Distr.  : UK - Norman/
Style   : modern electronic and experimental dance music /

PP      005     V / A                   BONNIE 2ROPICAL                 LP      09.2017

        1.      Dead Hand               Prelude
        2.      Eyes Of Others          I See You In The Shrubs
        3.      Pussy Mothers           Get From In Front Of Me
        4.      Donald Dust             In Motion
        5.      The Magic City          Form Is Emptiness, Emptiness Is Form
        6.      Jacuzzi General         Pleasure
        7.      Total Leatherette       Work Harder
        8.      Hausfrau                Trivial Pursuits
        9.      Edinburgh Leisure       Startup
        10.     Not Sorry               IRN BRU
                (Note : LP , 300 copies)

Paradise Palms Records present a long playing record compiling tracks from Scotlands
fertile electronic and experimental dance music underground. Specifically, the records
surveys artists based in Edinburgh and Glasgow whom record at the likes of the famed
Green Door Studios.
PP      008     TOM BLIP                REZ                             7"      04.2018

        A.      Rez
        AA.     Crazy Arps

"Rez / Crazy Arps" is a bold 7 of crunchy drum machine-driven boogie, tracked hot
to tape and peppered with Tom's wormy SH101 riffs.
The record was mastered by Sam Smith at Green Door Studios in Glasgow.
PP      018     KIWI                    YOU WANT HER TOO                7"      06.2019

        A.      You Want Her Too
        AA.     Peeling Oranges