PAST AND PRESENT                        UK

Distr. : UK - Piccadilly
Style  : reissue label /60's psychedelia / 60's punk / garage / r&r / r&b
         / soul / mod / 

PAPRLP  1001    V / A : MINDROCKER-A U.S. PUNK ANTHOLOGY VOL.1          LP      11.2010
PAPRLP  1002    V / A           HIGH ALL THE TIME VOL.1                 LP        .2010
PAPRLP  1003    V / A           TEXAS FLASHBACKS VOL.1                  LP      08.2010
PAPRLP  1004    V / A           OFF THE WALL                            LP      08.2010
                (Note : LP , 500 numb.copies)
PAPRLP  1005    V / A : THE PERFUMED GARDEN VOL.1                       LP      04.2011
PAPRLP  1006    V / A : TEXAS FLASHBACKS VOL.2                          LP      12.2010
PAPRLP  1007    V / A : ACID DREAMS                                     LP      12.2010
PAPRLP  1008    V / A : PICCADILLY SUNSHINE PT.1                        LP      04.2011
PAPRLP  1009    V / A : GIRLS IN THE GARAGE, VOL.9                      LP      04.2017

SIDE 1: 1.      Penny Lim & The Silverstones:Kung See, Kung See, Let's Be Happy (1972)
        2.      Rita Chao & The Quests : Hanky Panky (1967)
        3.      Lara & The Trailers : Sugar Town (1967)
        4.      Nancy Sit               Love Potion #9 (1966)
        5.      Rita Chao               Yummy, Yummy, Yummy (1968)
        6.      Shirley Nair & The Silver Strings : If You Ever Go (1965)
        7.      Naomi & The Boys        As Tears Go By (1965)
SIDE 2: 1.      Naomi & The Boys        I'd Like To Know (1965)
        2.      Rita Chao & The Quests : How To Catch A Girl (1967)
        3.      Nancy Sit               Hanky Panky (1966)
        4.      Sakura & The Quests     My Boy Lollipop (1967)
        5.      Nancy Sit               Come Back When You Grow Up (1967)
        6.      Nancy Sit               Fever (1967)
                (Note : LP/180 g. , 2000 hand-numb copies on coloured vinyl)
PAPRLP  1010    V / A : GIRLS IN THE GARAGE, VOL.10                     LP      04.2017

SIDE 1: 1.      Liz Brady               Un Garcon Dit A Une Fille (1965)
        2.      Myriam Martin           Le Blue Beat (1966)
        3.      Les Intrigantes         Faut Savoir (1965)
        4.      Clothilde               La Chanson Bete Et Mechante (1967)
        5.      Les Gamines             Vis Ta Vie Mon Gars (1968)
        6.      Sylvie-Anne             Un Tour Dehors (1967)
        7.      Anna Bell               La Moustacha A Papa (1970)
        8.      Roxane Chatel           Je Prends Tout Mon Temps (1966)
SIDE 2: 1.      Ginette Taillon         Lorsque Je Frappe A Ta Porte (1966)
        2.      Karo                    Un Garcon En Mini-Jupe (1969)
        3.      Caroline                Le Jeu Du Telephone (1967)
        4.      Annie Philippe          On M'a Toujours Dit (1966)
        5.      Ariane Et Les 10-20     Je Ne Sais Pourquoi (1964)
        6.      Ariane                  Les Gemeaux (1967)
        7.      Christine Pilzer        Ils Pataugent (1966)
        8.      Ginette Garcin          Cresoxipropanedial En Capsules (1966)
        9.      Stella                  Trempe Tes Pieds Dans Le Gange (1968)
                (Note : LP/180 g. , 2000 hand-numb copies on orange vinyl)
Rubble series : PAPRLP 001-020

PAPRLP  001     V / A                   THE PSYCKEDELIC SNARL           LP        .2003

        A1      Wimple Winch            Atmospheres
        A2      Mirror, The             Faster Than Light
        A3      Caleb                   Woman Of Distinction		
        A4      Martin Cure & The Peeps – It's All Over You
        A5      Living Daylights, The – Always With Him
        A6      Misunderstood, The      Never Had A Girl Like You Before
        A7      Open Mind, The          Cast A Spell
        A8      Dakotas, The            The Spider And The Fly
        B1      Wimple Winch            Rumble On Mersey Square South
        B2      Open Mind, The          Magic Potion
        B3      Living Daylights, The   Let's Live For Today
        B4      Craig, The              I Must Be Mad
        B5      Unit 4+2                I Will
        B6      Hush, The               Grey
        B7      Wimple Winch            Save My Soul
        B8      Mindbenders, The        The Morning After

LP      Bam Caruso      KIRI 024        1984    UK
LP      Rubble/Sunbeam  FORLP   2901    2007    UK
PAPRLP  002     V / A                   POP SIKE PIPE DREAMS            LP        .2003

        A1      Mode, The               Eastern Music
        A2      Wimple Winch            Marmalade Hair
        A3      Parking lot, The        World Spinning Sadly
        A4      Pretty Things, The      Defecting Grey
        A5      Keith West              Kid Was A Killer
        A6      Shotgun Express         Indian Thing
        A7      Executive, The          Tracy Took A Trip
        A8      Wimple Winch            Lollipop Minds
        B1      Talismen, The           You Break My Heart
        B2      Pretty Things, The      Walking Through My Dreams
        B3      Bo Street Runners       Love
        B4      Sons Of Fred            Sweet Love
        B5      Wimple Winch            Bluebell Wood
        B6      Idle Race, The          Knocking Nails Into My House
        B7      Spencer Davis Group, The – After Tea
        B8      Gordon Waller           Rosecrans Boulevard

LP      Bam Caruso      KIRI 025        1986    UK
LP      Rubble/Sunbeam  FORLP 2902      2008    UK
PAPRLP  003     V / A                   NIGHTMARES IN WONDERLAND        LP        .2003

        A1      Brain, The              Nightmares In Red
        A2      Focus Three             10,000 Years Behind My Mind
        A3      Pretty Things, The      Talkin' About The Goodtimes
        A4      Bamboo Shoot            The Fox Has Gone To Ground
        A5      Wild Silk               Visions In A Plaster Sky
        A6      Mark Wirtz              He's Our Dead Old Weatherman
        A7      Lemon Tree, The         William Chalker's Time Machine
        A8      Koobas, The             Barricades
        B1      Aquarian Age            10,000 Words In A Cardboard Box
        B2      Pretty Things, The      Mr Evasion
        B3      Executive, The          Gardena Dreamer
        B4      Chances Are, The        Fragile Child
        B5      Ipsissimus              Hold On
        B6      Edwick Rumbold          Shades Of Grey
        B7      Penny Peeps, The        Model Village
        B8      Tomorrow                Revolution

LP      Bam Caruso      KIRI 026        1986    UK
LP      Rubble/Sunbeam  FORLP 2903      2008    UK
PAPRLP  004     V / A : THE 49 MINUTE TECHNICOLOUR DREAM                LP        .2003

        A1      Jason Crest             Black Mass
        A2      Mirage, The             The Wedding Of Ramona Blair
        A3      Caleb                   Baby Your Phrasing Is Bad
        A4      Kaleidoscope            Flight From Ashiya
        A5      Cymbaline, The          Matrimonial Fears
        A6      Finders Keepers         On The Beach
        A7      Californians, The       The Cook Of Cake & Kindness
        B1      Rings & Things          Strange Things Are Happening
        B2      Fox, The                Butterfly
        B3      Unit 4+2                3.30 A.M.
        B4      Kaleidoscope            A Dream For Julie
        B5      Tempus Fugit            Come Alive
        B6      Misunderstood, The      Golden Glass
        B7      Magic Mixture, The      Moonbeams

LP      Bam Caruso      KIRI 027        1984    UK
LP      Rubble/Sunbeam  FORLP 2904      2008    UK
PAPRLP  005     V / A                   THE ELECTRIC CRAYON SET         LP        .2003

        A1      Poets, The              That's The Way It's Gotta Be
        A2      Attack, The             Anymore Than I Do
        A3      Flies, The              I'm Not Your Stepping Stone
        A4      Game, The               Gotta Wait
        A5      Score, The              Please Please Me
        A6      Mark Four, The          I'm Leaving
        A7      Fire                    Father's Name Is Dad
        A8      Gene Latter             Mothers Little Helper
        B1      Game, The               Gonna Get Me Someone
        B2      Flies, The              House Of Love
        B3      Keith Shields           Hey Gyp
        B4      Attack, The             Try It
        B5      Poets, The              I Love Her Still
        B6      Dream Police            Living Is Easy
        B7      Fairytale, The          Run & Hide
        B8      Mark Four, The          Hurt Me (If You Will)

LP      Bam Caruso      KIRI 044        1986    UK
LP      Rubble/Sunbeam  FORLP 2905      2008    UK
PAPRLP  006     V / A : THE CLOUDS HAVE GROOVY FACES                    LP        .2003

        A1      Fairytale, The          Lovely People
        A2      Kinsmen, The            Glasshouse Green Splinter Red
        A3      Poets, The              I Am So Blue
        A4      Ice, The                Anniversary Of Love
        A5      End, The                Shades Of Orange
        A6      Turquoise               Tales Of Flossie Fillet
        A7      Pudding, The            The Magic Bus
        A8      Attack, The             Neville Thumbcatch
        B1      Accent, The             Red Sky At Night
        B2      Elastic Band, The       8 1/2 Hours To Paradise
        B3      Attack, The             Created By Clive
        B4      Two & A Half            Suburban Early Morning Station
        B5      Life 'N' Soul           Peacefully Asleep
        B6      Poets, The              I'll Cry With The Moon
        B7      Falling Leaves          Beggars Parade
        B8      Tinkerbells Fairydust   20-10

LP      Bam Caruso      KIRI 049        1986    UK
PAPRLP  007     V / A                   PICTURES IN THE SKY             LP        .2003

        A1      Orange Seaweed, The     Pictures In The Sky
        A2      Glass Menagerie, The    You Didn't Have To Be So Nice
        A3      Orange Machine          Real Life Permenant Dream
        A4      Carnaby                 Jump And Dance
        A5      New Formula             Harekrishna
        A6      Onyx, The               So Sad Inside
        A7      Flying Machine, The     The Flying Machine
        A8      Primitives, The         You Said
        B1      Onyx, The               You Gotta Be With Me
        B2      Ivy League, The         My World Fell Down
        B3      Epics, The              Blue Turns To Grey
        B4      Factotums, The          Cloudly
        B5      Koobas, The             Better Make Up Your Mind
        B6      Erky Grant & The Earwigs – I'm A Hog For You
        B7      Primitives, The         Help Me
        B8      Velvett Fogg            Within The Night

LP      Bam Caruso      KIRI 083        1988    UK
PAPRLP  008     V / A                   ALL THE COLOURS OF DARKNESS     LP        .2003

        A1      Yellow          Living A Lie
        A2      Sharon Tandy & Fleur De Lys – Hold On
        A3      Eyes Of Blue            Prodigal Son
        A4      Jason Crest             Here We Go 'Round The Lemon Tree
        A5      Rick Price & Sheridan   Lamp Lighter Man
        A6      Jigsaw                  Tumblin'
        A7      Skip Bifferty           On Love
        A8      Methusalah              High In The Tower Of Coombe
        B1      Norman Conquest         Upside Down
        B2      Jason Crest             A Place In The Sun
        B3      Dantalion's Chariot     The Madman Running Through The Fields
        B4      Sharon Tandy & Fleur De Lys – Daughter Of The Moon
        B5      Mashmakhan              Days When We Are Free
        B6      Mike Stuart Span, The   Children Of Tomorrow
        B7      Serendipity             I'm Flying
        B8      Second Hand             The World Will End Yesterday

LP      Bam Caruso      KIRI 051        1991    UK
PAPRLP  009     V / A                   PLASTIC WILDERNESS              LP        .2003

        A1      Dragonfly               Celestial Empire
        A2      Peter And The Blizzards – You Know That I'll Be There
        A3      Groep 1850              Mother No-Head
        A4      Tower, The              Slow Motion Mind
        A5      Outsiders, The          Do You Feel Alright
        A6      Sharks & Me             Buses
        A7      Short '66               Good Weekend
        A8      Motions, The            Wedding Of 100 Brides
        A9      Sandy Coast             Back To The City
        B1      Zipps, The              Lotus Love
        B2      Bumble Bees, The        Girl Of My Kind
        B3      Young Ones, The         Mini Minnie
        B4      St. Giles's System      Swedish Tears
        B5      Q65 – So High I've Been,So Down I Must Fall
        B6      Super Sister            A Girl Like You
        B7      Les Baroques            Such A Cad
        B8      Golden Ear-Rings, The   That Day

LP      Bam Caruso      KIRI 079        1991    UK
PAPRLP  010     V / A : PROFESSOR JORDAN'S MAGIC SOUND SHOW             LP        .2003

        A1      Onyx, The               Tamaris Khan
        A2      Glass Menagerie, The    Frederick Jordan
        A3      Clique, The             We Didn't Kiss Didn't Love But Now We Do
        A4      Montanas                A Step In The Right Direction
        A5      Floribunda Rose, The    Linda Loves Linda
        A6      Velvett Fogg            Lady Caroline
        A7      Turnstyle, The          Riding A Wave
        A8      Kytes, The              Frosted Panes
        B1      Fresh Air               Running Wild
        B2      Orange Seaweed, The     Stay A While
        B3      5 AM Event              Hungry
        B4      Game, The               Gotta Keep On Moving Baby
        B5      Glass Menagerie, The    She's A Rainbow
        B6      New Formula             Stay Indoors
        B7      Writing On The Wall     Buffalo
        B8      Orange Machine          You Can All Join In

