Distr.  : UK - Bleep/
Style   : ambient / modern classical / electronic /

PHAINOMENA  01  JULIAN EDWARDES         CONSONANCE                      LP      06.2019

        1       Tuning
        2       Rustling
        3       Whistling
        4       Stale
        5       Wall
        6       Foil
        7       Elephant

The British-Dutch artist Julian Edwardes has used modular synthesisers to create
a charming little record in Consonance. Each of the tracks here is a varying degree
of lovely, with warm pads gently floating over the mix and arpeggios bobbing like
buoys in a quay. Titles like ‘Rustling’, ‘Whistling’ and ‘Tuning’ hint at the soft
sounds that lie within. No messing around with this one - Consonance is just a
really, really nice record of ambient electronics.