Distr.  : UK - Bleep/Piccadilly/
Style   : experimental /

PLANIS  004     MICHAL TURTLE           REINTERPRETED                   2x12"   02.2021

12"/1   1       Phantoms Of Dreamland (LH Mix)
        2       Men In Green (Neue Grafik Rework)
        3       End Of An Era (Felicia Atkinson Fennel And Moon Mix)
        4       Our Man In (D.K. Remix)
        5       Rainwater Fjit (Jimmy Edgar Remix)
        6       Phil 5 (Lucrecia Dalt Remix)

12"/2   7       Maid Of The MIst (Nick Höppner Remix)
        8       Spookie Boogie (Luca Durán Remix)
        9       Ball Of Fire (object blue version)
        10      El Teb (Mehmet Aslan Remix)
        11      Are You Psychic (Parco Palaz Remix pt I)
        12      Are You Psychic (Parco Palaz Remix pt II)
        13      Maid Of The Mist (Oso Leone Rework)

Born in Croydon, UK in 1960 and working in Switzerland for decades, Michal Turtle
has led a storied career as a composer, arranger, technician and producer, consistently
aligned with some of the most exciting bands and projects within the realms of pop and
experimental music. A figure as masterful in the realm of expansive ambient recordings
as advertising jingles, it’s only in recent years that Michal’s solo productions have
gained acclaim and a cult following that continues to grow ever wider.