Owner  : Robin Greatrex
Distr. : 1 . Pinnacle
         2 . Rough Trade / Cartel
Style  : prog rock / punk / oi /

PIK     001   ANGELIC UPSTARTS  Machine Gun Kelly                       7"      08.1984
                                PaintIt In Red
PIK T   001   ANGELIC UPSTARTS  Machine Gun Kelly                       12"     08.1984
                                Paint Ot Red
                                Thre's A Drink In It
PIK     001   MAN               FRIDAY 13TH                             LP        .1984

        A1      C'mon                                           7:39
        A2      Talk About Morning                              7:41
        A3      Kerosene                                        4:10
        B1      Hard Way To Die                                 5:15
        B2      Back Into The Future                            3:35
        B3      Ride And The View                               5:04
        B4      Romain                                          5:16
PIK     002   CHRON-GEN         Nowhere To Run                          12"     07.1985

        A1      Too Much Talk
        A2      Misadventure
        A3      Breakdown
        B1      Pretend
        B2      Fiasco
        B3      Pictures Paint Minds
PIK     003   CHELSEA           LIVE AND WELL                           LP        .1984

        A1      Tribal Song
        A2      Evacuate
        A3      No Admission
        A4      How Do You Know
        A5      No Flowers
        B1      Only Thinking
        B2      Running Wild
        B3      Urban Kids
        B4      The Last Time
        B5      Right To Work
PIK     004   ANGELIC UPSTARTS  Last Tango In Moscow                    LP      11.1984

        A1      One More Day
        A2      Machine Gun Kelly
        A3      Progress
        A4      Blackleg Miner
        A5      Who's Got The Money
        A6      Last Tango In Moscow
        B1      I Think It Should Be Free
        B2      Never Return
        B3      Rude Boy
        B4      No News
        B5      Jarrow Woman
        B6      Nowhere To Run
PIK     005   LIGOTAGE          Forgive And Forget ... Live             LP      12.1984

        A1      Mars The Bringer Of War (Holst)
        A2      The Corporation
        A3      Crime And Passion
        A4      The Fun Goes On
        A5      Forgive And Forget
        A6      End Of The Century
        B1      Misfits
        B2      Coming For You
        B3      Vanity
        B4      Curare
        B5      These Boots Are Made For Walking
        B6      Purple Haze
HCLP 001 M    CHRON-GEN         Live At The Waldorf                     LP        .1985

        A1      Lies
        A2      Jet Boy Jet Girl
        A3      Clouded Eyes
        A4      Reality
        A5      Fiasco
        A6      Hounds Of The Night
        A7      Behind Closed Doors
        A8      Misadventure - Nowhere To Run
        B1      Wasted Love
        B2      Breakdown
        B3      Outlaw
        B4      Mindless Few
        B5      Subway Sadist
        B6      L.S.D.
        B7      Abortion
        B8      Living Next Door To Alice
HCLP 002 M    ANGELIC UPSTARTS          Live In Yugoslavia              LP      09.1985

        A1      Never Had Nothing
        A2      Leave Me Alone
        A3      Teenage Warning
        A4      Solidarity
        A5      Last Night Another Soldier
        A6      Guns For The Afghan Rebels
        A7      Machine Gun Kelly
        B1      Police Oppression
        B2      Kids On The Street
        B3      Women In Disguise
        B4      2,000,000 Voices
        B5      One More Day
        B6      Upstart
        B7      Who Killed Liddle Towers?
        B8      White Riot