LP      Bam Caruso      KIRI 098        1988    UK
PAPRLP  013     V / A : RUBBLE 13-FREAK BEAT FANTOMS                    LP        .2003

        A1      Buzz, The               You're Holding Me Down
        A2      Fleur De Lys            Gong With A Luminous Nose
        A3      Boys Blue, The          Take A Heart
        A4      Deejays, The            Blackeyed Woman
        A5      Southern Sound          Just The Same As You
        A6      Act, The                Just A Little Bit
        A7      Force Five              Yea, I'm Waiting
        A8      Answers, The            Just A Fear
        B1      French Revolution       9 'Til 5
        B2      Arizona Swamp Company – Train Keeps Rollin'
        B3      Southern Sound          I Don't Wanna Go
        B4      Attraction, The         She's A Girl
        B5      Game, The               Help Me Mummy's Gone
        B6      Boys Blue, The          You Got What I Want
        B7      Peep Show, The          Mazy
        B8      Les Fleur De Lys        Dawn

LP      Bam Caruso      KIRI 102        1989    UK
PAPRLP  016     V / A                   GLASS ORCHID AFTERMATH          LP        .2003

        A1      Gary Walker & The Rain – Francis
        A2      John Bromley & Fleur De Lys – So Many Things
        A3      Lovin', The             All You've Got
        A4      Chasers, The            Inspiration
        A5      St. Valentine's Day Massacre – Brother Can You Spend A Dime
        A6      Sea-Ders, The           Undecidely
        A7      Dreams                  Softly, Softly
        A8      Ace Kefford Stand       Gravy Booby Jamm
        B1      Remo Four, The          Live Like A Lady
        B2      Eyes Of Blue            QIII
        B3      Sea-Ders, The           Keep On Believin'
        B4      Lovin', The             Keep On Believin'
        B5      Pretty Things, The      Grey Skies
        B6      Carriage Company        Feel Right
        B7      Staccatos               Butchers & Bakers
        B8      Mint                    Love By Numbers

LP      Bam caruso      KIRI 096        1991    UK
PAPRLP  018     V / A : RUBBLE 18-RAINBOW THYME WYNDERS                 LP        .2003

        A1      Acid Gallery            Dance 'Round The Maypole
        A2      Argosy                  Imagine
        A3      Calum Bryce             Love-Maker
        A4      Lyons & Malone          Dr. Gentle
        A5      Fruit Machine, The      The Wall
        A6      Andy Forray             Dream With Me
        A7      Pregnant Insomnia       Wallapaper
        A8      Russell Morris          The Real Thing (Parts 1 & 2)
        B1      Octopus                 The River
        B2      Doomsday Machine        Ain't Nobody Else
        B3      Infantes Jubilate       Exploding Galaxy
        B4      Still Life              My Kingdom Cannot Loose
        B5      Dee & The Quotum        Someday You'll Need Someone
        B6      St. David's Road        Strange Loves Of Gwyneth
        B7      Octopus                 The Thief
        B8      Time Machine            Turn Back Time / Bird On The Wind
PAPRLP  019     V / A : RUBBLE 19 - EIDERDOWN MINDFOG                   LP        .2003

        A1      Ramases & Selket        (In My) Mind's Eye
        A2      Lions Of Juda, The      Katja
        A3      Lyons & Malone          She's Alright
        A4      Moving Finger           Pain Of My Misfortune
        A5      Barrier, The            Dawn Breaks Through
        A6      Cinnamon Quill          Candy
        A7      Scots Of St. James, The – Timothy
        A8      Icarus                  The Devil Rides Out
        B1      Fourmyula               Honey Chile
        B2      Portebello Explosion    We Can Fly
        B3      Ramases & Selket        Crazy One
        B4      Hayden Wood             The House Beside The Mine
        B5      Scots Of St. James, The – Eiderdown Clown
        B6      Together                Memories Of Melinda
        B7      Rick Price (4) & Mike Sheridan – Tracy Smith
        B8      Cymbaline, The          Fire

        A1      Blossom Toes            What On Earth
        A2      Apple                   Buffalo Billycan
        A3      Soft Machine, The       Love Makes Sweet Music
        A4      Boeing Duveen And The Beautiful Soup – Which Dreamed It?
        A5      David, The              Light Of Your Mind
        A6      Kate                    Don't Make A Sound
        A7      Argosy                  Mr Boyd
        A8      Bump, The               Winston Build The Bridge
        B1      Adjeef The Poet         Ieek, I'm A Freak
        B2      Pandamonium             The Sun Shines From His Eyes
        B3      Chapter Four            In My Life
        B4      Les Fleur De Lys        Mud In Your Eye
        B5      Crazy World Of Arthur Brown, The – Devil's Grip
        B6      Beautiful, The          Walter's Dream 
        B7      Art                     Supernatural Fairy-Tales
        B8      Beatstalkers, The       Silver Tree Top School For Boys
PAPR    2001    V / A : Girls In The Garage - A Collection Of Girl Garage Groups  .2001
                From The 60's!
PAPR    2002    V / A                   GIRLS IN THE GARAGE VOL.2       LP      04.2018

        A1      The Blue Orchids        Oo-Chang-A-Lang
        A2      The Girls               Chico's Girl
        A3      The Ladybugs            How Do You Do It?
        A4      The Bootles             I'll Let You Hold My Hand
        A5      The Termites            Tell Me
        A6      Kathy Lynn & The Playboys : Rock City
        A7      The Virginia Wolves     Land Of 1.000 Dances
        A8      The Sanshers            Gonna Git That Man
        B1      The Whyte Boots         Nightmare
        B2      Lyn & The Invaders      Boy Is Gone
        B3      The Chymes              Quite A Reputation
        B4      The Daughters Of Eve    Don't Waste My Time
        B5      The Continental Co-Ets : I Don't Love You No More
        B6      The Mama Cats           Miss You
        B7      The Chimes Of Freedom   Jungle Rock
        B8      The Starlets            You Don't Love Me
                (Note : LP , 1500 numb. copies on yellow vinyl)
                TRACK COLL. OF RARE BRITISH FREAKBEAT 1963-1967)

        1.      Shots, The              Keep A Hold Of What You've Got
        2.      Knack, The              She Ain't No Good
        3.      Mal Ryder & The Spirits – Your Friend
        4.      Untamed, The            I'll Go Crazy
        5.      Worrying Kynde, The     Got The Blame
        6.      Tony Knight & Live Wires, The – I Feel So Blue
        7.      Mike Cotton Sound, The – I Don't Wanna Know
        8.      Llan, The               Realise
        9.      Eccentrics, The         What You Got
        10.     Him & The Others        She's Got Eyes That Tell Lies
        11.     Plebs, The              Babe, I'm Gonna Leave You
        12.     In Crowd, The           Things She Says
        13.     Screaming Lord Sutch & The Savages – The Train Kept A-Rollin'
        14.     Phase 4                 Think I'll Sit Down & Cry
        15.     Ten Feet                Factory Worker
        16.     Koobas, The             You'd Better Make Up Your Mind
        17.     Mark Five, The          Baby What's Wrong
        18.     Attraction, The         She's A Girl
        19.     Primitives, The         You Said
        20.     Remo Four, The          Sing Hallelujah
        21.     Darwin's Theory, The    Hosanna
        22.     Favourite Sons, The     That Driving Beat
        23.     Moquettes, The          Right String Baby, But The Wrong Yo-Yo
        24.     Hipster Image, The      Make Her Mine
        25.     Answers, The            It's Just A Fear
        26.     Cheynes, The            Respectable
        27.     Poets, The              That's The Way It's Got To Be
        28.     Athenians, The          Louie Louie
        29.     Profile, The            Haven't They Got Better Things To Do
        30.     Soul Agents, The        Let's Make It Pretty Baby
        31.     Tony's Defenders        Yes I Do
        32.     Meddy Evils, The        Ma's Place
PAPR    2004    V / A           WE CAN FLY                              CD        .2001

        1.      Penny Peeps, The        Model Village
        2.      Loot, The               Try To Keep It A Secret
        3.      Moving Finger, The      Pain Of My Misfortune
        4.      Anan                    I Wonder Where My Sister's Gone
        5.      Peep Show, The          Mazy
        6.      Glass Menagerie, The    Frederick Jordan
        7.      Bunch, The              Looking Glass
        8.      Neat Change, The        I Lied To Auntie May
        9.      Movement, The           Tell Her
        10.     Sands                   Mrs. Gillespie's Refrigerator
        11.     Kippington Lodge        I Can See Her Face
        12.     Infantes Jubilate       Exploding Galaxy
        13.     Smoke, The              That's What I Want
        14.     QPR Supporters, The     Suporters Support Us
        15.     Trash                   Trash Can
        16.     Orange Machine, The     Real Life Permanent Dream
        17.     Serendipity             Castles
        18.     Mickey Finn, The        Garden Of My Mind
        19.     Kytes                   Running In The Water
        20.     Portobello Explosion    We Can Fly
        21.     Fox, The                Mr. Carpenter
        22.     Sound Barrier, The      Groovin' Slow
        23.     Mooche, The             Hot Smok
        24.     Fruit Machine, The      The Wall
        25.     Image, The              Creation
        26.     Episode 6               Love, Hate, Revenge
        27.     Peter Cook & Dudley Moore – The L.S. Bumble Bee
PAPR    2005    V / A : GIRLS IN THE GARAGE VOLUME 5                    LP      08.2018

        A1      The Majorettes          Let’s Do the Kangaroo
        A2      The Bermudas            Chu Sen Ling
        A3      The Occasionals         Sometimes
        A4      Bente Lind & The Lunicks : Goodbye, Jimmy, Goodbye
        A5      The Pussycats           Dressed In Black
        A6      Jeff And The Atlantics : I’ll Find Him
        A7      The What Four           I’m Gonna Destroy That Boy
        A8      Linda Gayle             Maggies’s Farm
        B1      The Girls               Rocket For Girls
        B2      Stacy's 5'th            This Thing
        B3      The Mavericks           Trains
        B4      Tammy & The Sounds      Story of a Tramp
        B5      Beatle Maids            Who Can I Believe
        B6      Angel & The Devines     Octopus
        B7      The Electric Lollipop   Lightning Bug
        B8      Zuma                    Night of the Sadist
PAPR    2006    V / A : GIRLS IN THE GARAGE VOLUME 6                    LP      09.2019

(Note : LP/180 gram light blue vinyl, hand-numbered sleeve with full-color four-page
        vinyl booklet)
PAPR    2007    V / A : GIRLS IN THE GARAGE VOLUME 7                    LP      05.2019
                (Note : LP/180 g, green vinyl; Ed. of 1000 (hand-numb)
PAPR    2008    THE BEVIS FROND         MIASMA                          CD        .2001

        1.      Garden Gate
        2.      She's In Love With Love
        3.      Wild Mind
        4.      Wild Afternoon
        5.      Splendid Isolation
        6.      The Earl Of Walthamstowe
        7.      The Newgate Wind
        8.      Release Yourself
        9.      Maybe
        10.     Ride The Train Of Thought
        11.     Confusion Days
                Bonus Tracks
        12.     Find My Way Home
        13.     I Eat The Air
        14.     Song From Room 13
        15.     Need All Your Loving
        16.     High Wind In The Trees
        17.     South Hampstead Rain
        18.     Looks Like Rain (#1)
PAPR    2009    THE BEVIS FROND         INNER MARSHLAND                 CD        .2001

        1       Cries From The Inner Marshland
        2       Termination Station Grey
        3       Window Eye
        4       Once More
        5       Defoliation Part One
        6       Reflections In A Tall Mirror
        7       Hey Mr Undecided
        8       I've Got Eyes In The Back Of My Head
        9       Minsmere Sphagnum
        10      Medieval Sienese Acid Blues
        11      Defoliation Part Two
                Extra Tracks
        12      Walking In The Lady's Garden
        13      Slave
        14      Run At The Sun
        15      Parapsynquiry
        16      The Great Mistake
        17      Solid Vimto
PAPR    2010

PAPRCD  2018    V / A : INSTRO-HIPSTERS A GO-GO                         CD        .2000
PAPRLP  2030

        1       John Shakespeare Orchestra : Fade Out
        2       The Cocktail Cabinet    Breathalyser
        3       Johnny Keating          Getaway
        4       The Remo Four           Rock Candy
        5       Ruffle                  Go Mean
        6       Garry Blake             Look Out Now
        7       Eric Delaney's Big Beat Six : Big Beat
        8       Apartment One           Step Inside
        9       Timebox : I Wish I Could Jerk Like My Uncle Cyril
        10      Jimmy Nichol            Husky
        11      Bobbie Graham           Zoom, Widge And Wag
        12      The Midas Touch         Sulphur Flowers
        13      The Dave Pike Set       Mathar
        14      The Eliminators         Eliminator
        15      Grapefruit              Theme For Twiggy
        16      Les Yper Sounds         Teen Tonic
        17      Charisma                Bizwambi
        18      Electric Frankenstein : Moon Walk
        19      Electric Sandwich       China
        20      Lard Free               Warinobaril
        21      Pop Drive Ltd.          Wild Jam
        22      The Progressive Seekers : Western Drag
        23      Les Yper Sounds         Jericho Jerk
        24      Arzachel                Queen Street Gang

