissued by Pseudonym Records on a 180 grams audiophile pressing, taken from
the original master tapes. The original artwork has been restored and printed on a
heavy carton sleeve. The single b-side I Cant Help It has been included as a bonus
track. Music Style: Progressive, Rock, Blues Exclusively restored dynamic 24 bit
remastering from the original master tapes LP high quality 180 gram audiophile pressing
Original restored artwork Deluxe 350 gram carton gatefold sleeve Rare photos & liner
notes included.
VP      99042   MR. ALBERT SHOW         WARM MOTOR                      LP      04.2013

CHAP.A  1.      Did You Really Find Somebody                    9:56
        2.      I Am Not More Than A Sign                       3:53
        3.      Electronic Baby                                 6:45
CHAP.B  1.      Let It All Hang Out                             4:40
        2.      Bantal                                          3:51
        3.      Woman                                           11:27

The Eindhoven-based Mr. Albert Show can be considered as one of the jam bands from The
Netherlands in the late sixties, combining elements from rhythm & blues, rock, soul and
psychedelica. The five-piece band, led by saxophone player Bertus Borgers
(Sweet d'Buster, Golden Earring, Groove Express) was a truly wild sensation for anyone
who witnessed one of their gigs between 1969 and 1973. In between those years, the band
recorded two albums, both fetching high prices from international record collectors.
Now for the first time 1971s Warm Motor reappears on the collectors market through
Pseudonym Records. This reissue of Mr. Albert Shows second album comes in a heavy
carton gatefold sleeve with the original design by Joost Swarte, Hollands leading comic
artist. The recordings are remastered from the original master tapes and pressed on 180
grams vinyl. Music Style: Progressive, Rock, Blues Exclusively restored dynamic 24 bit
remastering from the original master tapes LP high quality 180 gram audiophile pressing
Original restored artwork Deluxe 350 gram carton gatefold sleeve Rare photos & liner
notes included.
VP      99043   JOHN THE REVELATOR      WILD BLUES                      LP      04.2013

A       1.      John The Revelator                              0:47
        2.      I Can't Stop Lovin' You                         3:01
        3.      Worried Dreams                                  5:41
        4.      Charlie's Drive-Inn                             1:37
        5.      Talk To Me, Baby                                5:00
        6.      One Track Mind                                  4:43
B       1.      Personal Manager                                4:34
        2.      Wild Blues                                      1:35
        3.      Bleeding Heart                                  4:41
        4.      No Woman                                        3:11
        5.      Homework                                        3:03
        6.      Yeah                                            3:02
VP      99044   GROUP 1580              PARADISE NOW                    LP      05.2013
VP      99044   GROUP 1580              PARADISE NOW                    LP      06.2017
                (Note : repress, 200 copies on transp.-red vinyl)
VP      99044   GROUP 1580              PARADISE NOW                    LP      09.2018
                (Note : LP , 2018 repress on purple vinyl)
VP      99044   GROUP 1580              PARADISE NOW                    LP      10.2019
                (Note : LP , 2018 repress on turquoise vinyl)

        A1      Paradise Now                                    5:27
        A2      Friday I'm Free                                 2:53
        A3      Hunger                                          4:56
        A4      Circle                                          1:08
        A5      Loneliness                                      2:17
        B1      Martin & Peter                                  1:55
        B2      ? !                                             7:08
        B3      Purple Sky                                      10:57

Recorded, edited and mixed over one long Red Lebanon hash-fueled weekend in October
1969, Group 1850's second album, 'Paradise Now', remains one of the high-water marks
of European psychedelia. A wide-eyed, wide-open, synapse-electrifying set of songs,
it sounds like the transmissions of a burnt-out satellite spinning through the
galaxies of inner space. Group 1850 leader Peter Sjardin skillfully edited the group's
free-flowing improvisations into eight cohesive, yet distinctly different tracks, part
'Saucerful Of Secrets', part 'Electric Ladyland', part Guru Guru, part Can circa
'Monster Movie'-era. The album was originally released on Discofoon, the label owned
by the Dutch department store chain V&D, carried exclusively in their shops nationwide.
It has since become a highly sought-after collectors item. The LP is packaged in a
lavish gatefold sleeve with the original cover artwork supplemented by rare photos and
liner notes by Mike Stax of Ugly Things magazine.
VP      99045   MAYFLY                  MAYFLY                          LP      11.2013

A       1.      From Now On                                     4:46
        2.      Symptoms Of Summer                              4:00
        3.      Dawn Of An Old Man's Life                       3:01
        4.      The Smell Of It                                 3:07
        5.      Lemon Cake                                      4:13
        6.      Blue Sofa - single version Chapter              2:34
B       1.      The Stable                                      3:08
        2.      Intermezzo                                      1:08
        3.      Second-hand Dream                               3:34
        4.      Blue Sofa                                       2:59
        5.      She Leaveth Me                                  3:06
        6.      Topless Bertha                                  3:32
        7.      Skew-eyed Jimmy                                 3:08

