Distr. : B & C
Style  : jazz / soul / funk
Exist  : 1973-1975

PLE     01      REUBEN WILSON           The Cisco Kid                   LP      1973
PLE     02      LARRY WILLIS            Inner Crisis                    LP      1973
PLE     03      DONEL O'LEVY            Dawn Of A New Day               LP      1973
PLE     04      JUNIOR PARKER           You Don't Have To Be Black To   LP      1973
                Love The Blues
PLE     05      GERRY MORRIS            Sweet Soster Funk               LP      1973
PLE     06      CARMEN MCREA            It Takes A Whole Lot Of Human   LP      1973
PLE     07      DELLA REESE             Let Me In Your Life             LP      1973
PLE     08
PLE     09      CHICK COREA             Sundance                        LP      1973
PLE     10      GROOVE HOLMES           American Pie                    LP      1974
PLE     11      DAKOTA STATON           Madame Foo Foo                  LP      1974
PLE     12      DORIS TROY              Stretchin' Out                  LP      1974
PLE     13      GROVER WASHINGTON/DON GARDNER:Lay A Little Lovin On Me  LP      1974
PLE     14      JIMMY MCGRIFF           Flydune                         LP      1974
PLE     15      JOE THOMAS              Joy Of Cookin'                  LP      1974
PLE     16      JIMMY MCGRIFF/GROOVE HOLMES : Giants Of The Organ Come  LP      1974
PLE     17      V / A                   Friday 13th Cook Country Jail   LP      1974
PLE     18      JUNIOR PARKER : Love Ain't Nothing But A Business       LP      1974
PLE     19      JIMMY MCGRIFF           Let's Stay Together             LP      1974
PLE     20      REUBEN WILSON           The Sweet Life                  LP      1974
PLE     21      O'DONEL LEVY            Breeding Of Mind                LP      1974
PLE     22      GEORGE FREEMAN          New Improved Funk               LP      1974
PLE     23
PLE     24      V / A                   Super Sweet Soul                LP      1974
PLE     25      THE BROTHERS            Disco Soul                      LP      1974

PLED   501      JIMMY MCGRIFF           Black And Blue                  2LP     1974

PEO     101     BABYWASHINGTON 7 DON GARDNER : Forever                  SP
                                        Let Me Get Close To You
PEO     102     DON DOWNING             Lonely Days , Lonely Nights     SP
                                        I'm So Proud
PEO     103     GENTLE PERSUASIONS      Dynamite Explodes               SP
                                        Bring It On Home
PEO     104     THREE                   Get On Board                    SP
                                        Get On Board (instr.)
PEO     105     BABY WASHINGTON : Just Can't Get You Out Of My Mind     SP
                                        You're Just A Dream
PEO     106     DELLA REESE : Who Is She And What Is She To You         SP
                                        Loving You Is Wrong
PEO     107     BABY WASHINGTON         I've Got To Break Away          SP
                                        Can't Get Over You
PEO     108     DON DOWNING             Dream World                     SP
                                        The Miracle
PEO     109     RUEBEN WILSON           I'll Take You There             SP
                                        The Disco Kid
PEO     110     KRISSIE K.              Stick Up                        SP
                                        Who Do You Think Are You
PEO     111     WESTSIDE                Running In And Out Of My Life   SP
                                        Highway Demon
PEO     112     DORIS TROY              Stretchin' Out                  SP
                                        Don't Tell Your Mama
PEO     113     J.KELLY AND PREMIERS    She Calls Me Baby               SP
                                        Signed Sealed And Delivered
PEO     114     BARRY SMITH             Hold On To It                   SP
PEO     115     DONNA SUMMER            The Hostage                     SP
                                        Let's Work Together Now
PEO     116     WEE WILLIE & WINNERS    I Don't Know What You Got Pt.1  SP
PEO     117     JIMMY JAMES & THE VAGABONDS : Help Yourself             SP
PEO     118     THE BROTHERS            In The Pocket                   SP
                                        Everybody Loves A Winner