PROMISING MUSIC                         GERMANY

Distr.  : GE - Universal Music
          US - Forced Exposure
Style   : jazz / blues /

„promising music" is a record label inaugurated by „Consul Bodo", a management and
consulting company run by ‚biz BOF' Bodo Jacoby. Bodo is on the spot since 1981 and
started off as a European touring company and booking agent for the likes of Screamin'
Jay Hawkins, Wire, Fuzztones, Alex Chilton, Front 242, Lounge Lizards et al. In 1989
Bodo entered PolyGram (now Universal Music) and stayed there for entire 13 years! In
this time he was responsible, a.o., for the jazz section, his first biz approach to MPS
recordings. Bodo's twist between rock and jazz made him work on MPS, a catalogue based
in the jazz field with more than one connotation to (progressive) rock. This was the
starting point of promising music.

Since 2010 Bodo also collaborates with the HGBS label, named after MPS founder 
Hans-Georg Brunner-Schwer. This label is based in MPS home town Villingen in Germany's
Black Forest and run by Matthias Brunner-Schwer and Friedhelm Schulz.

2013 saw the first promising music reissue that had nothing to do with MPS. And lilttle
with jazz. So Consul Bodo stays twisting between his favourite genres.

All promising music releases are as close to vinyl as a CD format can be disc in black
vinyl design – with a groove

booklet with legible reprints of liner notes, all original informations, and additional
        retrospective comments

CD gatefold packaging (CD size mini LP) as downsize replica of original LP, incl. inner

All of this held from an outer sleeve surrounding the CD size mini LP in full

The subtle re-mastering tries to get as close as possible to the warmth of the vinyl
(From : dec.9, 2013

                - LIVE IN EUROPE

(Note : the guitar master who cut his teeth with avant garde masterminds The Residents
        took a break to revisit his first love, the blues, with an eight-piece band
        (featuring members of Captain Beefheart and Iggy & the Stooges), captured live
        and smoking. Unique vinyl-like cardboard packaging. Originally issued in 1984,
        remastered for this reissue with nine bonus tracks. Includes a 36-page booklet)