Like the insect that gave them their name, the Dutch group Mayfly existed for just a
short while before disappearing. In their brief lifespan, though, they recorded one
truly magical and timeless album, along with a handful of singles, all beautifully
crafted and imbued with beguiling atmospheres and melodies. Formed in the late '60s in
the northern coastal town of Bergen, Mayfly recorded their self-titled album for Ariola
in 1973, working with Wally Tax's producer Martin Duiser. The album now sees its first
ever vinyl reissue, dynamically remastered from the original master tapes and pressed
on 180gm vinyl. The original cover artwork has been expanded into a gatefold featuring
rare photos and liners notes by Mike Stax with input from the original band members.
The album is an enticing blend of folk-rock and psychedelic pop with shades of the Idle
Race, the Kinks, Fairport Convention and the Beatles. This reissue features two bonus
tracks, the non-LP single Skew-eyed Jimmy and the alternate 45 version of the groups
first single, that jaunty, Ray Davies-inspired Blue Sofa. Music style: Folk-rock,
Psychedelic Pop Exclusively restored dynamic 24 bit remastering from the original
master tapes LP high quality 180 gram audiophile pressing Deluxe 350 gram carton
gatefold sleeve Rare archival photos included Liner Notes by Mike Stax / Ugly Things
VP      99046   DREAM                   REBELLION                       LP      11.2013

A       1.      Rebellion (Can I Ask You One More Question)     2:37
        2.      The Monarchy                                    5:01
        3.      The Doting King                                 2:43
        4.      Expert Jump Out                                 2:12
        5.      Highway To Heaven                               3:24
        6.      Mad Man's Worries                               3:50
        7.      I Feel Good Warmth                              2:51
B       1.      Can You Hear Me Howlin'                         3:33
        2.      Still Alive                                     1:39
        3.      Talesborough Garden                             3:09
        4.      Four Phone-calls                                3:17
        5.      Mr V.                                           3:25
        6.      Well Be Back Yesterday Morning                  2:30
        7.      Met A Girl Today                                3:27

(Note : Dutch underground rock-scene of the late '60s and early '70s)
VP      99047   NORMAAL                 DE WILDE JOAREN                 2LP       .2013
                (Note : 2LP , 220 copies on blue vinyl)
VP      99047   NORMAAL                 DE WILDE JOAREN                 2LP       .2013
                (Note : 2LP , 220 copies on white vinel)
VP      99047   NORMAAL                 DE WILDE JOAREN                 2LP       .2013
                (Note : 2LP , 220 copies on red vinyl)
VP      99047   NORMAAL                 DE WILDE JOAREN                 2LP       .2013
                (Note : 2LP , 300 copies on brown vinyl)
CDP     1120    NORMAAL                 DE WILDE JOAREN                 2CD       .2013

LP 1    A1      Doar Baal Ik van                                5:34
        A2      Hard Wie Kruppstahl                             2:39
        A3      Geef Ut Toe                                     2:56
        A4      Kom Es Effe Hier                                2:35
        A5      A-A-Auw                                         2:48
        A6      Ik Mos Pissen                                   4:19
        B1      Ojadasawa                                       3:28
        B2      Woarum Mot Mien Dat Oaverkommen                 5:14
        B3      Alie                                            3:33
        B4      Drieteri-je Blues                               5:28
        B5      Oerend Hard                                     4:33

LP 2    C1      Oh Deerne                                       4:02
        C2      Marie                                           4:49
        C3      Ik Bun Een Keerl Van Stoahl                     3:37
        C4      Postbode                                        3:16
        C5      Ik Bun Moar Een Eenvoudige Boerenlul            4:45
        D1      De Boer Dat Is De Keerl                         3:47
        D2      De Beer Is Los                                  4:10
        D3      L.D.N.N.                                        3:12
        D4      Kleine Dinie                                    4:11
        D5      Niet Noar Huus Toe Goan                         4:01
        D6      Vrouw Haverkamp                                 1:09
VP      99048   DRAMA                   MELODRAMA                       LP      11.2013

A       1.      Dreamed I Was The President                     4:49
        2.      I'm Your Hoochie Coochie Man                    7:56
        3.      Melodrama                                       4:33
        4.      Everywhere                                      5:02
B       1.      Brains Or Not                                   6:36
        2.      No Doctor - Part I                              3:40
        3.      No Doctor - Part II                             1:34
        4.      No Doctor - Part III                            4:19
        5.      Give Up & Go                                    2:31
        6.      Lifetime 3:35

(Note : Drama has always been one of the most captivating of the Dutch one-album-bands
        in the early seventies)
VP      99049   KLEPTOMANIA             ELEPHANT LOST                   2LP     04.2014

A       1.      Intro                                           (2:58)
        2.      Improve                                         (5:55)
        3.      Moonchild                                       (4:19)
        4.      Stop                                            (4:48)
B       1.      'Elegy'                                         (5:36)
        2.      Thema                                           (5:35)
        3.      Cadens                                          (1:43)
        4.      Travel                                          (4:04)
C       1.      Visit From Above                                (6:05)
        2.      Divertimentos                                   (11:06)
D       1.      Intrude                                         (6:25)
        2.      'Stop'                                          (3:09)
        3.      Cadens                                          (3:16)
        4.      Visit From Above                                (3:34)

400 COPIES. Double vinyl reissue (plus three unissued versions as killer bonus tracks)
of this famous Belgian heavy psych/prog album. 'Elephant Lost' was recorded in 1971,
but remained shelved for a number of years before it saw an actual small scale release,
in '79. Inspired by Hendrix, blues, jazz and early '70s heavy rock, the band delivered
a fistful of blooz fuzz on 'Moonchild', utilized a potent riff-and-vocal combination on
'Stop', blended melody with a heavy sound on 'Visit From Above', and showed off their
chops on some spacey jams.This definitely is one of Europe's finest heavy rock rarities
from the era! This double-LP (with remastered sound from the original tapes) is pressed
on 180-gram vinyl and comes packaged in a deluxe heavy gatefold sleeve. Included are
rare archival photos and liner notes by Ugly Things' Doug Sheppard.
VP      99050   MR. ALBERT SHOW         STRANGE STORY                   2LP     04.2014