PAPRLP  2030    V / A : INSTRO-HIPSTERS A GO-GO                         2LP       .2000
PAPRCD  2018

LP 1    1       John Shakespeare Orchestra : Fade Out
        2       The Cocktail Cabinet    Breathalyser
        3       Johnny Keating          Getaway
        4       The Remo Four           Rock Candy
        5       Ruffle                  Go Mean
        6       Garry Blake             Look Out Now
        7       Eric Delaney's Big Beat Six : Big Beat
        8       Apartment One           Step Inside
        9       Timebox : I Wish I Could Jerk Like My Uncle Cyril
        10      Jimmy Nichol            Husky
        11      Bobbie Graham           Zoom, Widge And Wag
        12      The Midas Touch         Sulphur Flowers

LP 2    13      The Dave Pike Set       Mathar
        14      The Eliminators         Eliminator
        15      Grapefruit              Theme For Twiggy
        16      Les Yper Sounds         Teen Tonic
        17      Charisma                Bizwambi
        18      Electric Frankenstein : Moon Walk
        19      Electric Sandwich       China
        20      Lard Free               Warinobaril
        21      Pop Drive Ltd.          Wild Jam
        22      The Progressive Seekers : Western Drag
        23      Les Yper Sounds         Jericho Jerk
        24      Arzachel                Queen Street Gang
PAPR    2031
PAPR    2032
PAPR    2033    V / A           Mind Blowers 1                          CD        .2001

        1       Ed Wool And The Nomads – I Need Somebody
        2       Early Doors, The        Go Insane
        3       Undecided?, The         Make Her Cry
        4       Liverpool Set, The      Seventeen Tears To The End
        5       Tropics, The            As Time's Gone
        6       Olivers, The            I Saw What You Did
        7       Id, The                 Boil The Kettle, Mother
        8       Thirteenth Floor Elevators – Tried To Hide (Non LP B-Side)
        9       Guilloteens, The        Wild Child
        10      Bump                    Winston Build The Bridge
        11      Traveling Salesmen, The – Days Of My Years
        12      Spikedrivers, The : Baby Won't You Let Me Tell You How I Lost My Mind
        13      49th Parallel           Laborer
        14      Mustard Men, The        I Love My Baby
PAPR    2034    V / A : PSYCHOTIC MOOSE & THE SOUL SEARCHERS            CD        .2001

        1       Hangmen, The            What A Girl Can't Do
        2       Hangmen, The            Faces
        3       Richie's Renegades      Don't Cry
        4       Bram Rigg Set           I Can Only Give You Everything
        5       Bram Rigg Set           Take The Time Be Yourself
        6       Woolies, The            Who Do You Love
        7       H.M. Subjects           Don't Bring Me Down
        8       Jeremiah                No Sense Nonsense
        9       Moonrakers              Baby Please Don't Go
        10      Invasion                Do You Like What You See?
        11      Royal Aircoach          Wondering Why
        12      Falcons, The            I Gotta See Her
        13      Shadow Casters          Cinnamon Snowflake
        14      Morning After           Things You Do
        15      Blue Things             The Orange Rooftop Of Your Mind
        16      Free, The               (A Day Of Decision) For Lost Soul Blue
PAPR    2035    V / A           A Journey To Tyme Vol.1 & 2             2CD       .2001

        1-1     Unrelated Segments      Story Of My Life
        1-2     Beckett Quintet         No Correspondence
        1-3     Enfields, The           She Already Has Somebody
        1-4     Moving Sidewalks, The   Need Me
        1-5     Painted Faces, The      Anxious Color
        1-6     Ugly Ducklings, The     That's Just A Thought That I Had In My Mind
        1-7     Chayns                  Run And Hide
        1-8     American Blues          If I Were A Carpenter
        1-9     Unrelated Segments      It's Unfair
        1-10    Beckett Quintet         It's All Over Now) Baby Blue
        1-11    Enfields, The           I'm For Things You Do
        1-12    Moving Sidewalks, The   Every Night A New Surprise
        1-13    Painted Faces, The      Things We See
        1-14    Ugly Ducklings, The     Just In Case You Wonder
        1-15    Chayns                  Why Did You Hurt Me
        1-16    American Blues          All I Saw Was You

        2-1     Faine Jade              It Ain't True
        2-2     Canterbury Fair         Song On A May Morning
        2-3     Cryan Shames, The       Ben Franklin's Almanac
        2-4     Haymarket Riot          Nine O'Clock
        2-5     4 Of Us, The            I Feel A Whole Lot Better
        2-6     Thee Midniters          Never Knew I Had It So Bad
        2-7     New Breed, The          High Society Girl
        2-8     Roosters, The           One Of These Days
        2-9     Fifth Order, The        Goin' To Far
        2-10    Fe-Fi-Four Plus 2       Mr. Sweet Stuff
        2-11    Rats, The               I've Gotta See My Baby Every Day
        2-12    Esquires, The           Sadie's Ways
        2-13    Poets, The              Now We're Thru'
        2-14    Hallmarks, The          Soul Shakin' Psychedelic Sally
        2-15    Outcasts, The           I Didn't Have To Love Her Anymore
        2-16    Rationals, The          Feelin' Lost
PAPR    2036    V / A : THAT DRIVING BEAT VOL.2 (MORE UK FREAKBEAT      CD        .2001
                BEAT 1964-1966)

        1       Deejays, The            Midnight Hour
        2       Outlaws, The            Shake With Me
        3       Cherokees, The          Dig A Little Deeper
        4       Quakers, The            I'm Ready
        5       Transatlantics, The     Louie Go Home
        6       Shevells, The           Come On Home
        7       Beat Buddies, The       Pins In My Heart
        8       Jay Jays, The           Baldheaded Woman
        9       Pack, The               Things That Bring Me Down
        10      Regents, The            Bye Bye Johnny
        11      Brian Diamond & The Cutters – Shake, Shout & Go
        12      Classmates, The         Pay Day
        13      Whirlwinds, The         Baby Not Like You
        14      Zephyrs, The            She's Lost You
        15      T-Bones, The            How Many More Times
        16      Loose Ends, The         Ain't Gonna Eat My Heart Out Anymore
        17      James Royal             Work Song
        18      Hi-Numbers, The         Heart Of Stone
        19      Carter-Lewis & The Southerners – Skinny Minnie
        20      Mark Leeman 5, The      Gather Up The Pieces
        21      Gary Walker             She Makes Me Feel Better
        22      Haydock's Rockhouse     She Thinks
        23      Sassenachs, The         That Don't Worry Me
        24      Redcaps, The            Funny Things
        25      Firing Squad, The       Bull Moose
        26      Hellions, The           Think It Over
        27      Slade Brothers, The     Peace In My Mind
        28      Dukes, The              Try To Understand
PAPR    2037    V / A : WE CAN FLY 2 (UK PSYCHEDELIC OBSCURITIES)       2LP.CD    .2001

        1       Shy Limbs               Trick Or Two
        2       Brainbox                Amsterdam, The First Days
        3       Cedars, The             Hide If You Want To Hide
        4       Pugh                    Love Love Love
        5       John Fitch & Associates – Stoned Out Of It
        6       Lords, The              Don't Mince Matter
        7       Nite People             Love, Love, Love, Love, Love
        8       Montanas, The           Difference Of Opinion
        9       Julian Kirsch, The      Clever Little Man
        10      Blonde On Blonde        All Day And All Night
        11      Avalanche               Rabbits
        12      West Coast Consortium – Colour Sergeant Lillywhite
        13      Tages                   Fuzzy Patterns
        14      Mirage, The             Hold On
        15      Petards, The            Tartarex
        16      Bystanders, The         Cave Of Clear Light
        17      A.P. Dangerfield : Conversations (In A Station Light Refreshment Bar)
        18      A.P. Dangerfield        Further Conversations
        19      Blinkers                Original Sin
        20      Danny McCulloch         Colour Of The Sunset
        21      Joy Unlimited           Mr. Pseudonym
        22      Moonshine               Garden Of Men
PAPR    2038    V / A : INSTRO-HIPSTERS A GO-GO VOLUME 2                2LP       .2001
PAPR    2038    V / A : INSTRO-HIPSTERS A GO-GO VOLUME 2                CD        .2001

        1       The Excursion           Switched On             3:48
        2       Joe Loss And His Music  Warpaint                2:15
        3       The Midnight Shift      Saturday Jump           2:01
        4       The Ray King Soul Band : Dupy / Mercy           5:44
        5       Trendsetters Ltd.       I'm Coming Home         2:39
        6       St. Louis Union         English Tea             1:56
        7       The Voomins             March Of The Voomins    2:16
        8       The Ray McVay Sound     Revenge                 2:05
        9       Sounds Nice             Love You Too            2:07
        10      Ole Jensen & His Music : Railroader             2:30
        11      The Salon Band          Disco 2                 1:46
        12      Earl Guest              Foxy                    2:19
        13      Morgan & The Mark Seven : Undercover Man        2:23
        14      The Roulettes           Junk                    2:33
        15      Peter Jay & The Jaywalkers:Before The Beginning 2:16
        16      The Reg Guest Orchestra : Underworld            2:41
        17      Roland Shaw And His Orchestra : Peter Gunn      4:36
        18      The Gun                 Rupert's Travel         2:07
        19      Zoot Money              Zoot's Suite            3:25
        20      Jimmy Nicol & The Shubdubs : Night Train        2:02
        21      The Mike Cotton Band    One Mint JuleP          2:49
        22      The Salon Band          Four Wheel Drive        2:04
        23      The Purple Fox          Git Some                3:08
        24      Julian Covey & The Machine : Sweet Bacon        2:59
        25      The Magic Christians    Nats                    1:25
        26      The Cy Payne Orchestra : The Proud And The
                Mighty                                          3:29
                Bonus Track
        27      Unknown Artist          Unknown                 2:09
PAPR    2039    V / A : CHANGES (THE PSYCHEDELIC BEAT ALBUM)            CD        .2001

        1       Danny's Reason          Triangle
        2       C.A. Quintet            Blow My Soul
        3       C.A. Quintet            Cold Spider
        4       Bedlam Four             Hydrogen Atom
        5       It Was Brillig          Dirty Old Man
        6       Hope                    On Times You Can See
        7       Third Wave              Dream
        8       Gestures                It Seems To Me
        9       Hope                    One Man
        10      Second Thought          Museum
        11      T.C. Atlantic           Love Is Just
        12      Calico Wall             Flight Reaction
        13      Stillroven              Have You Ever Seen Me
                SHADOWS VOLUMES 1 & 2

        1-1     Blue Amber              We Got Love
        1-2     Zendik                  Is There No Peace
        1-3     Seompi                  Almost In The Hole
        1-4     Creation, The           No Silver Bird
        1-5     Lords, The              Death Bells At Dawn
        1-6     Younger Brothers, The – Go Away
        1-7     Eastern Time Zone       Green Cathedral
        1-8     Four O'Clock Balloon  – Two Heads
        1-9     Solid State, The        Wait And See
        1-10    Solid State, The        The Lynching
        1-11    Sidewalk Skipper Band – Strawberry Tuesday
        1-12    Off Set, The            Xanthia ‘Lisa’
        1-13    Bedpost Oracle          Somebody To Love
        1-14    Bedpost Oracle          Chest Fever
        1-15    Flying Circus, The      I'm Going
        1-16    Bedpost Oracle          Love Isn't Dead

        2-1     Fenwick                 Away
        2-2     Coachmen, The           No Answer
        2-3     Flower Power, The       Trivialities
        2-4     Nervous System, The     Bones
        2-5     Lyrics, The             Mr Man
        2-6     FAX                     Only Everything
        2-7     Soul Society            Psychedelic Cycle
        2-8     Portraits, The          It Had To Be You
        2-9     Phlegethon              You're No Good
        2-10    Legends, The            Fever Games
        2-11    Commodore Condello's S.R.N. Band – Sonic Boom
        2-12    Five Pound Grin         Never Hurt Again
        2-13    Prufrock                Too Young
        2-14    Guise, The              News
        2-15    Herbie's People         Residential Area
        2-16    Ravelles, The           Psychedelic Movement
        2-17    Reasonable Facsimile, The – He Was A Friend Of Mine
        2-18    Denny Ezba              Dimples
        2-19    Kiriae Crucible, The    Salem Witchtrial
        2-20    Commodore Condello's Salt River Navy Band* – The Time Machine
PAPR    2041    V / A                   A Perfumed Garden Vol.1         CD      02.2005

        1       Factory                 Try A Little Sunshine
        2       Eyes                    You're Too Much
        3       Syn                     Grounded
        4       Nimrod                  The Bird
        5       Smoke                   Sydney Gill
        6       Birds                   No Good Without You Baby
        7       Shy Limbs               Reputation
        8       Game                    It’s Shocking What They Call Me
        9       Frame                   Doctor Doctor
        10      Mandrake Paddle Steamer – Strange Walking Man
        11      French Revolution       Nine Til Five
        12      Vamp                    Floatin’
        13      Syndicates              Crawdaddy Simone
        14      Sands                   Listen To The Sky
        15      Tintern Abbey           Vacuum Cleaner
        16      Craig, The              I Must Be Mad
        17      Open Mind               Magic Potion
PAPR    2042    V / A                   A Perfumed Garden Vol.2         CD      02.2005

