PER KORO                                Inh. Markus Haas 
                                        Breite Str. 23 
                                        33602 Bielefeld 


Distr.  : GE -
          NE - Sonic Rendezvous
Sub lab.: Onrush/Barfight/
Style   : indie / alternaive / hardcore / punk / grindcore / metal / crust
          / sludge metal / death metal / post punk /

PKLP    62      DEATHRITE               INTO EXTINCTION                 LP      10.2018

        01.     FORSAKEN TOMBS
        02.     BREATHING DOOM
        03.     KINGDOM
        05.     VICIOUS THRONE
        06.     INTO EXTINCTION
        07.     REVENGE & REPARATIONS
        09.     PLAGUES
        10.     DEATHBED
        11.     INFERNAL VOID
        12.     THE GOLDEN AGE

The limited (500 copies) re-press of ""into extinction"" (originally released in 2013)
comes on orange translucent vinyl, with a lyricsheet, and includes a digital download
card. DEATHRITE is undoubtedly the definite embodiment of the unholy alliance of
music's heaviest spawns. Already smashing skulls and breaking necks with their
previous releases, their 1st proper full-length ""into extinction"" even exceeds
these earlier recordings with its uncontainable fury, knuckle-dragging brutality and
filthy riff bombardment. DEATHRITE merged only the most severe elements of death-metal,
grindcore, hardcore and punk to create an absolutely merciless, harsh record that
stands out like a monument of savagery in nowadays watered down scene - a fact also
valid for their forceful, stunning live performance that most likely turns into
a beer- and blood-soaked mayhem.
PKLP    77      GLOOM SLEEPER           LUMINOUS GALAXIES               2LP+CD  10.2018
PKCD    77      GLOOM SLEEPER           LUMINOUS GALAXIES               CD      10.2018

        01.     NO LOVERS
        02.     FUNNY LIGHTS
        03.     AVALANCHE
        04.     CITY OF UNREST
        05.     PERCEPTIONS
        06.     GRAVITY
        07.     HE SMILES
        08.     MIDNIGHT VEIL
        09.     ANGRY RIVERS
        10.     ECHOES