CHAP.A  1.      Strange Story                                   (15:28)
        2.      Tonight I'll Be Staying Here With You           (3:51)
CHAP.   1.      Red Rooster                                     (7:30)
        2.      Let It All Hang Out                             (5:52)
        3.      Open Up                                         (5:18)
CHAP.C  1.      Jumping Jack Flash                              (8:31)
        2.      Hooked On You                                   (4:51)
        3.      Things We Said Today                            (5:06)
CHAP.D  1.      Shoulder To Lean On                             (9:58)
        2.      Electronic Baby                                 (7:18)

400 COPIES. The Eindhoven-based Mr. Albert Show may be considered one of the ultimate
Dutch jam bands of the late sixties, combining elements from rhythm & blues, rock, soul
and psychedelia. The five-piece, led by saxophone player Bertus Borgers (later a member
of highly rated bands s.a. Sweet d'Buster, Golden Earring, Groove Express) was truly a
sensation for anyone who witnessed one of their gigs in the period 1969-1973. The band
recorded two albums, both of which now fetch high prices amongst international record
collectors. This double-LP, pressed on 180-gram audiophile vinyl, features excellent
sounding highlights (remastered from the original tapes!) from their farewell live
show, that took place in their hometown in 1973. Includes are renditions of band
classics s.a. 'Electronic Baby' and 'Let It All Hang Out', as well as cover versions of
'Can't Find My Way Home' (Steve Winwood), the classic Beatles-song 'Things We Said
Today' and the Stones-original 'Jumpin Jack Flash'. This release is presented in a
great, heavy gatefold sleeve with artwork by well known cartoonist Joost Swarte, and
including rare photos and liner notes by Wouter Bessels.
VP      99051   THE OUTSIDERS : I LOVE HER STILL, I ALWAYS WILL EP      7"      11.2014

        01      I Love Her Still, I Always Will
        02      Set Me Free
        03      Won't You Listen 
VP      99052   NORMAAL                 DEURDONDEREN IN DE ACHTERHOEK   LP      11.2014

        A1      Hummelo                                         3:35
        A2      D'n Eentje Zegt                                 3:14
        A3      Hideway Blues                                   3:48
        A4      Hol Ow Kregel                                   3:34
        A5      Dun Op D'n Mest                                 4:24
        A6      Ik Wil Noar Huus                                2:43
        B1      Rospelen                                        2:06
        B2      Woarum Mot Mien Dat Oaverkommen                 4:50
        B3      Hendrik Haverkamp                               4:33
        B4      Kleine Dinie                                    3:12
        B5      Loaw 'T Dink Niet Nuumen                        3:15
        B6      De Boer Dat Is De Keerl                         3:33
VP      99053   BURNING PLAGUE          BURNING PLAGUE                  LP      05.2015
VP      99053   BURNING PLAGUE          BURNING PLAGUE                  LP      05.2018
                (Note : LP , 2018 repress on transp.-red vinyl)

        A1.      A 38
        A2.     She Went Riding
        A3.     Follow That Road
        A4.     Hairy Sea
        B1.     Night Travellin' Man
        B2.     First Time I Met You
        B3.     Life Is Nonsense
        B4.     Will I Find Somebody

(Note : Burning Plague's self-titled 1970 debut album provided a flashpoint for
        Belgium's burgeoning blues rock scene)
VP      99054   GROUP 1850              POLYANDRI                       LP      11.2015

        A1      Jojo
        A2      Between Eighteen And Fifty Part: 1850
        A3      Flower Garden
        A4      Thousand Years Before
        A5      Starfighter
        A6      Silver Earring
        A7      Patience
        B1      U.S.S.R. Gossip
        B2      Cages
        B3      Avant Les Pericles
        B4      Pumping Up The Rubber Trees

It's the third and final studio album from Holland's ultimate psych legends GROUP 1850!
'Polyandri' was originally issued in 1974, when psychedelic rock had already lost its
momentum. That unfortunate timing must be the only reason why this is a somewhat
overlooked album, because the music itself is absolutely killer! On offer is a wild
fusion of psychedelia, jazz-rock and progressive space rock, at many times dominated by
band leader Peter Sjardin's home-built keyboard, The Organizer. There are guest
appearances from Barry Hay (Golden Earrings) on flute and well known jazz musician Hans
Dulfer on sax. The LP comes with remastered sound, a heavy gatefold sleeve boasting
restored artwork, rare memorabilia, pix and liner notes by Mike Stax (Ugly Things)

SIDE 1: 1.      Stumble And Fall
        2.      I'm So Restless
        3.      L.S.D. (Got A Million Dollars)
        4.      Your Body, Not Your Soul
        5.      Back Home (A Man)
        6.      Sweet Mary
SIDE 2: 1.      You Don't Know
        2.      Richard Cory
        3.      Just For Fun
        4.      Things I Remember
        5.      Another Day, Another Road
        6.      Feeling Like A Suitcase
        7.      Distant Smile

SIDE 3: 1.      Don't Know Which Way To Go
        2.      The Sunshine Of Your Shadow
        3.      Crying Tears
        4.      Window Of My Eyes
        5.      Checking Up On My Baby
        6.      Nostalgic Toilet
SIDE 4: 1.      116 A Queensway
        2.      Another Land
        3.      Somebody Will Know Someday
        4.      Appleknockers Flophouse
        5.      Because Of Illness

