PANTONIC RECORDS                        UK

Parent label : Saga Records Ltd.

Distr.  : UK -
Style   : folk / psychedelic / jazz / blues rock /


                Songs For Resistance
        A1      So Don't Judge The Pain
        A2      As Vast As The Sea
        A3      Freedom Or Death
                Songs Of Sorrow
        A4      Grief
        A5      Sotiris Petroulias
        A6      My Sweet
                Songs From Bouboulinas Prison
        B1      Never
        B2      While You Are Screaming
        B3      On The Fourth Floor
        B4      The Cells Groan
                Songs From "The Hostage" By Brendan Behan
        B5      On The 18th Of November
        B6      The Laughing Boy
        B7      Open The Door Softly
PAN     6301
PAN     6302    THE UNDERGROUND SET     THE UNDERGROUND SET             LP        .1970

        A1      Arcipelago
        A2      Emisfero (1st Version)
        A3      Atollo
        A4      Eastern Longitude
        A5      36th Parallel
        A6      Samba Natalizia
        B1      Underground In Blue
        B2      Shake Twenty-Six
        B3      Equator
        B4      7th Meridian
        B5      Emisfero (2nd Version)
PAN     6303    THE SKILLETS            BOTH SIDES NOW                  LP        .1970

        A1      Cottonfields
        A2      Island Of Dreams
        A3      Bible Jenkins
        A4      Green Green
        A5      Rainy River
        A6      This Little Light Of Mine
        A7      If I Had A Hammer
        B1      Both Sides Now
        B2      The Garden Of My Home
        B3      Mr Tambourine Man
        B4      The White Rose Of Anthens
        B5      Come On Back
        B6      Down By The Riverside
        B7      Michael Row The Boat Ashore
PAN     6306    PHIL SEAMAN/EDDIE GOMEZ : MEETS EDDIE GOMEZ             LP        .1971

        A1      Night Train
        A2      Salt Peanuts
        A3      Corcovado
        A4      A Foggy Day
        B1      Bluesette
        B2      Fish This Week
        B3      Autumn Leaves
        B4      Here's That Rainy Day
PAN     6307    JIMI HENDRIX            IMPROMPTU                       LP        .1971

        A       Impromptu No 1 "Baroque I"
        B1      Impromptu No 2 "Baroque II"
                Impromptu No 3 "Virtuoso"
        B2 a    Berceuse
        B2 b    Flying
        B2 c    Perpetuum Mobile
SAGAPAN 6309    V / A : JESUS CHRIST SUPERTAR-A ROCK OPERA              LP        .1971

        A1      Hosanna
        A2      Simon Zealotes/Poor Jerusalem
        A3      Everything's Alright
        A4      Heaven On Their Minds
        A5      What's The Buzz/Strange Things Mystifying
        B1      This Jesus Must Die
        B2      Everything's Alright
        B3      King Herod's Song
        B4      Judas' Death
        B5      I Don't Know How To Love Him
        B6(a)   Superstar
        B6(b)   Crucifixion
SAGAPAN 6313    JIMI HENDRIX            AT HIS BEST VOL.1               LP        .1972

        A1      She Went To Bed With My Guitar                  4:59
        A2      Free Thunder                                    9:36
        A3      Cave Man Bells                                  3:26
        B1      Strokin' A Lady On Each Hip                     16:25
        B2      Baby Chicken Strut                              1:11
SAGAPAN 6314    JIMI HENDRIX            AT HIS BEST VOL.2               LP        .1972

        A1      Down Mean Blues
        A2      Feels Good
        A3      Fried Cola
        B1      Monday Morning Blues
        B2      Jimi Is Tender Too
        B3      Madagascar
SAGAPAN 6315    JIMI HENDRIX            AT HIS BEST VOL.3               LP        .1972

        A1      Young Jim
        A2      Lift Off
        B1      Swift's Wing
        B2      Spiked With Heady Dreams
        B3      Giraffe
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