        1       Kult                    No Home Today
        2       Eyes                    When The Night Falls
        3       Poets                   Baby Don't You Do It
        4       Ace Kefford Stand       For Your Love
        5       Rupert's People         Reflections Of Charles Brown
        6       Thane Russal & Three    Security
        7       Deviants                I'm Coming Home
        8       Fleur-De-Lys            Liar
        9       Kult                    Mister Number One
        10      In-Be-Tweens            You Better Run
        11      Uglies                  I See The Light
        12      Glen Athens & The Trojans – Let Me Show You How
        13      Gary Leeds & Rain       Francis
        14      Les Goths               Turn Over
        15      Drag Set                Day & Night
        16      Fleur-De-Lys            Mud In Your Eye
        17      Accent                  Red Sky At Night
PAPR    2043    V / A                   A Perfumed Garden Vol.3          CD       .2002

        1       Longboatmen             Take Her Anytime
        2       Miller                  Baby I Got News For You (Oak Version)
        3       Les Goths               Out Of The Sun
        4       Shyster                 Tick Tock
        5       Majority One            Get Back Home
        6       Groundhogs              Sad Go Round
        7       Herbal Mixture          Please Leave My Mind
        8       Pete Sully & The Orchard – Evil Woman
        9       Adams Recital           No Place For The Lonely People
        10      Cedars                  For Your Information
        11      Wolves                  Lust For Life
        12      Actress                 It's What You Give
        13      Reign                   Line Of Least Resistance
        14      Barry Mason             Over The Hills
        15      Boeing Duveen & The Beautiful Soup* – Which Dreamed It
        16      Andwella's Dream        Felix
        17      Serendipity             Through With You
        18      Rupert's People         Hold On
PAPR    2044    V / A : SWEET FLORAL ALBION (23 POP & PSYCH GEMS)       CD        .2002

        1       Universals, The         Green Veined Orchids
        2       Made In Sheffield       Amelia Jane
        3       Sir Henry & His Butlers – Pretty Style
        4       Zoot                    Little Roland Lost
        5       Easybeats, The          Peculiar Hole In The Sky
        6       Nirvana                 Oh! What A Performance
        7       Uglies, The             Mary Colinto
        8       Normie Rowe             Sunshine Secret
        9       Simple Image            Spinning, Spinning, Spinning
        10      Kevin Ayers             The Clarietta Rag
        11      Pentad                  Don't Throw It All Away
        12      Eyes Of Blue            Never Care
        13      Bee Gees                Deeply, Deeply, Deeply Me
        14      Dennis Couldry & Smile – Tea & Toast, Mr Watson
        15      Sweet, The              Mr. McGallagher
        16      Sweet, The              It's Lonely Out There
        17      Pasha                   Pussy Willow Dragon
        18      Dave Clark Five         Lost In His Dreams
        19      Fat Mattress            Walking Through A Garden
        20      Fruit Machine           Cuddly Toy
        21      Rokes, The              Hold My Hand
        22      Rokes, The              When The Wind Arises
        23      Gun                     Take Off
PAPR    2045    V / A : INSTRO-HIPSTERS A GO-GO                         CD        .2003

        1       George Bradley & His Band – Breakout
        2       Goldie & The Gingerbreads – The Skip
        3       Sounds Nice             Flying
        4       Johnny Dankworth & His Orchestra – (Ain't That) Just Like A Woman
        5       Nite People             Creme Tea
        6       Chris Lamb & The Universals – Mysterious Land
        7       Original Checkmates, The – The Spy
        8       Second City Sound       A Touch Of Velvet, A Sting Of Brass
        9       Harry Stoneham          Mogul / I Spy / The Avengers
        10      Sounds Incorporated     My Little Red Book
        11      Shocking Blue           Acka Raga
        12      Harry Roche Constellation, The – The Prowler
        13      Spooky Tooth            Luger's Groove 	3:34
        14      Zoot Money's Big Roll Band – The Mound Moves
        15      Keith Meehan            Hooker Street
        16      Joe Loss & His Band     Go Home Bill Ludendorf
        17      Midas Touch             Harvey
        18      Mitch Murray            Cherokee
        19      Ray McVay Sound, The    Raunchy
        20      Clem Cattini            Impact
        21      Roulettes, The          Jackpot
        22      Organisers, The         The Organiser
        23      Harsh Reality           Quickenut
        24      Excursion, The          Yuggy Buggy
PAPR    2046    V / A                   WE CAN FLY 3                    CD        .2003
                : 25 TRACK COLL. OF PSYCH RARITIES 1966-1971

        1       Magicians, The          Painting On Wood
        2       O'Hara's Playboys       The Ballad Of The Soon Departed
        3       St. John & The Crew     I'm A Man
        4       Murray Head             She Was Perfection
        5       Tales Of Justine        Monday Morning
        6       I Corvi                 Sospesa Ad Un Filo
        7       Made In Sheffield       Amelia Jane
        8       Mecki Mark Men, The     Free
        9       Afex, The               She's Got The Time
        10      Jackie Lomax            Genuine Imitation Life
        11      Brincos                 Passport
        12      Excelsior Spring, The   It
        13      Daddy Lindberg          Wade In The Shade
        14      Pesky Gee               Where Is My Mind?
        15      Cherry Smash, The       Sing Songs Of Love
        16      Mick Softley & Summer Suns, The – Am I The Red One?
        17      Callan & John           House Of Delight
        18      Brut                    My Kind Of Feeling
        19      Washington DCs, The     Seek & Find
        20      Sugarbeats, The         Alice Designs
        21      League, The             Hey Conductor
        22      Shocking Blue           Send Me A Postcard
        23      New Generation, The     Digger
        24      Fox                     Secondhand Love
        25      Bulldog Breed           Paper Man
                31 TRACK COLL. OF FREAKBEAT 1964-1966)

        1       Jynx, The               How
        2       Blues Council, The      Baby Don't Look Down
        3       Knack, The              Time, Time, Time,
        4       Regents, The            Words
        5       Laurie Jay Combo, The – Just A Little Bit
        6       Four + One              Don't Lie To Me
        7       Tony Knight's Chessmen – Surfer Street
        8       Scorpions, The          Just Like Me
        9       Miki Dallon             Gonna Find A Cave
        10      Bad Boys, The           That's What I'll Do
        11      Mark Four, The          Work All Day (Sleep All Night)
        12      Bobby Patrick Big Six – Sweet Talk Me Baby
        13      Snobs, The              Buckleshoe Stomp
        14      Shots, The              She's A Liar
        15      College Boys, The       I'm Gonna Cry
        16      Preachers, The          Too Old In The Head
        17      Trekkas, The            Please Go
        18      Wayne Gibson & The Dynamic Sounds – See You Later, Alligator
        19      Muldoons, The           I'm Lost Without You
        20      Rockin' Vickers, The    I Don't Need Your Kind
        21      Puppets, The            Baby Don't Cry
        22      Nocturns, The           Carryin' On
        23      Roadhogs, The           My Generation
        24      Quakers, The            Down The Road Apiece
        25      Herbie's People         Sweet And Tender Romance
        26      Rey Anton & The Peppermint Men – Don't Treat Me Bad
        27      Fenmen, The             I've Got Everything You Need, Babe
        28      A Band Of Angels        Me
        29      Rats, The               Parchman Farm
        30      Kingsize Taylor         Somebody's Always Trying
        31      Chancis, The            Tell Me




PAPR    2052    V / A : NEW DIRECTIONS-A COLLECTION OF BLUE-EYED        CD        .2003
                BRITISH SOUL 1964-1969

        1       Dave Anthony's Moods    New Directions
        2       John Drevar's Expression – I've Decided
        3       Keith Powell (2) & Billie Davis – When You Move You Lose
        4       Ronnie Jones & The Night-Timers – I Need Your Loving
        5       Loose Ends, The         That's It
        6       Anglians, The           A Friend Of Mine
        7       Loving Kind, The        Ain't That Peculiar
        8       Sovereigns, The         Bring Me Home Love
        9       Roy Docker & Music Through Six – Mellow Moonlight
        10      Reaction, The           That Man
        11      Josh Hanna              Shut Your Mouth
        12      Sharon Tandy            Look And Find
        13      Machine, The            Nobody Wants You
        14      Persuasions, The        La La La La La
        15      Jeff Elroy & The Boys Blue – Honey Machine
        16      Ray King Soul Band, The – I'm A Man
        17      Rey Anton & Pro-Form, The – Premeditation
        18      Mike Cotton Sound, The – The Harlem Shuffle
        19      Ivan's Meads            A Little Sympathy
        20      Kevin 'King' Lear       Count Me Out
        21      Bluesology              Mr. Frantic
        22      Bobby Patrick Big Six, The* –	Monkey Time
        23      Julian Covay & The Machine* – A Little Bit Hurt
        24      James Royal             I Can't Stand It
        25      Beverley Jones & The Prestons – Heatwave
        26      Jigsaw Band, The        I Gotta Get Me Some Money
        27      Gary Walker             Get It Right
        28      Duffy's Nucleus         Mary, Open The Door
PAPR    2053    V / A : THAT DRIVING BEAT VOL.4                         CD        .2003

        1       Checkmates, The         It Ain't Right
        2       In Crowd, The           Stop! Wait A Minute
        3       Paul's Troubles         You've Got Something
        4       Tony And Howard With The Dictators – Just In Case
        5       Sean Buckley & Breadcrumbs, The – Everybody Knows
        6       Commanches, The         Missed Your Lovin'
        7       Gene Latter             Mother's Little Helper
        8       Rocking Vickers, The    It's Alright
        9       Dennisons, The          You Don't Know What Love Is
        10      Bunch Of Fives, The     At The Station
        11      Mal Ryder & The Spirits – Slow Down
        12      Shevelles, The          Oo Poo Pa Doo
        13      Jason Deane             Ain't Get No Love
        14      Shanes, The             I Don't Want Your Love
        15      Casual Four, The        I Can Tell
        16      Mike Rabin & The Demons – Head Over Heels
        17      Wayne Gibson & The Dynamics –	Baby, Baby, Baby Pity Me
        18      Knack, The              It's Love, Baby (24 Hours A Day)
        19      Nicky James Movement, The – Stagger Lee
        20      Thoughts, The           Memory Of Your Love
        21      Rey Anton & Pro-Form, The – Hold It, Babe
        22      Denny Seyton & The Sabres – Tricky Dicky
        23      Rats, The               I Gotta See My Baby
        24      Valkyries, The          What's Your Name?
        25      MeddyEvils, The         Place Called Love
        26      Alex Harvey             Go Away Baby
        27      Heinz                   I'm Not A Bad Guy
        28      Brian Howard And The Silhouettes – Hooked
        29      Manchester Mob, The     Bony Moronie At The Hop
        30      Mark Leeman Five, The   Going To Bluesville
        31      Thee                    There You Go
PAPR    2054    V / A                   WE CAN FLY VOL.4                CD        .2003
                : 25 PSYCHEDELIC RARITIES 1966-1971

        1       Brass Tacks             Maxwell Ferguson
        2       Neo Maya                I Won't Hurt You
        3       Russell Morris          The Real Thing (Parts 1 & 2)
        4       Rokes, The              When The Wind Arises
        5       Eire Apparent, The      Here I Go Again
        6       Wimple Winch            I Really Love You
        7       Keith Shields           So Hard Living Without You
        8       14                      Drizzle
        9       Lucas Tyson             Daylight Child
        10      Hopscotch               Look At The Lights Go Up
        11      Truth, The              Sueno
        12      Bunch, The              We're Not What We Appear To Be
        13      Griffin                 I Am The Noise In Your Head
        14      Five Steps Beyond       Not So Young Today
        15      Tangerine Peel, The     Trapped
        16      Los Canarios            Trying So Hard
        17      Strange Fox             Time And Tide
        18      Mint                    Luv
        19      Orange Machine, The     Dr. Crippen's Waiting Room
        20      Ferris Wheel, The       I Can't Break The Habit
        21      Beatstalkers, The       Silver Chocolate Machine
        22      Mindbenders, The        My New Day And Age
        23      Les Baroques            Love Is The Sun
        24      Terry Reid              Fires Alive
        25      Magnet                  Mr. Guy Fawkes
PAPR    2055    V / A : INSTRO HIPSTERS A GO-GO VOL.4 (25 OF THE        CD        .2003
                COOLEST INSTRUMENTALS OF THE LATE 1960'S & EARLY 1970'S)

        1       Detours, The            Hanging On
        2       Brian Bennett           Canvas
        3       George Bradley & His Band – Vendetta
        4       Bugaloo Brass, The      Once Upon A Time
        5       Squires, The            Funky Bayswater
        6       Sounds Incorporated     Detroit
        7       Zoot Money              Soma
        8       Music Through Six       Riff Raff
        9       Peddlers, The           Horse's Collar
        10      Armando Sciascia & His Orchestra* – The World Tomorrow
        11      Dave Clark Five, The    Five By Five
        12      Sounds Nice             Continental Exchange
        13      Robinson Crew, The      Wild Cat
        14      Reg Guest Syndicate, The – Guys, Guns, Girls & Danger
        15      Gabrieli Brass, The     Theme From Canterbury Tales
        16      Ron Grainer             Man In A Suitcase
        17      Chim Kothari            Indian Bat
        18      Spencer Mac             Commuter
        19      El-Ec-Tricians, The     Champion House Theme
        20      Ole Jensen & His Music – Goin' Home
        21      Salon Band, The         True Blue
        22      Brello Cabal, The       The Margarine Flavoured Pineapple Chunk
        23      Alan Haven              The Knack
        24      Herman's Hermits        Daisy Chain (Part 1)
        25      Wynder K. Frog          Hi Heel Sneakers
PAPR    2056    V / A : THAT DRIVING BEAT VOL.5                         CD        .2003