Edition of 250 copies on BLACK VINYL. As the history books tell it, Cuby + Blizzards
were the greatest blues band to ever come out of the Netherlands. That may well be
true, but to pigeonhole them simply as a "blues band" is to sell them short. Cuby
+ Blizzards' best records twisted and pulled against the rigid restraints of the blues
to create an expressive, personal style that was as unique and idiosyncratic as the
personalities that made up the band. The group was based around the opposing magnetic
poles of singer Harry Muskee, lead guitarist Eelco Gelling and bassist Willy Middel,
and over the years featured the talents of an array of musicians including Dick Beekman
(Ro-d-ys), Hans Waterman (later of Solution) and the mercurial Herman Brood. Much of
C+B's most memorable work was to be found on their singles. 'Window Of My Eyes: Their
Sixties 45s' gathers together the original mono mixes of all of those 1965-69 45
releases on a magnificent two-LP collection dynamically remastered from the original
master tapes. The two 180 gram discs are packaged in a deluxe gatefold cover including
shots of all the original picture sleeves, an insert with rare photos and full liner
notes by Mike Stax (Ugly Things magazine), including new interviews with Hans Waterman
and Jaap van Eik (later of Trace) of the Blizzards.
2017    200 copies on clear vinyl
VP      99056   V / A : I DON'T CARE-THE NO FUN AND PLUREX SINGLES      LP      11.2015

                CHAPTER NO FUN:
        1.      GODS HEART ATTACK       Treat Me Like A Doll    (2:15)
        2.      GODS HEART ATTACK       Ain't No Hooker         (1:53)
        3.      HELMETTES : I Don't Care What The People Say    (2:18)
        4.      HELMETTES               2                       (1:54)
        5.      MECANO Ltd.             Face Cover Face         (2:20)
        6.      MECANO Ltd.             Fools                   (2:15)
        7.      SUBWAY : Jesus Loves Me (But I Don't Care)      (2:30)
        8.      SUBWAY -                You Gotta Support       (3:13)
                CHAPTER PLUREX:
        1.      TITS                    Daddy Is My Pusher      (2:29)
        2.      TITS : We're So Glad Elvis Is Dead              (1:57)
        3.      MOLLESTERS              Plastic                 (1:52)
        4.      MOLLESTERS              I Am                    (1:56)
        5.      FILTH                   Don't Hide Your Hate    (1:34)
        6.      FILTH                   Sex                     (1:21)
        7.      FILTH                   Nothing For Me          (1:09)
        8.      TON VAN DER MEER        Niets Aan Me Leven      (3:09)
        9.      TON VAN DER MEER : Ik Zie t Niet Meer Zitten    (1:28)

A superb vinyl collection of early DUTCH PUNK and NEW WAVE from the NO FUN and PLUREX
labels, two independent companies that released a handful of -by now highly collectable
- singles in 1978, paving the way for DIY generations to come. This is essential stuff
for anyone interested in (not only Dutch) punk history! The two tracks from Ton van der
Meer, a singer from The Hague, weren't released back in the day and appear here for the
first time. Edition of 500 LP's, presented in a gatefold sleeve.
VP      99057   LES BAROQUES            SUCH A CAD                      LP      11.2015

CHAP.A  1.      Silky (Single vers.)                            (2:46)
        2.      My Lost Love                                    (1:51)
        3.      Such A Cad                                      (2:33)
        4.      Summer Beach                                    (2:38)
        5.      I know (That You'll Be Mine)                    (2:31)
        6.      She's Mine                                      (2:57)
        7.      I'll Send You To The Moon                       (2:30)
        8.      Troubles                                        (3:32)
CHAP.B  1.      I Was Wrong                                     (2:01)
        2.      My Destiny                                      (2:17)
        3.      Real Love                                       (2:03)
        4.      Working On A Tsjing Tsjang                      (2:17)
        5.      Dream Maker                                     (2:51)
        6.      Bottle Party                                    (2:41)
        7.      Indication                                      (2:28)
        8.      When You're Feeling Good                        (2:24)
        9.      Without Feeling, Without Mind                   (3:11)

Dutch heroes LES BAROQUES, featuring A- and B-sides and albumtracks from the years
1965-1968. Les Baroques, founded in the town of Baarn in 1964, are appreciated by
connoisseurs for their smart lyrics, compelling melodies, consistently inventive
arrangements and unusual instrumentation. With songs ranging from garage-rock to
(freak)beat, and from r'n'b to psychedelic pop, this imaginative collection will keep
you glued to your stereo from start to finish, over and over again! pRESSED ON 180-gram
vinyl and featuring remastered sound (from the original tapes) and a deluxe, heavy
gatefold sleeve (incl. many single covers, rare photos, liner notes and interviews),
this is an essential release for any fan of energetic, unpolished and slightly odd
mid-late '60s music. Edition of 500 copies! Black or red vinyl
VP      99058   SPEEDTWINS : IT'S MORE FUN TO COMPLETE                  2LP     11.2015

CHAP.A  1.      Speedtwins                                      (2:17)
        2.      Motorbike Song (vers.1)                         (2:16)
        3.      Sadie Slider                                    (2:06)
        4.      So Why Pretend                                  (3:22)
        5.      London                                          (1:32)
        6.      Midnight Ladies                                 (3:59)
        7.      Bomb In The Jukebox                             (2:44)
CHAP.B  1.      My Generation                                   (2:35)
        2.      Stiletto Heels                                  (1:44)
        3.      Herbert's Hoover                                (0:27)
        4.      Two Friends                                     (2:19)
        5.      Domino                                          (4:23)
        6.      Two Wheels (vers.1)                             (2:46)
        7.      Blackmail                                       (2:58)

