Distr.  : NE - Sonic Rendezvous/
Style   : psychedelic /

PFIELD  1       THE POPPY SEEDS         DOWN IN THE FLOWERS             LP      03.2022

        01.     LITTLE DOLL
        02.     TAKE ME BACK
        03.     BLACK WIZARD
        04.     COMING TO GET YOU
        05.     YOU ARE A DRUG
        06.     DESERT JAM
        07.     PYRAMID
        08.     SHIMMER
        09.     WASTELAND

To say The Poppy Seeds are bold is an understatement. First of all, they cover
The Stooges classic "Little doll" on track one, side one...and they do it well
 Althoughtheir name might have you guessing this lp is full of flower power,
 puffy/pasley dress shirt vibes, they are actually far more aggro in their
 psychedelic approach. The whole album is drenched in fuzz, feed back and wah-wah.
 It has a heaviness to it, but it's not industrial. It sits right in that sweet
 spot between the repetitive rock and the hard rock place that bands like Loop and
 Spacemen 3 do. I'm finding hard to imagine labels like Cardinal Fuzz, Fuzz Club
 or Levitation not wanting to jump on this before someone else does. If hard-edged
 modern psychedelic space rock is your jam, drop the bread in the toaster 'cause
 it's time for breakfast. "Down In The Flowers" is the most important meal of the
 day. Colored vinyl.
 -Lance Barresi (Permanent Records)