        1       Christians Crusaders, The – Honey Hush
        2       Junco Partners          As Long As I Have You
        3       Rattles, The            Say All Right
        4       Hot Springs, The        All I Know About Love
        5       Elcort, The             Searchin'
        6       Outsiders, The          Keep On Doing It
        7       Brian Diamond & The Cutters – Bone Idol
        8       Revolution, The         Shades Of Blue
        9       Bo Street Runners       Get Out Of My Way
        10      Corduroys, The          Too Much Of A Woman
        11      Stovepipe No. 4         My Babe
        12      Soul Agents, The        Seventh Son
        13      Zephyrs, The            Sweet Little Baby
        14      Mark IV, The            Going Down Fast
        15      Jimmy Royal & The Hawks – I'm Leaving You
        16      Moquettes, The          You Came Along
        17      Midknights, The         Just For Me
        18      Dave Davani             Tossin' & Turnin'
        19      Mel Turner & The Mohicans – Doin' The Ton
        20      Boston Crabs, The       Alley Oop
        21      Pentad                  Silver Dagger
        22      Banshees, The           I Got A Woman
        23      Mike Cotton Sound, The – I Got My Eyes On You
        24      Jimmy Powell And The 5 Dimensions – I'm Looking For A Woman
        25      Long & Short            Love Is A Funny Thing
        26      Gary Farr (2) & T-Bones, The (2) – Don't Stop & Stare
        27      Selfkick, The           Gosh! I'm Your Woman, Not Your Wife
        28      Just Four Men           Don't Come Any Closer
        29      Hustlers, The           Sick Of Giving
        30      Outlaws, The            Keep A Knocking
PAPR    2057    V / A : INSTRO HIPSTERS VOL.5                           CD        .2004

        1       Sound Sixty-Six         The Bouncer
        2       Tony Brans Band         Hot Pants
        3       Harry Stoneham          Move In
        4       John Mayer & Indo Jazz  Theme One
        5       John Dankworth Orchestra – Beefeaters
        6       Graham Bond Org         Wade In The Water
        7       Brian Bennett           Slippery Jiu De Enze
        8       John Schroeder Orchestra – Explosive Corrosive Joseph
        9       Alan Moorhouse Orchestra – Stop Press
        10      Galactic Federation     Man Shot
        11      Velvet Fogg             Owed To The Dip
        12      Howie G. Conder         The Fix
        13      Powerpack               Juliet Simpkins
        14      Mike Cotton Sound               Like That
        15      Electric Frankenstein – Land Of The Magic Wizard
        16      Herd                    Impressions Of Oliver
        17      Alan Haven              Image
        18      Les Yper Sounds         Too Fartiche
        19      Titan Studio Orchestra – Burn Up
        20      Thunder Company         Ridin' On The Gravy Train
        21      Ray McVay Orchestra     Destination Moon
        22      Gabrieli Brass          Ride Your Pony
        23      Mike Carr & Tony Crombie – The Tag
        24      Ivor Slaney & His Orchestra – High Wire
PAPR    2058    V / A                   WE CAN FLY 5                    CD        .2004

        1       Circus                  Do You Dream?
        2       Harsh Reality           How Do You Feel?
        3       Iveys, The              And Her Daddy's A Millionaire
        4       Old Gold                Teacher Of Electricity
        5       Human Instinct, The     Rich Man
        6       Keith Relf              Shapes In My Mind
        7       Episode Six             I Can See Through You
        8       Gnomes Of Zurich, The – Second Fiddle
        9       Saker           Foggy Tuesday
        10      Kim Fowley              Lights
        11      Loot, The               Radio City
        12      Bunch, The              Spare A Shilling
        13      Montanas                Anyone There
        14      Groep 1850              Friday I'm Free
        15      Chris McClure           Meditation
        16      Fruit Machine, The      Follow Me
        17      Giorgio                 How Much Longer Must I Wait, Wait?
        18      East Of Eden            Ballad Of Harvey Kaye
        19      I Corvi                 Un Ragazzo Di Strada
        20      Elmer Gantry's Velvet Opera – Salisbury Plain
        21      Gibsons                 City Life
        22      Orange Peel             I Got No Time
        23      Mirage, The             The World Goes On Around You
        24      Cedars, The             I Don't Know Why
        25      Cuby & The Blizzards    Appleknockers Flophouse
        26      Silver Eagle, The       Theodore
        27      Nite People             P.M.
        28      Nocturnes, The          Look At Me
        29      Danny McCulloch         Smokeless Zone
PAPR    2059    V / A                   NEW DIRECTIONS 2                CD        .2004

        1       Senate, The             Can't Stop
        2       Jackson & Smith         Party '66
        3       Hot Springs, The        It's Alright
        4       Alan Bown Set, The      Everything's Gonna Be Alright
        5       Terry Reid With Peter Jay's Jaywalkers – This Time
        6       Happy Magazine, The     Satisfied Street
        7       Dean Alan Set, The      Yeah, Yeah
        8       Saker                   Ooh Nana Na
        9       Profile, The            Got To Find A Way
        10      Miki Dallon             Cheat & Lie
        11      Sonny Burke Outfit, The – All You
        12      Kevin 'King' Lear       You Got The Power
        13      Linda Lewis             You Turned My Bitter Into Sweet
        14      Frame, The              I Can't Go On
        15      Alex Harvey             Agent 00 Soul
        16      Bunch, The              You Never Came Home
        17      Kingsize Taylor         Thinkin'
        18      Studio Six              I Can't Sleep
        19      Soulmates, The          When Is Love Is Gone
        20      Barry Davis             I Wish It Would Rain
        21      Sovereigns, The         That's The Way Love Is
        22      Ronnie Jones            In My Love Mind
        23      Movement, The           Something You Got
        24      New Jump Band, The      Seven Kinds Of Sweet Lovin'
        25      Persuasions, The        I'll Go Crazy
        26      Dimples, The            My Heart Is Tied To You
        27      Teddy & The Tigers      Hold On I'm Coming
        28      Soul Brothers, The      Good Lovin' Never Hurt
        29      Trifle                  Got My Thing
        30      Tommy Bruce & The Bruisers – Can Your Monkey Do The Dog?
PAPR    2060    V / A                   SHADOWS FALLING                 CD        .2004

        1       Apperson Jackrabbit     Shadows Falling
        2       Tom Dae Turned On       I Shall Walk
        3       Endd, The               Come On Into My World
        4       Silver Fleet, The       Look Out World
        5       Bob Morrison            Hey Puppet Man
        6       Poor, The               She's Got The Time (She's Got The Changes)
        7       Red Dogs, The           Open Up
        8       Butlers, The            It's A Fine Time
        9       Burning Bush, The       Evil Eye
        10      Hickory Hollow          Never Happen
        11      Kynd, The               Mr. America
        12      Chapter VI              Fear
        13      Third Booth, The        I Need Love
        14      X-Treems, The           Facts Of Life
        15      Wanted, The             Here To Stay
        16      Kitchen Cinq, The       Determination
        17      New Breed, The          Want Ad Reader
        18      Pepper & The Shakers    Semi-Psychedelic
        19      Bay Ridge, The          I Will Wait
        20      Five By Five            Hang Up
        21      Groundspeed             In A Dream
        22      Guilloteens, The        Hey You
        23      Boyz, The               Hard Time All Over
        24      Free, The               What Makes You?
        25      Counts IV, The          Spoonful
        26      3rd Evolution, The      Don't Play With Me
        27      Raves, The              Mother Nature
        28      Fountain Of Youth, The – Witness People
PAPR    2061
PAPR    2062
PAPR    2063    V / A : Floor Filler Killers-New Directions 3           CD      02.2005

        1       Gavin Hamilton          It Won't Be The Same
        2       Neil Christian          I'm Gonna Love You Baby
        3       Tangerine Peel          Solid Gold Mountain Top
        4       Groop, The              Such A Lovely Way
        5       Ian And The Zodiacs     No Money No Honey
        6       Moving Finger, The      Shake And Fingerpop
        7       Guy Darrell             Evil Woman
        8       Hipster Image, The      Little Piece Of Leather
        9       Jerry Martin            I Can't Find Her
        10      Quotations, The         Cool It
        11      Winston G               Judge And Jury
        12      Gene Latter             Just A Minute Or Two
        13      Kool, The               Step Out Of Your Mind
        14      End, The                Why
PAPR    2064
PAPR    2065    V / A : First Without You-New Rubble Vol.1              CD      09.2005

        1       Llan, The               Anytime
        2       Marc Grey               My First Day Without You
        3       Nothings, The           At Times Like This
        4       Pyramids, The           Baby's Gone Away
        5       Pete Tierney & The Nighthawks – That's Too Bad
        6       Neil Landon             I've Got Nothing To Lose
        7       Roger James Four, The   Leave Me Alone
        8       Niteshades, The         I'm Not Gonna Worry
        9       North Stars, The        Eenie Meenie Minee Mo
        10      J&B, The                Wow! Wow! Wow!
        11      Yemm & The Yemen        Black Is The Night
        12      Johnny Sandon & Remo, The – Lies
        13      Bryan & The Brunelles   Jacqueline
        14      Blue Rondos, The        I Don't Want Your Lovin' No More
        15      Hi-Fis, The             I Keep Forgetting
        16      West Five               If It Don't Work Out Again
        17      Mockingbirds, The       I Can Feel We're Parting
        18      Rocamars, The           All In Black Woman
        19      Tommy Bishop's Ricochets – I Should Have Known
        20      Creatures, The          It Must Be Love
PAPR    2066    V / A           Speaking My Mind-New Rubble Vol.2       CD      09.2005

        1       Rats, The               Dragon Child
        2       Rescue Co.No.1          It's Only Words
        3       Taiconderoga            Speaking My Mind
        4       Eire Apparent           Yes I Need Someone
        5       Rumplestiltskin         Squadron Leader Johnson
        6       Imposters, The          Q111
        7       Glass Menagerie         Do You Ever Think
        8       Open Mind, The          Magic Potion
        9       Nancy                   Hesitatin'
        10      Montanas, The           Doctor Nero
        11      Raw Material            Traveller Man (Part 1)
        12      Opus                    Baby Come On
        13      Putney Bridge           Meaning Of Love
        14      Fruit Machine, The      I'm Alone Today
        15      Andromeda               Keep Out I'm Dying
        16      Rumble                  Let Me Down
        17      Rare Bird               Hammerhead
        18      Walrus                  Who Can I Trust
PAPR    2067    V / A : Watch Your Step-New Rubble Vol.3                CD      10.2005
                20 SUPER SLABS OF BRITISH BEAT

        1       Little Darlings, The    Easy To Cry
        2       Tommy Bruce & The Bruisers – Boom Boom
        3       Blue Chips, The         Some Kind Of Lovin'
        4       Freddie Ryder           Slow Down
        5       Bobby Dean              St. James Infirmary
        6       Laurie Jay Combo, The – Teenage Idol
        7       Toggery Five, The       It's So Easy
        8       Bobby Jameson           Please Mr. Mailman
        9       Dave Davani & The D-Men – Midnight Special
        10      Boston Crabs, The       As Long As I Have You
        11      Blackwells, The         Why Don't You Love Me
        12      Hamilton King           Ain't It Time
        13      Michael Leslie          Make Up Or Break Up
        14      Huskies, The            Matchbox
        15      Danny King              Tossin' And Turnin'
        16      Peter London            Baby, I Like The Look Of You
        17      Tony Colton             Lose My Mind
        18      Steve Francis           Watch Your Step
        19      Falling Leaves, The     She Loves To Be Love
        20      Ray Singer              What's Done Has Been Done
PAPR    2068
PAPR    2069
PAPR    2070    V / A : UTOPIA DAYDREAM-New Rubble Vol.4                CD      11.2005

        1       Endevers, The           She's My Girl
        2       Robb And Dean Douglas   Gentle People
        3       Together                Good Morning World
        4       Dodos, The              I Made Up My Mind
        5       Jon                     Polly Sunday
        6       Davey Sands & The Essex – Advertising Girl
        7       Gentle Power Of Song, The – Constant Penelope
        8       Perishers, The          How Does It Feel
        9       Definitive Rock Chorale, The – Picture Postcard World
        10      Guards, The             Let Me Go Home
        11      Toby Twirl              Utopia Daydream
        12      Corsairs, The           Pay You Back With Interest
        13      Roger Bloom's Hammer    15, Temperature Rise
        14      Deuce Coup              Angela
        15      Bunch, The              You Can't Do This
        16      Fresh Windows, The      Summer Sun Shines
        17      Rebels, The             Call Me
        18      Playground, The         I Could Be So Good
        19      Quiet Five, The         Goodnight Sleep Tight
        20      Pebbles, The            Playing Chess
PAPR    2071    V / A : New Rubble Vol.5-Scratch My Back                CD      12.2005

