Distr.  : UK - Norman/Piccadilly/
Style   : techno / house /

PHA     001     ERLAND COOPER           SOLAN GOOSE                     LP      04.2018

        1       Whitemaa
        2       Solan Goose
        3       Maalie
        4       Shalder
        5       Cattie-face
        6       Aak
        7       Kittiwaako
        8       Whaup
        9       Bonxie
        10      Tammie Norie
        11      Moosiehaak

‘Solan Goose’ is the first solo recording from multi-instrumentalist Erland Cooper,
also of The Magnetic North and previously Erland & The Carnival.
PHA     002 V   NEIL COWLEY TRIO        SPACEBOUND TAPES                12"     04.2018

        1       Weightless (Rival Consoles Remix)
        2       Duty To The Last (Throwing Snow Remix)
        3       Death To Amygdala (Christian Loffler Remix)
        4       Echo Nebula (Vessels Remix)

‘Spacebound Apes’ was written by Cowley for his trio and long-time bandmates drummer
Evan Jenkins and bassist Rex Horan, with contributions from Brian Eno collaborator
Leo Abrahams on guitars and FX.
PHA     009 V   ALEX KOZOBOLIS          SOMEWHERE ELSE                  LP      04.2019

        1       Where London Sleeps
        2       For Ingrid
        3       Nothing Actually Happened
        4       Such A Thing A Home
        5       Theme For An Empty Playground
        6       Speak To Him Of Silence
        7       The Perimeter & The Horizon
        8       Barcelona
        9       After Elysium [131]
        10      Offline
        11      Eye To Eye
PHA     010 V   ERLAND COOPER           SULE SKERRY                     LP      05.2019
PHA     010 CD  ERLAND COOPER           SULE SKERRY                     CD      05.2019

        1       Haar 
        2       First Of The Tide
        3       Sillocks
        4       Spoot Ebb
        5       Flattie
        6       Groatie Buckies
        7       Creels
        8       Lump O’ Sea
        9       Sule Skerry
PHA     013 V   ERLAND COOPER           HELTER BLETHER                  LP/1    06.2020
PHA     013 LEV ERLAND COOPER           HELTER BLETHER                  LP/2    06.2020
PHA     013 CD  ERLAND COOPER           HELTER BLETHER                  CD      06.2020

        1       Noup Head ft. Kathryn Joseph, Kevin Cormack, John
                Burnside and Alex Kozobolis
        2       Rousay
        3       Peedie Breeks ft. Benge
        4       Skreevar ft. Marta Salogni
        5       Longhope ft. Kathryn John, John Burnside & Hiroshi Ebina
        6       Linga Holm
        7       Hildaland
        8       Hether Blether
        9       Hamnavoe
        10.     Where I Am Is Here

LP/1    Black vinyl ed. Includes download code.
LP/2    Dinked Edition LP on Phases. Edition of 500 hand-numbered copies in
        alternative (green) reverse board sleeve. Includes A4 matt print + foldable
        map of Orkney. Includes download code.

Scottish multi-instrumentalist Gawain Erland Cooper releases the third instalment
in a trilogy of LPs which are thematically informed by the geography and history of
the Orkney Islands, where he grew up. Hether Blether takes the landscape of the
islands as its inspiration, conjuring up a atmospheric mixture of words, imagery
and sound.