Distr.  : UK - Norman/
Style   : techno /

PPLP    001     PRINCIPLEASURE          "I"                             2LP     04.2019

        A1.     Intro
        A2.     Hexagonal Dab
        A3.     Handtwerk
        B1.     Komply
        B2.     Zzyzzx

        C1.     Ryse
        C2.     Echo
        C3.     Flux Jab
        D1.     Enigma Variation
        D2.     Axiom
        D3.     Nix

Los Angeles based Principleasure releases his debut LP ‘I (One)’ on 30th April to
critical acclaim. “An enthralling debut album” according to Mixmag who promptly made
it their Album of the Month, “A brilliantly crafted debut album” proclaim Future Music
Magazine and “Brooding with icy contempt” say Electronic Sound in their full page
review. With festival support from DJs as diverse as Dixon and AME to A-Trak, ‘I’
comes hot off the back of 3 EPs released in 2018, with videos from Hirad Sab
(Sevdaliza) and Yoshi Sodeoka (Digitalism), support from BBC Radio 1 (Annie Mac) and
KCRW (Mario Cotto).