PLEASANTLY SURPRISED                    Glasgow
********************                    Scotland

Start   : 1982
Found   : Robert H.King (who start later Cathexis Recordings in 1985)
Distr.  : self / Fast Forward-Cartel
Style   : post-punk / cold wave / new wave / punk / goth / indie / electro /
          / industrial /

PS      001     V / A                   AN HOUR OF ELOQUENT SOUNDS      C60     1982
                THE BIRTHDAY PARTY      The Hairshit
                DANTE & THE LOBSTER     Murder Followed By Suicide
                THE FRENCH IMPRESSIONISTS : Summertime
                A PAIR OF BLUE EYES     Giovanis Room
                ERIC RANDOM & THE NOSEBLEEDS : Bedlam A Go-Go
                LUDUS                   Rosa Luxemburg
                PRIMAL SCREAM           Thought
                MARINE GIRLS            Take A Chance
                A.P.B.                  Love To Learn
                22 BEACHES              ZOO
                ESSENTIAL BOP           Monkey Glands
                COCTEAU TWINS           Perhaps Some Other Aeon
                THE WAKE                The Drill
                SUNSET GUN              Gotta Have Me Go With You
                BILLY MCKENZIE SINGS ORBIDOING : Helicopter Helicopter
                (Note : co-release with Klang Rec. KLANG 02)
PS      002     V / A                   THE ANGELS ARE COMING           2xC60   1983

