PENSKE RECORDINGS                       IRELAND
*****************                       Cork City


Distr.  : IR -
          US - Forced Exposure
Style   : psychedelic / avantgarde / alternative / post rock / krautrock
          / prog rock /

PENSKE  001     WEVEN SKULL : LAIR OF THE GLOWING BANTLING              LP      08.2015

        A1      Ludo                                            9:57
        A2      Chantelle                                       4:20
        A3      Blind Willy                                     2:05
        B1      Sea Graves                                      10:28
        B2      Wild Jorge                                      7:27
PENSKE  002     THE ALTERED HOURS       IN HEAT NOT SORRY               LP      01.2016

        A1      Who's Saving Who
        A2      Way Of Sorrow
        A3      Rotting
        A4      Silver Leather
        A5      Birds
        A6      Saviours
        B1      Virgin's Sleeve
        B2      Grey On Blue
        B3      Citadel
        B4      Laughing On Their Knees

LP.CD   Art For Blind       AFB 49          2016        UK

        A1      Buckle
        A2      Dark Place
        A3      Lunar Caustic
        A4      Terminal Man
        B1      Volcano Of The Bleeding Skies
        B2      No Autopsy
        B3      Epilogue
                (Note : LP , 500 copies)

Volcano Of The Bleeding Skies is the debut LP from Ruadhan O'Meara (No Spill Blood).
PENSKE  004     FIXITY                  THE THINGS IN THE ROOM          2LP     02.2017
PENSKE  004     FIXITY                  THE THINGS IN THE ROOM          CD      03.2017

LP 1    A       Blue Paint                                      14:17
        B       Hungry Clouds                                   10:09

LP 2    C       The Monk In The Moon                            16:39
        D       The Things In The Room                          14:31

The music of Fixity is composed and/or produced by Dan Walsh. The project's first
self-titled album was released on the KantCope cassette label in July 2016, and it
presented multi-tracked versions by Walsh of seven new compositions. The Things In
The Room is the fourth release by Fixity. The album was recorded in Malmö on the
February 13th, 2016 with a band made of up Dan Walsh on drum kit, joined by Swedish
improvisers, tenor saxophonist Emil Nerstrand (Brigaden, Heavy Water, The Nod),
guitarist Nils Andersson (Ljom, Ava), and bassist Fredrik Persson (Sista Bossen,
The Good Morning Spider, Leo Kall, Cassus).
PENSKEFILE 5    PERCOLATOR              SESTRA                          LP      04.2017

        1:      Spülmaschine
        2:      Squishy Future
        3:      Law & Order
        4:      Kim Chi
        5:      Crab Supernova
        6:      Yellow Fire
        7:      Usen't We
        8:      Binkle

Dublin-based Percolator are Ian, Spud and Ellie who together play rock and roll music
that is noisy but always melodic, occasionally abrasive but rarely harsh.
Recorded in-house at Spud and Ian's Guerilla Studios, Percolator's debut album
'Sestra' is due for release in Spring 2017.
PENSKE  006     THE JIMMY CAKE          TOUGH LOVE                      LP      07.2017

        A       Tough Love Part I
        B       Tough Love Part II

The Jimmy Cake formed as a ten-piece group in Dublin, Ireland in 2000 from the fresh
remains of local experimental rock noise-niks Das Madman. In that time they have
collaborated live with the likes of Damo Suzuki, Iva Bittova, and Charles Hayward
while slowly drifting over the course of six albums from a pastoral psychedelia to
full-on kosmische psych, fully realised on Master, their 2015 aural colossus. Drawing
from the same sonic palette, Tough Love is another serpentine and ecstatic creation
from one of Ireland's most consistently adventurous bands. Tough Love is the sixth
studio album from experimental rock group The Jimmy Cake.
PENSKE  007     THE ALTERED HOURS       ON MY TONGUE EP                 12"     03.2018

        A1      On My Tongue                                    4:13
        A2      Over The Void                                   2:40
        B1      Open Wide                                       3:31
        B2      Hey No Way                                      4:25
                (Note : 12" , black or pink vinyl)

12"     Art For Blind       AFB 58          2018        UK
PENSKE  008     FIXITY                  NO MAN CAN TELL                 LP      05.2019

Side A  1.      World Line
        2.      Woo
        3.      Theme From A Shitstorm
        4.      Farrest
Side B  5.      Becoming An Earthworm
        6.      No Man Can Tell

Players:    Emil Nerstrand - Flute, Tenor Saxophone
            Kevin Terry - Guitar, Clarinet
            Nils Andersson - Guitar
            Philip Christie - Synthesizers
            Declan O'Shea - Bass
            Neil O Loclainn - Bass, Flute
            Cathal MacGabhann - Percussion
            Dan Walsh - Drums, Vocals

Engineered by Patrick Cullen and Dan Walsh 
Assistant Engineer: Sean Breen
Mixed by Dan Walsh
Mastered by Antony Ryan at RedRedPaw Mastering
Cover Images by Kate Bowe
Design by Emmet O’Riabhaigh

Sophomore LP from Dan Walsh’s Fixity project here. As it was on previous Fixity
offerings like The Things In The Room, No Man Can Tell finds Walsh teaming up with
a number of session jazzers for a set of highly original jazz-adjacent improvisations.
Doom-jazz, free music, stoner metal and the large-ensemble spiritual experiments of
artists like Horace Tapscott are all at work here.