Distr.  : UK - Norman/Piccadilly/
Style   : indie /

PL      01 LP   EMMY THE GREAT          FIRST LOVE                      LP+DLc  06.2019

SIDE A  1.      Absentee
        2.      24
        3.      We Almost Had a Baby 
        4.      The Easter Parade
        5.      Dylan
        6.      On the Museum Island 
        7.      War
        8.      First Love
SIDE B  1.      MIA
        2.      The Easter Parade pt 2
        3.      Bad Things Coming, We Are Safe 
        4.      Everything Reminds Me of You
        5.      City Song

A 10th anniversary vinyl re-issue of First Love, which was a slow-burning success
story for Emma-Lee Moss, a.k.a. Emmy The Great, when released as her debut album in
early 2009. The new edition is accompanied by new liner notes written by Moss herself,
plus a digital download code for the full album and a handful of bonus tracks.