Distr.  : NE - Shiny Beast/
Style   : 60's / psychedelic / prog. rock /

PPR     1001    A LA PING PONG : EXTREM MUSIK A LA PING PONG PHASE 1    LP      01.2018

Warehouse find copies of this rare official reissue from 1999, made in Germany. First
album by Klaus Bloch, originally released in Germany in 1980 as a private pressing.
Atmospheric kraut/kosmische sounds with electric guitars, bass, gongs, bells, drum
machines and Bloch's original "ping pong" system (treated tape loops/delay, as heard
on Hardy Kukuk's 'Atemnot' album), vocals. Recommended if you like Manuel Gottsching,
Fripp/Eno, early Kraftwerk, GŁnter Schickert, Cluster, Harmonia.
PPR     1002    KLAUS BLOCH             GNOMANIA                        LP      01.2018

Warehouse find copies of this self-released solo album from 2000 by A La Ping Pong
mainman Klaus Bloch, which was never properly distributed at the time. Recorded in
1999, this could be considered the third A La Ping Pong album, a great kraut/ambient
/experimental offering, featuring Klaus on e-guitars, e-bass, e-percussion, bag-pipe
guitar and his ping-pong system (similar to Frippertronics or Manuel Gottsching's
treated sounds).