CHAP C  1.      Lies Lies Lies (vers.1)                         (1:48)
        2.      Selfmutilation                                  (2:49)
        3.      Silver                                          (5:52)
        4.      Wounded                                         (2:46)
        5.      Side Show                                       (3:28)
        6.      Motorbike Song (vers.2)                         (2:00)
CHAP.D  1.      Modern Dancing                                  (2:35)
        2.      Twilight Zone                                   (2:38)
        3.      Brain Damage                                    (2:37)
        4.      Two Wheels (vers.2)                             (3:22)
        5.      Lies Lies Lies (vers.2)                         (1:53)
        6.      Cages                                           (2:22)
        7.      These Boots                                     (3:54)

Reissue of a classic Dutch punk-LP, originally issued in 1978 by both Philips and
Universe Records, and recorded by well known radio dj Alfred Lagarde. Named after a
classic British motorcycle (the Triumph Speed Twin) and with a notable special interest
in S&M, the Speedtwins were the very first Dutch punk band to release a full-length
album. Also noteworthy is the fact that the band actually supported the Sex Pistols!
Indeed, this stuff is as classic as classic punk gets! And things get even better,
since the reissue includes an awesome second vinyl platter featuring 13 previously
unissued cuts from the same era. Edition of 500 DOUBLE-LP's (on 180-GRAM vinyl),
presented in a gatefold sleeve.
VP      99059   V / A                   I DON'T CARE VOL.2              2LP     11.2016
                DUTCH PUNK 1977-1983

SIDE 1: 1.      IVY GREEN : Wap Shoo Wap (I'm Sure We're Gonna Make It)
        2.      SPEEDTWINS              Football Song
        3.      THE FLYIN' SPIDERZ      City Boy
        4.      SUZANNES                Teenage Abortion
        5.      SUZANNES                Hippie
        6.      PANIC : Requiem For Martin Heidegger (Demo Version)
        7.      THE SOFTIES             Suicide Pilot (Demo Version)
        8.      PAUL TORNADO            Van Agt Casanova
        9.      TEDJE & DE FLIKKERS     Stukje Lul
SIDE 2: 1.      RONDOS                  A Black And White Statement
        2.      RONDOS                  I Got No Time
        3.      THE BROMMERS            Miracles
        4.      THE VOPO'S              I'm So Glad The King Is Dead
        5.      THE VOPO'S              Menten
        6.      BLITZZ                  So Free
        7.      THE EX                  Human Car
        8.      MORT SUBITE             Ich Liebe Ulrike
        9.      TEDJE & DE FLIKKERS     Ik Ben Een Hoer

SIDE 3: 1.      LULLABIES               Cops In The Street
        2.      THE STUDS               Electric Chair Execution
        3.      THE DUMMIES : Animal Games Part 1 (Previously Unreleased)
        4.      THE DUMMIES : Animal Games Part 2 (Previously Unreleased)
        5.      BVD : Look Out The Cops (Are Coming) (Mono)
        6.      COITUS INT.             I Shouldn't Go
        7.      THE MIRANDA'S           Oh Zit Dat Zo! (Mono)
        8.      THE MIRANDA'S           Do The Blitz (Mono)
        9.      THE NIXE                You Say
SIDE 4: 1.      THE SQUATS              Chaos In Nijmegen
        2.      THE SQUATS              We Hate School
        3.      THE NIXE                Searching (Mono)
        4.      DE STRAKS               Ik Heb Nooit Gelijk
        5.      RAKKETAX                Occasion
        6.      THE NITWITZ             Artificial Smile
        7.      CHEAP 'N' NASTY         Cover Girl
        8.      PRIME MINISTERS         Teenage Depression
        9.      KOTX                    Before You Go
        10.     FRITES MODERN           Sesamstraat
VP      99060
VP      99061
VPG     99062   IVY GREEN               IVY GREEN                       LP      11.2016

        A1      I'm Sure We're Gonna Make It                    3:27
        A2      Another Sub-Culture Going Bad                   2:18
        A3      Sex On The Radio                                1:57
        A4      Mister, Mister                                  1:27
        A5      Falling In Love (With Myself)                   2:19
        A6      Sue                                             1:58
        A7      I'm Your Television                             3:34
        A8      Pak 'm Beet                                     2:27
        A9      The Ivy Green                                   2:09
        B1      Why Not Tonight                                 2:22
        B2      I've Got To Get You                             2:38
        B3      Stupid Village                                  3:41
        B4      Wenda Wild                                      2:58
        B5      Every Day The Same                              2:30
        B6      Hunting                                         1:14
        B7      I'm Lost                                        2:08
        B8      Troubles                                        2:08

Limited to 250 copies on 180-GRAM TRANSPARENT GREEN VINYL, here's a reissue of the
eponymous debut-LP by legendary Dutch punk pioneers Ivy Green, originally issued by
WEA's short-lived subsidiary Pogo in 1978. Ivy Green's simple but charismatic rock
& roll was raw and fast enough to propel them right into the vanguard of the fledgling
punk rock movement of the day. This edition, featuring remastered sound and reproduced
artwork, includes two bonus tracks and liner notes by Dutch rock journalist Swie Tio.
VP      99063   NORMAAL                 OEREND HARD                     LP+7"   11.2017