        1       Jan Panter              Scratch My Back
        2       Martells, The           Time To Say Goodbye
        3       Glenda Collins          Thou Shalt Not Steal
        4       Tammy St John           Boys
        5       Girls, The              Way Way Out
        6       Mary McCarthy           You Know He Did
        7       Tracy Rogers            Baby
        8       Alma Cogan              Snakes, Snails, Puppy Dog Tails
        9       Karol Keyes             No One Can Take Your Place
        10      Val McKenna             Baby Do It
        11      Tiffany And The Thoughts – Find Out What's Happening
        12      Billie Davis & Leroys, The – Whatcha Gonna Do
        13      Samantha Jones          Go Ahead
        14      Judy Carnes             Sock It To Me
        15      Carol Freeman           Leaving You Now
        16      Dawn & The Deejays      These Are The Things About You 
        17      Billie Davis            There Must Be A Reason
PAPR    2072    V / A           New Rubble Vol.6-Painting The Time      CD      12.2005

        1       Twilights, The          Cathy Come Home
        2       Andy Ellison            Fool From Upper Eden
        3       Abel Fletcher           Girl On The Shore
        4       Aphrodite's Child       Magic Mirror
        5       Chris Kerry             Seven Deadly Sins
        6       Young Lions, The        A Man With A Mission
        7       Floribunda Rose         One Way Street
        8       Cats Pyjamas            House For Sale
        9       Bystanders, The         Painting The Time
        10      Shame, The              Don't Go Away Little Girl
        11      Velvet Opera, The       Don't You Realize
        12      Nashville Teens, The    Last Minute
        13      Herbie's People         Residential Area
        14      Don Fardon              Sunshine Woman
        15      Orange Bicycle, The     Hyacinth Threads
        16      Just William            Cherrywood Green
        17      Chris Andrews           Hold On
        18      Melody Fair             Sittin' Watchin' Waitin'
        19      Executives, The         The Ginza Strip
        20      Alan Trajan             Spreak To Me Clarissa







PAPR    2080    V / A : BOil The Kettle Mother-Psychedelic Patchwork 1  CD      06.2006

        1       Seeds, The              Bad Part Of Town
        2       Charolette Wood         Friendly Indians
        3       Honey Jug, The          For Your Love
        4       Magic Swirling Ship     Love In You Eyes
        5       Id, The                 Boil The Kettle, Mother
        6       Denims, The             I'm Your Man
        7       Pedestrians, The        It's Too Late
        8       Munks, The              Long Time Waiting
        9       Legends, The            High Towers
        10      Haymarket Square        Amapola
        11      Lemon Drops, The        I Live In The Springtime
        12      Ferraris                I'm Not Talkin'
        13      Finnegan's Wake         Situation Sad









PAPR    2090    V / A : MAXIMUM FREAKBEAT-AN ESSENTIAL 60'S COMP.       CD      12.2008

        1       Elois                   I'm A Man
        2       Red Squares, The        You Can Be My Baby
        3       Truth, The              Hey Gyp (Dig The Slowness)
        4       Lee Kings, The          On My Way
        5       Paul And Ritchie & The Crying Shames – Come On Back
        6       Wimple Winch            Save My Soul
        7       Southern Sound, The     I Don't Wanna Go
        8       Missing Links, The      You're Drivin' Me Insane
        9       Mark Four, The          I'm Leaving
        10      Wheels, The             Road Block
        11      Syndicats, The          Crawdaddy Simone
        12      Game, The               It's Shocking What They Call Me
        13      Mascots, The            I Want To Live
        14      Troggs, The             Lost Girl
        15      Fairies, The            Get Yourself Home
        16      Mark Four, The          Going Down Fast
        17      Motions, The            Everything (That's Mine)
        18      Thor's Hammer           I Don't Care
        19      Allen Pound's Get Rich – Searchin' In The Wilderness
        20      Primitives, The         Johnny No
        21      Ricketts, The           Action Painting
PAPR    2091    V / A           MAXIMUM R'N'B                           CD      02.2009

        1       The Frays           Keep Me Covered
        2       The Beat Merchants : Pretty Face
        3       The Sons Of Fred    I'll Be There
        4       The Fairies         I'll Dance
        5       The Primitives      Help Me
        6       The Wheels          Gloria
        7       The Others          Oh Yeah
        8       The Groundhogs      Shake It
        9       The Bo Street Runners : Bo Street Runner
        10      The Muleskinners    Back Door Man
        11      The Sneekers        Bald Headed Woman
        12      The Chasers         Hey Little Girl
        13      The Wranglers       Liza Jane
        14      The Stylos          Head Over Heels
        15      David John & The Mood : Pretty Thing
        16      The Betterdays      Don't Want That
        17      The Primitives      You Said
        18      The Deejays         Black Eyed Woman
        19      The Fairies         Anytime At All
        20      Nix Nomads          She'll Be Sweeter Than You
        21      David John & The Mood : To Catch That Man
        22      The Brand           I'm A Lover Not A Fighter
        23      The Sheffields      Got My Mojo Working
        24      The Wheels          Bad Little Woman
        25      The Birds           You Don't Love Me
        26      The Toggery Five    Bye Bye Bird
        27      The T-Bones         Hamish's Express Relief
PAPR    2092    V / A           OFF THE WALL VOLS.1 & 2                 2CD     04.2009

CD 1            Off The Wall (Off The Wall Volume 1)
        1-1     The Magic Plants        I'm A Nothing
        1-2     The Drones              I'm Down Today
        1-3     The Shademen            That's Tuff
        1-4     The Untamed             Someday Baby
        1-5     Peter & The Wolves      Hey Mama
        1-6     Peter & The Wolves      Only Everything
        1-7     Society's Children      Mr. Genie Man
        1-8     The Heathens            The Other Way Around
        1-9     The Legends             Alright
        1-10    The Undertakers         Unchain My Heart
        1-11    The Opposite Six        I'll Be Gone
        1-12    The Purple Underground : Count Back
        1-13    The Trees               Don't Miss The Turn
        1-14    Ray Columbus & The Art Collection : Kick Me
        1-15    The E-Types : Put The Clock Back On The Wall
        1-16    The Bad Seeds           All Night Long
        1-17    The Del-Vetts           Last Time Around
        1-18    Grains Of Sand, The     She Needs Me

CD 2            Skeletons In The Closet (Off The Wall Volume 2)
        2-1     MG & The Escorts        A Someday Fool
        2-2     Wrong Numbers           I'm Gonna Go Now
        2-3     Glas Menagerie          Mod  Threads
        2-4     Cave Men                It's Trash
        2-5     Treez                   You Lied To Me Before
        2-6     3rd Evolution           Don't Play With Me
        2-7     Kinetics                I'm Blue
        2-8     Fallen Angels           Bad Woman
        2-9     Powered By Love         Powered By Love
        2-10    Liverpool Set           Seventeen Tears To The End
        2-11    Triumphs                Lovin' Cup
        2-12    Little Boy Blues        The Great Train Robbery
        2-13    Little Boy Blues        I'm Ready
        2-14    Sound Barrier           Hey Hey
        2-15    Deverons                On The Road Again
        2-16    Omens                   Searching
        2-17    Deepest Blue            Pretty Little Thing
        2-18    Decades                 I'm Gonna Dance

        1       Mighty 'Em              Jekyll & Hyde
        2       Asylum                  Suzy's Back
        3       Iron Horse              Magic Love
        4       Monsoon                 Night Of The Fly
        5       Galahad                 Rocket Summer
        6       J.C. Heavy              Is This Really Me
        7       Rainbow Family          Travellin' Lady
        8       Puzzle                  Do You Feel The Pain
        9       Grumbleweeds, The       In A Teknicolor Dreem
        10      Explosive, The          Hey Presto, Magic Man
        11      J.C. Heavy              Do What You Like
        12      Choc                    The Devil
        13      Danta                   Queen Of Sheba
        14      Vincent Crane's Atomic Rooster – O.D.
        15      Renegade                Never Let Me Go
        16      Satisfaction            Love It Is
        17      Audience                Eye To Eye
        18      Steel Mill              Get On The Line
        19      Kirk St. James          Tears I Cry
        20      Legs                    So Many Faces
PAPR    2094    V / A                   ACID DREAMS                     CD      04.2009

        1       White Light             William
        2       Caretakers Of Deception – Cuttin' Grass
        3       Outcasts                1523 Blair
        4       Music Machine, The      You'll Love Me Again
        5       Mystic Tide             Frustration
        6       Stereo Shoestrings      On The Road South
        7       Velvet Illusions        Velvet Illusions
        8       Unrelated Segments      Where You Gonna Go
        9       Beautiful Daze          City Jungle
        10      Painted Faces           Anxious Colour
        11      Teddy & His Patches     Suzy Creamcheese
        12      Velvet Illusions        Acid Head
        13      Vejtables               Shadows
        14      Faine Jade              It Ain't True
        15      Balloon Farm, The       Question Of Temperature
        16      Minds Eye               Help I'm Lost
        17      Zakary Thaks            Can You Hear
        18      Remaining Few           Painted Air
PAPR    2095    V / A           MIND EXPANDERS VOL.1                    CD      04.2009

        1       Los Diablos             21-7-69
        2       Jokers, The             Baia
        3       Jim Sullivan Sound, The – She Walks Through The Fair
        4       Dave Myers Effect, The – Silent Screamer
        5       Guy Pederesen Et Son Grand Orchestre – We Love You
        6       Blue Phantom            Distillation
        7       La Voix Psychedιlique   La Voix Psychedιlique
        8       Crazy Elephant          Space Buggy
        9       Sound Of Lane, The      Tracks To Your Mind
        10      Morgans, The            Rasal
        11      Horror Charly           Horror Horror Dance Part 2
        12      Les Apollo Et La Danse Cosmique – Cosmonautic Blues
        13      Rowdies, The            Kafka
        14      Sun Rock Rodeo Round Up – Afternoon Breakdown
        15      Lord Sitar – Have You Seen Your Mother Baby (Stranding In The Shadow)
        16      Clubman                 Vacances
PAPR    2096    V / A           ACID DREAMS TESTAMENT                   CD      05.2009
                (75 MINUTES OF PSYCHOTIC TERROR)

        1       Balloon Farm, The       A Question Of Temperature
        2       Music Machine, The      You'll Love Me Again
        3       Painted Faces, The      Anxious Color
        4       Velvet Illusions        Velvet Illusions
        5       Unrelated Segments, The* – Cry Cry Cry
        6       Outcasts, The           Set Me Free
        7       Murphy & The Mob        Born Loser
        8       Sparkles, The           No Friend Of Mine
        9       Painted Ship, The       Frustration
        10      Mouse & The Traps       Maid Of Sugar
        11      Macabre                 Be Forewarned
        12      Calico Wall, The        I'm A Living Sickness
        13      Velvet Illusions        Acid Head
        14      White Lightning         William
        15      Outcasts, The           1523 Blair
        16      Zakary Thaks, The       I Need You
        17      Painted Ship, The       Little White Lies
        18      Swamp Rats, The         Loui Loui
        19      Unrelated Segments, The – It's Not Fair
        20      Shy Guys, The           Black Lightning Light
        21      Bourbons, The           Dark Corner
        22      Mind's Eye, The         Help, I'm Lost!
        23      Stereo Shoestring, The – On The Road South
        24      Zakary Thaks, The       Can't You Hear Your Daddy's Footsteps?
        25      Caretakers Of Deception, The – Cuttin' Grass
        26      Remaining Few, The      Painted Air
        27      Teddy & His Patches     Suzy Creamcheese
        28      Indian Puddin' & Pipe – Hashish
PAPR    2097    V / A           ACID DREAMS EPITAPH                     CD      06.2009
                (69 MINUTES OF GREEN FUZ)

        1       Rogues, The             The Train Kept A Rollin'
        2       Shag, The               Stop And Listen
        3       Fabs, The               Dinah Wants Religion
        4       Crystal Chandelier      Suicidal Flowers
        5       Larry & The Blue Notes – Night Of The Sadist
        6       Phil & The Frantics     I Must Run
        7       Randy Alvey & The Green Fuzz – Green Fuz
        8       Electric Prunes, The    Vox Wah Wah Ad
        9       Regiment, The           My Soap Won't Float
        10      Godfrey & Friends       Let's Take A Trip
        11      Keggs, The              To Find Out
        12      Beaux Jens              She Was Mine
        13      Elite, The              My Confusion
        14      Soul Inc.               I Belong To Nobody
        15      Driving Stupid, The     Horror Asparagus Stories
        16      Journey Men, The        She's Sorry
        17      Tree, The               No Good Woman
        18      Satyrs, The             Yesterday's Hero
        19      Phil & The Frantics     Till You Get What You Want
        20      Alarm Clocks, The       No Reason To Complain
        21      Yesterday's Children    Wanna Be With You
        22      Grodes, The             Cry A Little Longer
        23      Spades, The             We Sell Soul
        24      Avengers, The           Open Your Eyes
        25      Dearly Beloved, The     Flight 13
        26      Preachers, The          Who Do You Love
        27      Sweet Acids, The        Creature
        28      Wilde Knights, The      Beaver Patrol
        29      Split Enz               Rich With Nothing
        30      Lemon Fog               Summer
        31      Kindred Spirit          Blue Avenue

