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PBR     011     THORCRAFT COBRA         COUNT IT IN                     CD        .2012

        1       Count Me Out
        2       Another Day
        3       Party Clock
        4       True Love
        5       Dark Willows, Bright Flowers
        6       Black Swan (It's All Inside Of You)
        7       Bemused, Bored And Deranged
        8       Obbession
        9       Oh Melody!
        10      I'm Not Sorry
        11      Forget The Photograph
        12      I'm Putting Your Toys Away
        13      You'll Get Nothing
        14      Party Clock (Radio Edit)
PLAZALP 22      THORCRAFT COBRA         THE DISTANCE                    LP      06.2017

        01.     CAROLINA
        02.     UNCOUPLING
        03.     KILLING TIME
        04.     CAUGHT IN BETWEEN
        05.     SERENADE THE SILENCE
        06.     FADE TO WHITE
        07.     IT'S OK
        08.     NO ONE BELIEVES HER
        09.     PRETTY DILEMMA

Thorcraft Cobra will be making their vinyl debut with the LP release of The Distance.
The critically acclaimed record was initially released on CD and Digitally in January,
and garnered 3 top 20 singles at specialty radio, Uncoupling, Caught In Between and
Killing Time. The record was written and produced by the band, and mixed by the
illustrious Rob Schnapf. The band will be embarking on a summer tour to support the
LP release.