LP              Oerend Hard LP
        A1      Oerend Hard
        A2      Doar Baal Ik Van
        A3      Oh Deerne
        A4      Ik Mos Pissen
        A5      Hie Hef Geliek
        A6      Noar 'T Caf
        B1      Alie
        B2      Ik Bun Een Rocker
        B3      A-a-auw
        B4      Deerntjen
        B5      Wat Mot 'N Mens Dan Anders Doen
        B6      Zieuwentse Karmis

7"              Two Moths / Annie Get Your Gun 7"
        A       Two Moths
        B       Annie Get Your Gun
VP      99064   NORMAAL : Oerend Hard Single Collectie 1976-1979        2LP     11.2017

LP 1    A1      Hels As 'n Jagdhond                             4:04
        A2      't Is Kloten Hier                               3:16
        A3      Oerend Hard (single version)                    3:43
        A4      Hie Hef Geliek                                  3:22
        A5      Alie (single version)                           3:01
        A6      Ik Mos Pissen (Single version)                  2:55
        B1      Daldeejen                                       3:21
        B2      D'n Poot Op 't Gas (single version)             2:59
        B3      Bier, Bier, Bier                                3:24
        B4      Ik Bun Moar Een Eenvoudige Boerenlul            3:40
        B5      Oh Deerne (single version)                      3:54
        B6      't Verstand op nul                              3:51

LP 2    C1      Ab Met D'n Kroam                                5:14
        C2      Two Moths                                       3:01
        C3      Annie Get Your Gun                              3:06
        C4      Rosalie (single version)                        3:47
        C5      Alle buurluu Ok De Meister En De Pastoor        3:04
        C6      Geef Ut Toe                                     2:56
        D1      Ojadasawa (single version)                      3:06
        D2      Hard wie Kruppstahl                             2:35
        D3      D'n Huulenden Waakhond                          4:44
        D4      Ik Kan Zo Moeilijk Noar Huus Toe Goan           3:58
        D5      De Smokkelaar                                   3:19
        D6      Doe 't Nog Een Keer                             3:05
VP      99065   NORMAAL                 OJADASAWA                       7"      07.2017

        A       Ojadasawa                                       3:06
        B       Die Tied Hebt Wi-j Gehad                        3:32
VP      99066   NORMAAL                 HELS AS N JAGDHOND              7"      07.2017

        A       Hels As 'n Jagdhond                             4:04
        B       t Is Kloot'n Hier                              3:16
VP      99067   NORMAAL                 DE SMOKKELAAR                   7"      11.2017

        A       De Smokkelaar                                   3:19
        B       Doe 'T Nog 'N Keer                              3:05
VP      99068   NORMAAL                 MARIE                           7"      06.2018

        A       Marie (Demo)                                    4:11
        B       Dorien (Demo)                                   3:28
VP      99069   NORMAAL                 GEHEIM NUMMER                   7"      06.2018

        A       Godverdomme                                     3:19
        B       Now En                                          4:49
VP      99070   NORMAAL                 DE BUR IS TRUMPF                7"      06.2018

        A       De Bur Is Trumpf                                3:42
        B       Wiedersehn                                      3:28
VP      99071   NORMAAL                 OJADASAWA                       LP+7"   06.2018
LP              Ojadasawa LP
        A1      Ojadasawa
        A2      Geef Ut Toe
        A3      Ik Bun Normaal Ewordne
        A4      Evaluatie In 'T Kippenhok
        A5      'N Pens Vol Power En 'N Goeien Zin
        A6      Rosalie
        B1      D'n Poot Op 'T Gas
        B2      Hard Wie Kruppstahl
        B3      Die Tied Hebt Wi-j Gehad
        B4      Alle Buurluu Ok De Meister En De Pastoor
        B5      D'n Huulenden Waakhond
        B6      Wat Geet 'T Der Heer

7"              Ik Kan Zo Moeilijk Noar Huus Toe Gaan 
        A       Ik Kan Zo Moeilijk Noar Huus Toe Gaan
        B       Ik Bun Moar Een Eenvoudige Boerenlul - Promo Versie

VP      99072   REALITY                 REALITY                         LP      04.2019
                (Note : LP , black vinyl)
VP      99072   REALITY                 REALITY                         LP      04.2019
                (Note : LP , blue vinyl)

Reality, originating from summer '70 was the first Caribbean Latin funk group in
Amsterdam and even the whole of the Netherlands. With their self-titled debut album,
Franky Douglas (guitar), Tony Sherman (vocals), Rol Burnet (percussion), Glenn Gaddum
(organ) and Leslie Vos (vocals) presented a highlight in the burgeoning Dutch Latin,
funk and soul scene. Just like the second album 'Tony And Reality', the LP has become
a coveted collector's item that people paid large sums of money for. Pseudonym Records
is very proud to present the first legitimate reissue of 'Reality', remastered from
the original tapes, and with the full cooperation of the band. From now on, Reality's
music is available to everyone. The album 'Reality' (1972), with the sensitive and
still up-to-date 'War', contains the original artwork. Reality later continued under
the name Solat.
VP      99073   V / A : DIGGIN' IN THE GOLDMINE-DUTCH BEAT NUGGETS      2LP     04.2019
                (Note : double LP , black vinyl)
VP      99073   V / A : DIGGIN' IN THE GOLDMINE-DUTCH BEAT NUGGETS      2LP     04.2019
                (Note : double LP , red vinyl)