        1       Cats Eyes               The Wizard
        2       Buster Jangle's Flying Mattress – Love Has Taken Over My Brain
        3       J.C. Heavy              Mr. Deal
        4       Eastwood                I Am Free
        5       Iron Maiden             Falling
        6       Wolfrilla               Song For Jimmi
        7       Deep Set, The           Cinnamon Girl
        8       Steamhammer             Windmill
        9       Gentry                  Attempted Contact
        10      Humbug                  Ebeneezer
        11      Montanas                Doctor Nero
        12      Choc                    Time
        13      Magnet                  Mr. Guy Fawkes
        14      Mosaic                  Bird Of Time
        15      Chameleon               Who Am I?
        16      Now                     People Are Standing
        17      Iron Cross              All Of The Time
        18      Treetops, The           Gypsy
        19      Lost Dog                Latchkey Child
        20      J.C. Heavy              That Woman's Mind
PAPR    2099    V / A : MODESTY BLAISE NO.1 - CHEESY POP FOR THE        CD      07.2009

        1       Erma Franklin           I Don't Want No Mama's Boy
        2       Dusty Wilson            Can't Do Without You
        3       Varetta Dillard         That's Why I Cry
        4       Larry Trider            Carbon Copy
        5       Malcolm Hayes           Searchin' For My Baby
        6       Eskew Reeder            Undivided Love
        7       Azie Mortimer           Put Yourself In My Place
        8       Chris Farlowe           Air Travel (Special Version) 		
        9       Eyes Of Blue, The       Don't Ask Me To Mend Your Broken Heart
        10      Howard Carpendale       Du Hast Mich
        11      V.I.P.'s, The           Straight Down To The Bottom
        12      Trubadurzy              Dziewczyna I Pejzaz
        13      Snappers, The           Upside Down - Inside Out
        14      Plastic Penny           Your Way To Tell Me Go

        1       Didier Vincent          Jerk Avec Nous
        2       Renegades, The          Mad Dog
        3       Robert Gretch           Galaxie Guitar
        4       Jaime Perez             Tema Arabe
        5       Unknown Artist          Persian Go-Go Tune
        6       Timezone                Spacewalker
        7       Soulful Strings, The    Within You Without You
        8       Thomas Natschinski Und Seine Gruppe – Kosmos 354
        9       Stradivarius, The       Walkin' In The Bach's World
        10      Flying Guitars, The     Electronics
        11      Acker Bilk              Acka Raga
        12      Emery Deutsch And The Astro Sounds – You Tried To Warn Me
        13      Scottmen, The           Sitar Sitter
        14      Dynatones, The          The Fife Piper
        15      Bauer Productions       High Life
        16      Shell Street Orchestra – Groovy Beat
        17      International Bongo Band – Congo
PAPR    2101    V / A : THE ELECTRIC ASYLUM VOL.3-RARE BRITISH ACID     CD      09.2009

        1       Renegade                Lovin' And Forgiving
        2       Primitive Man           Animal Love
        3       Sensations, The         Oh My Eli
        4       Puzzle                  Houla
        5       Barracuda               I Feel So Down
        6       Grumbleweeds, The       (Hey Babe) Follow Me
        7       Boneshaker              Sweetness
        8       Barron Knights          You’re All I Need
        9       Dynasty                 Tutankhamun
        10      M.A.S.K.                Gotta Get Away
        11      Shakane                 Rhona
        12      Wheels                  She Don’t Mean It
        13      Spode                   Cincinatti Woman
        14      1984                    Little Girl
        15      Greg Robbins            Virginia Creeper
        16      Things Fall Apart       Bye Bye My Rose
        17      Roger Ruskin Spear      Drop Out
        18      Don Crown               The Flying Machines
        19      Zebedee                 She Couldn’t Make Gravy
        20      Amazon Trust            Sheila Lee

        1       Night Crawlers          Let's Move
        2       Lincolns, The           We Got Some
        3       Lincolns, The           Pop Kat
        4       Dirty Shames, The       Makin' Love
        5       Jolly Green Giants, The – Caught You Red Handed
        6       Triumphs, The           Better Come Get Her
        7       Panicks, The            You're My Baby
        8       Shy Guys, The           Lay It On The Line
        9       Nomads, The             Thoughts Of A Madman
        10      Bobby Roberts & The Ravons – How Can I Make Her Mine
        11      Changin' Times, The     How Is The Air Up There
        12      Belles, The             Melvin
        13      Thee Wylde Main-iacs    Not The One For Me
        14      W.C. Dorns, The         I Need You
        15      Cult, The               Here I Stand
        16      Carpetbaggers, The      Let Yourself Go
PAPR    2103    V / A : THE ELECTRIC ASYLUM VOL.4-ROCK HARD BRITISH     CD      01.2010

        1       Hector                  Lady
        2       Slowload                Big Boobs Boogie
        3       Rog And Pip             Warlord
        4       Wolfrilla               Come Tomorrow
        5       Incredible Hog          Lame
        6       Smoke, The              That's What I Want
        7       Spunky Spider           You Won't Come
        8       Ning                    Machine
        9       Quiet World             Rest Comfortably
        10      Turtle                  You Turned Your Back And Walked Away
        11      Bear Brothers           Red Show Trucken
        12      Hard Horse              So Long I'm Moving On
        13      Mustard                 I Saw I Heard
        14      Tuesday                 Big Mr. Little Man
        15      Godson                  We've Not Made It
        16      Bubbles                 Zap N' Cat
        17      Sunshine Kid            My Linda
        18      Clutch                  Black Angel
        19      Jackal                  Year Of The Tiger
        20      Sundance                Eagles
PAPR    2104    V / A : UP ALL NIGHT-20 HEAVY NUGGETS FROM THE GOLDEN   CD      08.2009

        1       Liquid Smoke            Warm Touch
        2       Tin House               Be Good And Be Kind
        3       Litter, The             Journeys
        4       Finchley Boys, The      Outcast
        5       Highway Robbery         Fifteen
        6       Euclid                  Gimme Some Lovin'
        7       Damnation Of Adam Blessing – Driver
        8       SRC                     Up All Night
        9       Bang                    The Queen
        10      Dragonfly               Enjoy Yourself
        11      Granicus                You're In America
        12      Steeplechase            Wrought Iron Man
        13      Sir Lord Baltimore      Kingdom Come
        14      Jamul                   All You Have Left Is Me
        15      Power Of Zeus           In The Night
        16      Haystacks Balboa        The Children Of Heaven
        17      Third Power             Gettin' Together
        18      Yesterday's Children    Providence Bummer
        19      Head Over Heels         Road Runner
        20      Landslide               Sad And Lonely
PAPR    2105    V / A : WOMEN BLUE-16 LOST US FEMVOX CLASSICS           CD      08.2009

        1       Kathy McCord            I Will Never Be Alone Again
        2       Kathy Smith             What Nancy Knows
        3       Penny Nichols           Salton Sea Song
        4       Karen Beth              In The Morning
        5       Emily                   Song Of Decision
        6       Susan Pillsbury         Heaven
        7       Michele                 Blind As You Are
        8       Anna Black              Gloomy Sunday
        9       Bonnie Koloc            Devil's Nine Questions
        10      Judy Roderick           Someone To Talk My Troubles To
        11      Dayle Stanley           Cry The Mountains White
        12      Amanda Trees            Queen Wilhelmina
        13      Mary McCaslin           You Keep Me Hangin' On
        14      Lily* & Maria           Morning Glory Morning
        15      Rosalie Sorrels         In The Quiet Country Of Your Eyes
        16      Leonda                  Zono My Bird
PAPR    2106    V / A : HIGH ALL THE TIME VOL.1                         CD      09.2009

        1       Mammoth                 The Mammoth
        2       Hobbit, The             Author's Message
        3       Dragonfly               Celestial Dream
        4       Thingies, The           Rainy Sunday Morning
        5       Thingies, The           Mass, Confusion
        6       Darelycks, The          Bad Trip
        7       Shakers, The            Who Will Buy (These Wonderful Evils)
        8       Tower, The              Slow Motion Mind
        9       Sun Lightning Incorporated, The – Quasar 45
        10      Chaen Reaction, The     Chain Reaction
        11      Buzzards, The           Burned
        12      Pendragon               Desert Of Time
        13      Beautiful Daze, The     City Jungle Part 1
        14      Beautiful Daze, The     City Jungle Part 2
                OTHER FLAVOURS 1965-1970

        1       Jason James             Miss Pilkington's Maid
        2       Peppermint Circus       I Won't Be There
        3       Roger Bloom's Hammer    Polly Pan
        4       Alan David              Flower Power
        5       Studio Six              Falling Leaves
        6       Magicians, The          Slow Motion
        7       Tin Tin                 He Wants To Be A Star
        8       Cups, The               Good As Gold
        9       Billy Boyle             Pisces Man
        10      Sounds Inc.             Dead As A Go-Go
        11      Svensk                  Dream Magazine
        12      Christopher             The Race
        13      Merlin Q                Love's Beautiful
        14      Mighty Joe Young        Why Don't You Follow Me
        15      Nocturnes, The          Fairground Man
        16      Mixture                 Never Trust In Tomorrow
        17      Mood Of Hamilton        Why Can't There Be More Love
        18      Jon                     Polly Sunday
        19      Tony Fabian             Girl Of The Night
        20      Tim Andrews             Sad Simon Lives Again
PAPR    2108    V / A : GET SMARTER - 60'S INSTRUMENTAL GROOVES FROM    CD      10.2009
                AROUND THE GLOBE!!!!

        1       Tony & The Mulestation – Isbergues 2 AM
        2       Les Merseys             Freakout!
        3       Nilsmen, The            Le Winston
        4       Beatstalkers, The       Baseline
        5       Jerry Allen             I Was A Persian Fly
        6       Slamcreepers            Slightly
        7       David                   Sleppin'
        8       V-Rangers, The          What D' I Say
        9       Johnny Harris Orchestra, The –Here Comes The Boot
        10      Reg Guest Syndicate, The – Underworld
        11      Bad Boys, The           Black Olives
        12      John Schroeder Orchestra, The – Night Rider
        13      Underground Set, The    Arcipelago
        14      Wild Ones, The          Come On Back
        15      Julian Covey & The Machine – Sweet Bacon
        16      Mohawks, The            Pepsi
        17      Artie Scott Orchestra           Watermelon Man
        18      Van Doren Hawksworth Collection, The – Pinball
PAPR    2109    V / A : PSYCHEDELIC SUPER PIOTR                         LP.CD   12.2009

        A1      Polanie                 I Don't Know Myself
        A2      Polanie                 We Know Each Other Long
        A3      Crickets Aka Shturzite – Song Of The Crickets
        A4      Silver Bracelets        Zarezan
        A5      Niebiesko Czarni        Tongue Twister
        A6      Gitary                  No One Knows
        A7      Gentlemen               No Chance
        B1      Mistigris               Summer Nights
        B2      Olympic                 O Pulnoci
        B3      Illes                   Ne Gondold
        B4      George & Beathovens     Jdi Dal
        B5      Olympic                 Krasna Neznama
        B6      Trubadurzy              Pocajaza
        B7      Illes                   Szerelen
                AND OTHER FLAVOURS 1966-1971

        1       K.G. Young              Spider
        2       Sasha Caro              Never Play A B Side
        3       Gentry                  Sing Me A Sad Song
        4       Peppermint Circus       Keeping My Head Above Water
        5       Legay – The Fantastic Story Of The Stream-Driven Banana
        6       George Bean             The Candy Shop Is Closed
        7       Wishful Thinking        I Want You Girl
        8       Suspect                 Belinda
        9       Perfect People          House In The Country
        10      Barbara Ruskin          Pawnbroker, Pawnbroker
        11      Chris McClure           Hazy People
        12      Bubblegum               Little Red Bucket
        13      Kool, The               Step Out Of Your Mind
        14      Alexander Bell          Alexander Bell Believes
        15      Roger Denison           She Wanders Through My Mind
        16      George Bean             Smile From Sequin
        17      Gervase                 Pepper Grinder
        18      Bill Kenwright And Runaways, The : I Want To Go Back There Again
        19      Mike Raynor And The Condors : Turn Your Head
        20      Zuider Zee              Provocative Child
PAPR    2111    V / A : THE PSYCHEDELIC SALVAGE COMPANY VOL.1 & 2       2CD     01.2010

CD 1    1       Toby Jug                Elastic Landlady
        2       Roland Kovac Set, The – Genesis
        3       Peggy's Leg             Just Another Journey
        4       Out Of Darkness         Colsing In On Me
        5       Sam Gopal               Horse
        6       Nick Carter             Prayer To St. Peter
        7       Team Dokus              Tomorrow
        8       Castle Farm             Mascot
        9       Purple Scurf            Heavy Switch
        10      Ptolomy Psycon          No One To Blame

CD 2    1       Roland Kovac Set, The   Guru
        2       Narnia                  Agape
        3       Peggy's Leg             Sabre Dance
        4       Team Dokus              60 Million Megaton Sunset
        5       Oswald Slagge           Toke Joke
        6       Sam Gopal               Back Door Man
        7       Ptolomy Psycon          Azreal
        8       Roland Kovac Set, The   Birth Of A Saint
        9       Roland Kovac Set, The   The Master Said (Parts 1 & 2)
PAPR    2112    V / A : PSYCH BITES-AUSTRALIAN ACID FREAKROCK 1967-74 1 CD      01.2010

