Distr.  : UK - Norman
Style   : 

PALP    3       ewon12bit               ONE TIME FOR YOUR MIND          LP      05.2019

        A1.     one time for your mind (intro)
        A2.     the deal 
        A3.     skyline rising
        A4.     tru master 
        A5.     no doubt
        A6.     one love
        A7.     zonin (interlude)
        B1.     mellow out
        B2.     rabbit hole
        B3.     emcees
        B4.     elevation 
        B5.     redrum.
        B6.     one for the trouble
        B7.     well done (outro)

ewon12bit is a Finnish producer who makes his music from vinyl samples, analogue tapes
and some classic equipment. His sample-based hip-hop harks back to the golden age of
hip-hop in the early 90s. One Time For Your Mind is an album of laid back beats a la
NYC back in the day. I hope he gets to visit New York one day.