SIDE 1: 1.      THE BEATNIKS - Wouldn't You Like To Know 2:40 (Ede)
        2.      THE COMPETITORS - Long Tall Shorty 3:02 (Monster)
        3.      CUBY + BLIZZARDS - Stumble And Fall 1:56 (Assen)
        4.      THE COUNSELLORS - I'll Be Your Man 2:19 (Eindhoven)
        5.      NICKY AND THE SHOUTS - Don't Be A Fool 2:11 (Groningen)
        7.      JOHN HATTON AND THE DEVOTIONS - I'm Comin' Home 2:15 (Zaandam)
        6.      THE ROLLING BEATS - Sweeter Than You 3:38 (Maastricht)
        8.      THE CHEESE TOWN JEWELS - No One Else 2:32 (Gouda)
SIDE 2: 1.      THE MODS - Brown Paper Sack 2:33 (Utrecht)
        2.      ST. JOHN AND THE CREW - I Am A Man 3:09 (Utrecht)
        3.      JENNY AND THE RASCALS - You Told Me A Lie 2:26 (Den Haag)
        4.      THE KWYET - No Time For Tears 2:54 (Delft)
        5.      THE ENTERTAINERS - Crazy Miss Daisy 2:46 (Heerlen)
        6.      DAT EN WAT - I Can Live Without You 2:14 (Badhoevedorp)
        7.      SOFTS - Kassie Kijken 2:08 (Amsterdam)
        8.      SOFTS - Paarse Broek 2:38 (Amsterdam)

SIDE 3: 1.      NICKY AND THE SHOUTS - Tears Inside 2:24 (Groningen)
        2.      JOHNNY KENDALL & THE HERALDS - Girl 2:03 (Amsterdam)
        3.      THE LORDS - In The City 2:26 (Amsterdam)
        4.      LINDA VAN DYCK with BOO & THE BOO BOO'S - Stengun 2:53 (Amsterdam)
        5.      THE SPARKLINGS - Now It's Your Turn To Cry 2:53 (Amsterdam)
        6.      FLASH CALL - Crying All Day 2:32 (Valkenburg)
        7.      THE TORERO'S - Bald Headed Woman 2:05 (Hilversum)
        8.      GROUP $OALL - Will You Teach Me How To Love 3:38 (Hillegom)
SIDE 4: 1.      THE NICOLS - Lord, I've Been Thinking 2:08 (Den Haag)
        2.      THE FALLOUTS - I'm Sick Of Living 2:19 (Valkenswaard)
        3.      THE FALLOUTS - I've Been Waiting 1:40 (Valkenswaard)
        4.      JENNY AND THE RASCALS - That's A Man's Way 2:26 (Den Haag)
        5.      THE RIATS - Run, Run, Run 3:08 (Den Haag)
        6.      BINTANGS - Please Do Listen 3:13 (Beverwijk)
        7.      ADJEF THE POET - Iekk! I'm A... Freak 2:49 (Amsterdam)
        8.      THE INN-SECT - Let Me Tell You About The Things I Need
                2:38 (Maassluis)
VP      99074   THE OUTSIDERS           YOU MISTREAT ME                 7"      06.2020

(Note : 7" in a limited pressing of 200 copies only, on white vinyl. Remastered
        from the original master tapes.)
VP      99075   BILLY JONES AND SOLAT : YOU'RE GONNA MISS ME            7"      04.2019

        1       YOU'RE GONNA MISS ME
        2       I'LL BE AROUND
VP      99076   SOLAT : CHANGE THE WORLD/TRY, TRY                       7"      04.2019

        1       CHANGE THE WORLD
        2       TRY, TRY
VP      99077   Q65                     REVOLUTION                      LP (m)  12.2020

        A1      The Life I Live
        A2      I Got Nightmares
        A3      Just Who's In Sight
        A4      Mr. Pitiful
        A5      I'm A Man
        A6      Middle-Age Talk
        A7      Summer Thoughts In A Field Of Weed
        A8      Down At The Bottom
        B1      Get Out Of My Life, Woman
        B2      Spoonful
        B3      Sour Wine
        B4      Bring It On Home
                (Note : LP , comes on 180 gram transparant yellow vinyl)
VP      99078   NORMAAL                 DEURDONDEREN                    LP+7"   05.2020

LP              Deurdonderen LP
        A1      Deurdonderen                                    3:53
        A2      De Boer Dat Is De Keerl                         3:40
        A3      Kleine Dinie                                    3:20
        A4      Dat Mot Knnen                                  3:55
        A5      Belasting                                       3:36
        A6      Mamma Woar Is Mien Pils                         2:56
        B1      De Beer Is Los                                  3:36
        B2      L.D.N.N. (Loaw 't Dink Niet Nuumen)             2:53
        B3      Val Kapot                                       4:21
        B4      Vennenbulten Sunset                             3:04
        B5      Oei, Oei, Oei, Oei, Foi Toch                    4:22
        B6      Bloedarmoe	4:18

7"              Mama Wo Ist Mein Pils
        A       Mama Wo Ist Mein Pils                           2:56
        B       Er Fahndet Frs Finanzamt                      3:37
VP      99079   NORMAAL                 CAPTAIN HOKEN                   7"      05.2020

        A       Captain Hoken                                   3:09
        B       Two Moths - Live                                3:09

VP      99080   NORMAAL                 JAMBALAYA                       7"        .2020

        A       Jambalaya                                       3:22
        B       Stock On Rock 'N Roll                           2:49
VP      99081   NORMAAL                 CONCRETE JUNGLE                 7"        .2020