        1       Flake                   Under The Silent Tree
        2       Doug Parkinson In Focus – Then I Run
        3       Barrie McCaskell And Levi Smith Clefs – Love Like A Man
        4       Pirana                  Here It Comes Again
        5       Long Grass              Anywhere You Wanna Go
        6       Freshwater              Satan's Woman
        7       Ash                     Midnight Witch
        8       Chook                   Cold Feet
        9       Michael Turner In Session – Patterns Of My Life
        10      Dave Miller Set         No Need To Cry
        11      Ticket                  Awake
        12      Rashamra                Antelope
        13      Flake                   Breadalbane
        14      Helium                  Don't Think Twice
        15      Isherwood               Willy The Weeper
        16      Healing Force           The Gully
        17      Headband                Stay With Me
        18      Ash                     Warrant
        19      Chook                   Tables Turn
        20      Doug Parkinson In Focus – Purple Curtains
PAPR    2113    V / A : HIGH ALL THE TIME VOL.2                         CD      01.2010

        1       J D Blackfoot           Epitaph For A Head
        2       Magical Mist            Time Out To Fly
        3       American Zoo            Mr. Brotherhood
        4       Thundering Heard        Daisy's Prism
        5       ESB                     Mushroom People
        6       Thorinshield            Lonely Mountain Again
        7       Grant's Blueboys        If I Were A Carpenter
        8       Odyssey                 California
        9       Ocelot                  What Have You Done To Your Honey?
        10      Chesmann Square         Circles
        11      Jordan                  Do You Know What It's Like?
        12      World Column, The       Lantern Gospel
        13      Catfish Knight & The Blue Express – Deathwise
        14      Solid Ground            Sad Now
                RARE & WYLD 45'S LOTSA LOUD FUZ! 1967 NO FLOWER POWER

        1       Plague, The             The Face Of Time
        2       Perpetual Motion Workshop – Won't Come Down
        3       Quiet Jungle, The       Everything
        4       Last Knight             Shadow Of Fear
        5       Human Expression, The   Optical Sound
        6       Thee Sixpence           In The Building
        7       Children Of The Night   World Of Tears
        8       Twentieth Century Zoo   You Don't Remember
        9       Scorpio Tube            Yellow Listen
        10      Inexpensive Handmade Look, The – What Good Is Up
        11      Starlites, The          I Can't See You
        12      Perpetual Motion Workshop – Infiltrate Your Mind
        13      Story Tellers, The      Cry With Me
        14      Caretakers Of Deception, The – Cuttin' Grass
        15      Boy Blues, The          Coming Down To You
        16      Strange Fate, The       Hold Me Baby
PAPR    2115    V / A : MIND EXPANDERS VOL.3                            CD      05.2010

        1       Hard Rockers            Afro Rock
        2       Popcorn Rebellion, The  Gina
        3       Delfini                 Prophecy
        4       Satisfaction            Gregory Shan't
        5       Les Guitares De Dimanche – Beat Goes On
        6       Electric Max Band       Knives, Feathers And Fire
        7       Bernard Gιrard          Le Crocodile Porte Cle
        8       Zoo                     Fungus
        9       Electric Tomorrow, The – Sugarcube
        10      Greenlight              Number One
        11      Beatniks, The           Fernost
        12      Damned, The             Theta
        13      Peter Pan & The Good Fairies – Kaleidoscope
        14      Yan Tregger             Bubble Bubble
        15      Rimington               Dragon Child
        16      Up 'n Adam              Rainmaker
PAPR    2116    V / A : PSYCH BITES VOL.2                               CD      07.2010

        1       Zappatta Schmidt        Someone In The Crowd
        2       Chartbusters            Tomorrow Night
        3       Spencer Mac             Blues Up In Down Town
        4       Messengers              In The Jungle
        5       Anvil Chorus            Rhythm Is The Way
        6       Frumpy                  Morning
        7       Revells, The            Indian Ropeman
        8       Blackbirds 2000         Let's Do It Together
        9       Kannibal Komix          Neurotic Reaction
        10      Krokodil                Blue Flashing Circle
        11      Rote Gitarren           Anfang
        12      Madeleine Chartrand     Ani-Kuni
        13      Athanor                 Urizen (Your Reason)
        14      Rattles                 Where Is The Friend
        15      Danta                   Mau Mau
        16      Dave Dean               Jamaica
        17      Ofo The Black Company   Beautiful Daddy
        18      Ofo The Black Company   Allah Wakkbar
        19      Janie                   Psycho
        20      Orange Peel             I Got No Time
PAPR    2117    V / A : MAXIMUM PROG-16 RARE GEMS FROM THE GOLDEN AGE   CD      01.2010

        1       Shinn                   A-Minor Explosion
        2       Aardvark                Copper Sunset
        3       Rock Workshop           Wade In The Water
        4       Second Hand             Hangin' On An Eyelid
        5       Sweet Slag              Specific
        6       9.30 Fly                Life & Times
        7       Samurai                 Saving It Up For So Long
        8       Quiet World             Body To The Mind
        9       Big Sleep               Aunty James
        10      Heaven                  This Time Tomorrow
        11      Brainchild              She's Learning
        12      Abacus                  Cappuccino
        13      Titus Groan             I Can't Change
        14      Quicksand               Sunlight Brings Shadows
        15      Czar                    Follow Me
        16      Goliath                 Port & Lemon Lady
PAPR    2118    V / A : PICCADILLY SUNSHINE PT.3 - BRITISH POP PSYCH    CD      05.2010
                AND OTHER FLAVOURS 1967-1970

        1.      Howard Walker Feat. The Bombthrowers – Love Will Find A Way
        2       Paul Slade              Remember Daphne
        3       Alan David              Oh What A Naughty Man
        4       Spectrum, The           London Bridge Is Falling Down
        5       Dave Justin             Lincoln Green
        6       Pythagoras Theorem      Free Like Me
        7       Dead Sea Fruit          Kensington High Street
        8       Studio Six              I Can't Sleep
        9       Mighty Joe Young        By My Side
        10      Tim Andrews And Paul Korda – Water, Get Me A Drink
        11      Jiminy Crikitt          Isabella
        12      Cupid's Inspiration     Look At Me
        13      J.A. Freedman           Dance With The Man In The Teapot
        14      Episode Six             Lucky Sunday
        15      Jerry St. Clair         Mrs. Jensen Sits Alone
        16      Dukes Noblemen          Thank You For Your Loving
        17      Spectrum, The           Portobello Road
        18      John Bryant             She's In Need Of Love
        19      Ottilie Patterson       Spring Song
        20      Howard Walker Feat. The Bombthrowers – Eat Me 
PAPR    2119
PAPR    2120
PAPR    2121    V / A : GLIMPSES VOLUMES 1 & 2                          2CD     11.2010

        1-1     Balloon Farm, The       A Question Of Temperature
        1-2     Illusion, The           City Of People
        1-3     Ninth Street Bridge, The – Wild Illusions
        1-4     Mouse & The Traps       Maid Of Sugar, Maid Of Spice
        1-5     Nite People             Hot Smoke And Sasafrass
        1-6     Marauders, The          Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind
        1-7     Buckinghams, The        Don't Want To Cry
        1-8     Wellington Arrangement, The – Love
        1-9     Yorkshires, The         And You're Mine
        1-10    Troyes, The             Rainbow Chaser
        1-11    Roy Sorensen Group, The – If You Could Read Me
        1-12    West Minist'r           My Life
        1-13    Ruins, The              The End

        2-1     Galaxies IV, The        Don't Lose Your Mind
        2-2     Pastels, The            Cause I Love You
        2-3     Baroques, The           I Will Not Touch You
        2-4     Better Sweet            Like The Flowers
        2-5     Count & The Colony      Can't You See
        2-6     Marauders, The          Nightmare
        2-7     Barracuda, The          The Dance At St. Francis
        2-8     West Minist'r           Bright Lights Windy City
        2-9     Hopi And The Beau Heems – I Missed My Cloud
        2-10    Mystic Tide, The        Mystery Ship
        2-11    Troyes, The             Help Me Find Myself
        2-12    Continental Co-Ets, The – I Don't Love You No More
        2-13    Baroques, The           Remember
        2-14    Troyes, The             Love Comes, Love Dies
PAPR    2122    V / A : TALKING ABOUT GOOD TIMES VOL.1                  CD      07.2010

        1       Skip Bifferty           Round & Round
        2       J And B                 There She Goes
        3       Unknown Artist          The Light
        4       1984                    There Is Music All Around Me
        5       Unknown Artist          Red Admiral
        6       Image, The              Creation
        7       Smoke, The – Thus Spake Alice (Aka Utterly Simple)
        8       East Of Eden            The Ballad Of Harvey Kaye
        9       John Williams           She's That Kind Of Woman
        10      Still Life              What Did We Miss?
        11      Orange Peel             Searching For A Place To Hide
        12      Young Flowers           City Of Friends
        13      Henri Schifter          Another Time
        14      5 Gentlemen – LSD 25 Ou Les Metamorphoses De Margaret Steinway
        15      Bruno Castiglia And I Bisonti – Crudele
        16      John Deen And The Trakk – Kavind
        17      Hard Meat               Burning Up Years

        1       Tracey Dean             Boy On The Ball
        2       Colonel Bagshot         One Look In Her Eyes
        3       Biggles                 Gimme Gimme Good Lovin/Gimme Some Lovin'
        4       Iron Horse              The Obeah Man
        5       Dunno                   Magic Beat
        6       Hector                  Ain’t Got Time
        7       Baby                    Heartbreaker
        8       Slow Dog                Walking Through The Blue Grass
        9       13 Amp                  Need A Woman
        10      Matchbox                Rod
        11      Life                    Love Nest
        12      Now                     I Wanna Be Free
        13      Squeek                  Make Hay While The Sun Shines
        14      Dawn Chorus, The        Electric Garden
        15      Jets                    Yeah!
        16      Tracey Dean             Moonshiner
        17      Boston Boppers          Whirlwind Girl
        18      Barry Green             Papa Do
        19      Mustard                 Good Time Comin’
        20      Whistle                 When The Lights Go Out On Broadway
PAPR    2124    V / A : PICCADILLY SUNSHINE PT.4-BRITISH POP PSYCH      CD      09.2010
                AND OTHER FLAVOURS 1967-1969

        1       Barry Ryan              I'll Be On My Way Dear
        2       Lace                    People People
        3       Laurels, The            Rainmaker
        4       David Morgan            True-To-Life
        5       Gaslight                And So To Sleep
        6       Keith Field             Stop! Thief
        7       Jago Simms              Conventional Fell
        8       Gervase                 Visions
        9       Paul Raven              Musical Man
        10      Keith Field             The Day That War Broke Out
        11      Monopoly, The           House Of Lords
        12      Chris McClure           Meditation
        13      Joyces Angels           Flowers For My Friends
        14      Factotums               Mr & Mrs Regards
        15      West Coast Delegation – Mister Personality Man
        16      David Morgan            Dawning
        17      Brian Connell           Mr. Travel Company
        18      Deuce Coup              Angela
        19      Now                     The Hands On My Clock Stand Still
        20      Bob Clarke              Haunted
PAPR    2125    V / A : MIXED UP MINDS PT.1-OBSCURE ROCK AND POP FROM   CD      09.2010
                THE BRITISH ISLES 1970-1973

        1       Barlaston Down          Always
        2       Chopper                 Singer Without A Song
        3       Music Motor             Where Am I Going?
        4       Dog Rose                Madelaine
        5       Trane                   Mansion Of Cards
        6       Rich Fever              Everything's Moving
        7       Asgard                  Town Crier
        8       Jawbone                 How's Ya Pa
        9       Endaf Emlyn             Goodbye 'Cherry Lill'
        10      Jonathan Gill           Isandula Road
        11      Hopestreet              Ladies (At The Bottom Of The Garden)
        12      Hollingworth            This Town
        13      Wake, The               Live Today Little Girl
        14      Knocker Jungle          I Don't Know Why
        15      Toby Jug                Breakaway Man
        16      Methods, The            And That Is Life
        17      Money Jungle            Away, Away
        18      Esprit De Corps         Do You Remember Me?
        19      Dog Rose                Fame And Fortune
        20      Newmens                 A Million Tears




PAPR    2130





                AND OTHER FLAVOURS 1966 - 1969

        1       Samurai                 Temple Of Gold
        2       Running Jumping Standing Still Band, The – Aye-O
        3       Sight And Sound         Alley Alley
        4       Washington DC's         32nd Floor
        5       Laurels                 Sunshine Thursday
        6       Jago Simms              In Too Deep
        7       Oedipus Complex         Empty Highway
        8       Wayne Fontana           In My World
        9       Nocturnes, The          Look At Me
        10      John Bryant             Columbine
        11      Sweet Thursday          Cobwebs
        12      Seymour Kelly           Indian Scene
        13      Tony Rivers And The Castaways – Pantomime
        14      Watch Committee, The – Now I Think The Other Way
        15      Merlin Q                The Secret
        16      Roger Denison           Running Out Of Time
        17      Ian Whitcomb            Groovy Day
        18      Roulettes               Airport People
        19      Sounds Bob Rogers       Dream With Me
        20      Toyshop                 Say Goodbye To Yesterday












PAPRBOX 1       JOHNNY WINTER           A WINTERS TALE                  4CD       .2000

PAPRBOX 5       V / A : MINDROCKER-THE COMPLETE SERIES VOL.1-13         13CD      .2002
                (Note : + 100 p.booklet)
PAPRBOX 6       V / A : MINDROCKER                                      13CD      .2000
PAPRBOX 7       V / A : THE PERFUMED GARDEN                             5CD     01.2010
PAPRBOX 8       V / A : CHOCOLATE SOUP FOR DIABETICS VOL.1-5            5CD     08.2010
PAPRBOX 9       V / A : CIRCUS DAYS-POP PSYCH OBSCURITIES 1966-1972     6CD     01.2011