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PM      01      METRO RIDERS            EUROPE BY NIGHT                 LP      06.2017

Europe By Night is the gripping and intoxicating debut album by Stockholm, Sweden
based Metro Riders (real name Henrik Stelzer) and the first release on newly minted
contemporary global imprint Possible Motive.
PM      05      MOISTURE                SUBSTANCE                       LP      03.2020
PM      05      MOISTURE                SUBSTANCE                       DL      03.2020

        1       The Marketplace                                 2:03
        2       Depravation                                     3:51
        3       Dozo Mood                                       5:49
        4       Cold Sweat                                      3:11
        5       Streetwalker                                    2:03
        6       Cave Dweller                                    3:39
        7       Self-Invasion                                   4:24
        8       Procession of Guilt                             4:17
        9       Jaw Grinder                                     2:40
        10      Altered States                                  4:11
        11      There's No Party (Like and Afterparty)          3:40

Possible Motive return with a sprawling operetta of futuristic tech-noir electronica,
fashioned by Malmo-based producer and DJ Simon Eliasson aka Moisture. Partly inspired
by William Burrough’s cut-up masterpiece Naked Lunch and the end of history in general,
Moisture’s second LP, Substance, is a rollercoaster ride through a discombobulating
number of sound vectors; he whirls on ‘Cold Sweat’, he swaggers on ‘The Marketplace’
through ‘Depravation’, and he broods on ‘There’s No Party (Like and Afterparty’).