        A       Concrete Jungle                                 2:40
        B       Look Around You                                 3:16
VP      99082   Q65                     INJECTION                       LP (m)  12.2020

        A1      I Just Cant Wait - demo version                4:30
        A2      Injection - live                                1:38
        A3      Baby Dont Worry - live                         3:25
        A4      Im Glad - live                                 2:32
        A5      Please Come Back To Me - live                   3:15
        A6      Sexy Legs - live                                1:59
        A7      I Gotta Move - live                             3:08
        B1      Youre The Victor - live                        2:30
        B2      The Life I Live - live                          3:11
        B3      Ann - live                                      2:56
        B4      My Generation - live                            2:56
        B5      Saddy - demo version                            2:47
        B6      Bring It On Home - live                         2:45
        B7      Spoonful - live                                 2:32
VP      99083   NORMAAL                 DE BOER DAT IS DE KEERL         7"        .2020

        A       De Boer Dat Is De Keerl                         3:40
        B       Achterhoek, Oh Achterhoek (live)                4:20
VP      99084   NORMAAL                 DRIETERI-JE BLUES               7"        .2020

        A       Drieteri-je Blues (live)                        4:42
        B       Deurdonderen (album versie)                     3:53
VP      99085   NORMAAL : Springleavend (Uutgebreide Uutgave)           2LP       .2020

LP 1    A1      Hummelo
        A2      Ni-jbouw Blues
        A3      Drieteri-je Blues
        A4      Hoken Is Normaal
        A5      Net As Gisteren
        B1      De Motorcross Is O.H.I.O.
        B2      Nohlen
        B3      Boerenbedrog
        B4      Ik Verdom 't
        B5      Vrouw Haverkamp
        B6      Hendrik Haverkamp

LP 2    C1      Ik Ben Moar Een Eenvoudige Boerenlul
        C2      't Verstand Op Nul
        C3      Belasting
        C4      Oh Deerne
        C5      Deurdonderen
        D1      Kapitein Hoken Is Normaal
        D2      Jambalaya (Kampvuur Laait)
        D3      Alie
        D4      Ik Blief Bi-j Rock En Roll
        D5      Oerend Hard
VP      99086   NORMAAL                     KISJESKEARL                 7"        .2020

        A       Kisjeskearl                                     3:47
        B       Gin Pot Zo Scheef                               3:14
VP      99087   NORMAAL : Deur Sneeuw En Kolde Veute                    7"        .2020

        A       Deur Sneeuw En Kolde Veute                      3:00
        B       Kom Op Allemaol (live)                          2:29 













CDP     1104    CARGO                   CARGO                           CD      12.2012
CDP     1106    COSMIC DEALER           CRYSTALLIZATION                 CD      12.2012
CDP     1109    ALQUIN                  THE MARKS SESSIONS              CD      12.2012
CDP     1110    GROUP 1850              MOTHER NO-HEAD-THEIR 45's       CD      12.2012

        1.      Misty Night                                     3:29 - mono
        2.      Look Around                                     2:34 - mono
        3.      I Want More (Finger Tips)                       2:03 - mono
        4.      I Know (La Pense)                               3:11 - mono
        5.      Mother No-Head                                  3:25 - mono
        6.      Ever Ever Green                                 3:17 - mono
        7.      Zero                                            3:28 - mono
        8.      Frozen Mind                                     3:39 - mono
        9.      We Love Live (Like We Love You)                 4:28 - mono
        10.     Little Fly                                      4.17 - mono
        11.     Don't Let It Be (We Have To Do It Now)          3:13 - mono
        12.     Sun Is Coming (So Were Calling You)             3:00 - mono
        13.     Fire                                            2:30 - stereo
        14.     Have You Ever Heard                             3:34 - stereo
        15.     Mother No-Head                                  3:29 - French-stereo
        16.     Mother No-Head                                  3:36 - instr. -stereo
        17.     1.000 Years Before                              2:37 - stereo
        18.     Dream Of The Future                             2:33 - stereo
        19.     Sun Is Coming                                   3:06 - demo - mono
        20.     Don't Let It Be                                 3:08 - demo - mono
        21.     Falling Mountains                               3:34 - demo - stereo
        22.     Liar                                            2:31 - demo - stereo
        23.     Dream Of The Future                             2:51 - demo - stereo
        24.     1.000 Years Before                              2:39 - demo - stereo
                Tracks 19 - 24 previously unreleased.
CDP     1111    ZIPPS                   KICKS AND CHICKS                CD      12.2012
CDP     1113    AFTER TEA               JOINT HOUSE BLUES               CD      12.2012
CDP     1114    AHORA MAZDA             AHORA MAZDA                     CD      07.2013
CDP     1115    OUTSIDERS               THINKING ABOUT TODAY            CD      04.2013
CDP     1121    DREAM                   REBELLION                       CD      04.2014
CDP     1130    V / A : I DON'T CARE COLLECTION: DUTCH PUNK 1977-1983   2CD     11.2016
CDP     1131    HELLOISE                ANTHOLOGY                       6CD     11.2016
CDP     1132    IVY GREEN               IVY GREEN                       CD      11.2016
BOX     1136    V / A                   DIGGIN' IN THE GOLDMINE         8CD     04.2019
                (DUTCH BEAT NUGGETS)
VP      1137    GROUP 1850 : DREAM OF THE FUTURE/1.000 YEARS BEFORE     7"      06.2020