C 1     THE MARCH VIOLETS               Radiant Boys
        THE ALARM                       Unsafe Building
        BONE ORCHARD                    Shall I carry The Budgie Woman?
        SUGAR BULLET MISSION            Beware The...
        PETER BECKER                    Transatlantic Flight
        CULTURAL AMNESIA                Kingdom Come
        DANCE CHAPTER                   Carve An Arc
      * BAUHAUS                         Dark Entries (live)
        ROBERT KING                     Big Shake
        VEE VV                          Keep Beat
        DEATH IN JUNE                   Black Radio
        GENE LOVES JEZEBEL              Bruises
        FIAT LUX                        Aqua Vitae
C 2     SUNSET GUN                      Be Thankful For What You've Got
        GOD'S GIFT                      Systems
        PINK INDUSTRY                   Don't Be Anyone's Fashion
        DISLOCATION DANCE               Mr.Zak
        THE PRIMEVALS                   Pick It Up
        BLUE ORCHIDS                    Thirst
        FLOATING ADULTS                 Fabulous Magazine
        NICO                            All Tomorrow's Parties
        STOCKHOLM MONSTERS              Where I Belong
        ARTERY                          Being There
        LA VOLTA LA KOTA                Nightmare
        THE SUEDE CROCODILES            You're Gonna Bring Me Down
        DIF JUZ                         Don't Worry
        A PAIR OF BLUE EYES             American Beach Party
        TEST DEPARTMENT                 Shockwork (live)
PS      003     V / A                   A STATE OF AFFAIRS              C90     1984
                PRIMAL SCREAM           An Introduction
                IN EXCELSIS             Fire
                ACTION PACT             Mindless Aggression
                MIDNIGHT CHOIR          Kiss
                1919                    Dream
                COCTEAU TWINS           In Our Angelhood (remix)
                LIVINH IN TEXAS         Dept.Store Graveyard
                THE PASSAGE             Tatoo
                THE LUDDITES            Wiggers
                TWISTED NERVE           Yes Man
                C-CAT TRANCE            Let Me Sleep
                MODERN ENGLISH          Tables Turning (remix)
                VIRGINIA ASTLEY         I Live In Dreams
                WOLFGANG PRESS          Prostitute (remix)
                MOODISTS                Gone Dead
                ACTIFED                 Prophecy - dub
                BONE ORCHARD            Picking Apulheads - dub
                THE THREE JONES         Kicking The Dog Right Out
                A POPULAR HISTORY OF SIGNS : Comrade
                INCA BABIES             K.O. Cowboy
                THE BOX                 Big Slam
                DAVID J.                This Vicious Cabaret
                RUBELLA BALLET          Twister
                PRIMAL SCREAM           Circumcision
PS      004     BAND OF HOLY JOY        MORE FAVORITE FAIRYTALES        C60     1984
                First Hour Of The Day / Today Smashes Down! / The Only
                Thing That's Working In This Town / Liquid Lunch / I'd
                Dream If I Could Sleep / Violence,Adolescence,Nightmare
                / Maybe One Day? /// Peters Playground / Consumption /
                Mental / Snow White / Drug Virgin / Anticipation /
                Bedtime Again
                (Note : + 24 p.booklet & 2 photos)
PS      005.1   TEST DEPT.              Ecstasy Under Duress (Live)     C60  11.1981
                Hunger / Compulsion / In Uniform / Slow Hunger / Spring
                Into Action // Gdansk / Shockwork / Efficiency / On Pain
                / Beating Retreat
                (Note : 1st ed. 1000 copies)
PS      005.2   TEST DEPT.              Ecstasy Under Duress (live)     C60     1984
                Chockwork / Efficiency / On Pain / Beating Petreat
PS      006     V / A                   DREAMS AND DESIRES              C70     1984
                NERVOUS CHOIR           Richard Killing
                X-MAL DEUTSCHLAND       Tag Tur Tag
                ARTERY                  Diamonds In The Mine
                VAZZ                    Silver
                COLOURBOX               Sex Gun
                WOLFGANG PRESS          Ecstasy
                PINK INDUSTRY           Pain Of Pride
                BAND OF HOLY JOY        A Glorious Morning In Orton St.
                CLAIRE OBSCUR           Pilgrims Progress
                DEAD CAN DANCE          The Arcane
                DAVID J                 Can't Get Used To Losing You
                ILLEGITIMATE SONS OF CHRIST : In One Move
                COCTEAU TWINS           Pearly Dew-Drops Drops
                IN THE NURSERY          Iskra
                AMBROSE                 Free At Last
                ANDREW GRAY             Illustrated
                VIRGINIA ASTLEY         Tree Top Club
                PATRIK FITZGERALD       Smile
                (Note : packaged in 6" x 6" sleeve)
PS      007     GOD'S GIFT              FOLIE A QUATRE                  C46     1984
                Man Of Two Men / The Ugly Toy / Deicide4 (Their Soul Is
                Hate / The Strong And The Weak / Disturbed / Zeitgeist
                //// Nico / Working Class Man / Revelations / Discipline
                / Living Corpse
PS      008     CLAIR OBSCUR            CLAIRE OBSCUR                   C24     1985
                Sequence / The Last Encounter / Blume / KG / Pessimiste
                Combattif / Revol Dub /// Vivant / Hibernation / Kreigs
                Opera / The Pilgrims Progress
PS      009     DIF JUZ                 TIME CLOCK TURN BACK            C50     1985
                Scottish Express / Red Tackle / The Hole / Abroad /
                Advent (Clip Slip) / Spy Plane /// Sea Shanty / Bad
                Tooth // Trance / Introducing Mrs. McCarthy / Obscure
                By Face / Good Bad The Ugly
PS      010     DANCE CHAPTER           WHEN THE SPIRITS MOVES THEM     C60     1985
                Keep Your Distance / Emotional Flesh / Faces In Veils
                / Untitled / Nil Foundations Prophet / Watch This Face
                / Father These Bones /// Marriage / Nil Prophet
                Foundation / Another Story / Carve An Arc / Pilgrims
                Plight / In Moderation
PS      011     ARTERY                  AFTERWARDS                      C75     1985
                (Note : incl. rare demos , live material and interviews
                plus 28 p. booklet)
PS      012     V / A : Document-Pleasantly Surprised 1982-1985         C60     1985
                THE BIRTHDAY PARTY      The Hairshit
                COCTEAU TWINS           Perhaps Some Other Aeon
                SUGAR BULLET MISSION    Beware The...
                BAUHAUS                 Dark Entries
                PINK INDUSTRY           Don't Be Anyones Fashion
                DIF JUZ                 Don't Worry
                NICO                    All Tomorrow's Parties
                COCTEAU TWINS           In Our Angelhood
                MODERN ENGLISH          Tables Turning
                VIRGINIA ASTLEY         I Live In Dreams
                THE WOLFGANG PRESS      Prostitute
PS      013     unreleased
PS      014     V / A : YOU BET WE'VE GOT SOMETHING AGAINST YOU         LP      1985
                PRINCESS TINYMEAT       Lucky Bag
                SONIC YOUTH             World Looks Red
                JACKHAMMER 5            Ten Thousand Days
                THE DAVE HOWARD SINGERS : I Am Bunny
                FINITRIBE               All Fours
                THE ANTI GROUP          Chozzar Over Abyss
                MARK STEWART & THE MAFIA : PassCivecation Program
                BAND OF HOLY JOY        Drug Virgin
                CURRENT 93              Holy Holy Holy (For Dusa)
                PRINCESS TINYMEAT       Jay Gone Bimbo