Distr.  : UK - Piccadilly/Boomkat/
Style   : indie / modern classical / ambient /

PP      21      PETER BRODERICK & FRIENDS : PLAY ARTHUR RUSSELL         LP      02.2019

        1.      Words Of Love
        2.      Come To Life
        3.      I Coundn't Say It To Your Face
        4.      That's Us/Wild Combination
        5.      You Can Make Me Feel Bad
        6.      Ballad Of The Lights
        7.      Eli
        8.      Losing My Taste For The Nightlife
        9.      A Little Lost
        10.     You Are My Love

It all began in summer 2017 when Peter Broderick's former Efterklang bandmate Rasmus
Stolberg invited him to perform at his new festival in Denmark, with the specific idea
that Peter would play an entire set of Arthur Russell songs. As a long-time lover of
Arthurís work, Peter immediately accepted the invitation and began to learn a
collection of Russell songs. Stolberg put together a band of Danish musicians to
join Broderick on stage, and the festival performance went off without a hitch.