Distr.  : NE - Shiny Beast
Style   : psychedelic / folk /

PTA     1       PERFUME AZUL DO SOL     NASCIMENTO                      LP      02.2019

Recorded in Sao Paulo in 1974, 'Nascimento' was the first and only album of the band
Perfume Azul Do Sol, mixing the talents of Pedro Baldanza (bass), Jean (guitar), Gil
(drums), the voice and piano of Ana Maria Guedes and the Nordestine influences of
Benvindo (voice and guitar). Husband and wife Ana and Benvindo were the heart and soul
of the album, a brilliant songwriting team. Benvindo seems to have come from Pernambuco
and was well versed in the Baiao Northeastern rhythmic structures that gave birth to
forro and coco rhythms. On the album Ana's melodies mix with Benvindo's natural swing
soaked in baiao, forró and psychedelia. The great Daniel Salinas helps out with the
horn arrangements.