PANCROMATIC                             Boks 96
***********                             Nesoddtangen
                                        Akershus 1451

Start   : 1999
Distr.  : NO -
          NE - Shiny Beast/Clear Spot/
Style   : psychedelic / progressive / space rock /

PLP     2001    OZRIC TENTACLES         WATERFALL CITIES                2LP     07.1999

LP 1    A1      Coily                                           7:19
        A2      Sultana Detrii                                  9:17
        B1      Xingu                                           7:27
        B2      Aura Borealis                                   5:40

LP 2    C       Waterfall City                                  11:03
        D1      Ch'Ai?                                          5:03
        D2      Spiralmind                                      11:40

CD      Scretchy                SCRETCHYCD 01   1999    UK
PLP     2002    ORZIC TENTACLES         THE HIDDEN STEP                 LP      10.2000

        A1      Holohedron
        A2      The Hidden Step
        A3      Ashlandi Bol
        A4      Aramanu
        B1      Pixel Dream
        B2      Tight Spin
        B3      Ta Khut

CD      Scretchy                SCRETCHYCD 03   2000    UK
CD      Snapper                 SMMCD 639       2002    UK
PLP     2003    WOBBLER                 AFTERGLOW                       LP        .2009

        A1      The Haywain                                     0:55
        A2      Imperial Winter White                           15:02
        B1      Interlude                                       2:35
        B2      In Taberna                                      13:10
        B3      Armoury                                         3:00
PLP     2004    THE OPIUM CARTEL        NIGHT BLOONS                    LP        .2009

        A1      Heavenman
        A2      Better Days Ahead
        A3      Skinnydip
        A4      By This River
        A5      Three Sleepers
        B1      Lumberjack's Lullaby
        B2      Beach House
        B3      Flicker Girl
        B4      July 1983
                (Note : LP , 400 black/100 white copies)
PLP     2005    SULA BASSANA            THE NIGHT                       LP      09.2009
PLPCL   2005    SULA BASSANA            THE NIGHT                       LP      01.2018
PLPYB   2005    SULA BASSANA            THE NIGHT                       LP      04.2022
                (Note : LP 250 copies on mixed yellow-blue vinyl)

        1       In Space                                        5:56
        2       Lost in Space                                   6:51
        3       The Night                                       15:31
        4       Meterorritt                                     7:08
        5       Kosmokrator                                     16:21

Limited 2018 repress of 300 copies on clear vinyl. On offer are five tracks (clocking
6 to 16 minutes) of mostly instrumental psychedelic spacerock and krautrock! All the
music was composed and played by Sula, and one track sung by Colour Haze's Stefan
Koglek! Produced by kraut legend Eroc.
PLP     2006    THULE                   GRANKS                          LP        .2010

        A1      Supernova                                       3:29
        A2      Daga                                            7:21
        A3      Soldansen                                       4:22
        A4      Feskehau                                        2:47
        A5      Hjaerteslag                                     5:25
        B1      Daga II                                         7:03
        B2      Song! (-Graks Vulgaris)                         6:53
        B3      Mental                                          1:48
        B4      Under A                                         2:34
        B5      Central                                         3:49
        B6      Eiendommelig                                    1:44
        B7      Blasar                                          3:32
PLP     2007    ARABS IN ASPIC          STRANGE FRAME OF MIND           LP        .2010

        A1      The Flying Norseman
        A2      Dive Into My Eye
        A3      Moerket
        A4      Fall til Marken
        B1      TV
        B2      Strange Frame of Mind
        B3      Have You Ever Seen the Rain, Part 2
        B4      Arabide
                (Note : LP , coloured vinyl , gatefold)

CD      Black Widow             BWRCD 133 2     2011    IT
PLP     2008    WHITE WILLOW            IGNIS FATUUS                    2LP       .2010

        1       Snowfall                                        6:30
        2       Lord Of Night                                   7:11
        3       Song                                            2:03
        4       Ingenting                                       3:14
        5       The Withering Of The Boughs                     7:14
        6       Lines On An Autumnal Evening                    4:52
        7       Now In These Fairy Lands                        5:26
        8       Piletreet                                       1:47
        9       Till He Arrives                                 3:30
        10      Cryptomenysis                                   11:37
        11      Signs                                           2:04
        12      John Dee's Lament                               11:00
        13      Det Omvendte Baeger                             11:53
PLP     2009    ARABS IN ASPIC : PROGERIA/FAR OUT IN ARADABIA           2LP       .2011

LP 1            Progeria (2003)
        A1      Progeria                                        1:47
        A2      Silver Storm                                    8:01
        A3      Shelobs Cave/The Great Shelob/Wizard In White   7:38
        A4      Megalodon                                       9:51
                Far Out In Aradabia (2004)
        B1      Arabs In Aspic II                               6:54
        B2      Seventytwo / Hair Of The Sun                    7:34
        B3      Siseneg                                         5:29
        B4      Talking Mushroom                                6:18

LP 2            Far Out In Aradabia (2004)
        C1      Come To Me                                      6:05
        C2      Butterpriest Jam                                18:47
                Bonus Tracks (2006)
        D1      The Butterpriest                                5:23
        D2      Strange Frame Of Mind (Demo)                    3:31
        D3      Sirkus 1                                        7:33
PLP     2010    WOBBLER                 RITES AT DAWN                   LP        .2011

        A1      Lucid                                           1:40
        A2      La Bealtaine                                    7:52
        A3      In Orbit                                        12:30
        B1      This Past Presence                              6:14
        B2      A Faerie's Play                                 5:19
        B3      The River                                       10:04
        B4      Lucid Dreams                                    2:19
                (Note : LP , coloured vinyl , gatefold)
PLP     2011    WHITE WILLOW            TERMINAL TWILIGHT               LP        .2011

        A1      Hawks Circle The Mountain
        A2      Snowswept
        A3      Kansas Regrets
        A4      Red Leaves
        A5      A Rumour Of Twilight
        B1      Floor 67
        B2      Natasha Of The Burning Woods
        B3      Searise
PLP     2012    KERRS PINK              TIDINGS                         LP        .2012

        A1      Tidings From Some Distant Shore                 8:30
        A2      Shooting Star                                   9:40
        A3      Yumi Yeda                                       10:15
        B1      Moments In Life                                 8:37
        B2      Mystic Dream                                    9:46
        B3      Hour Glass                                      5:32
        B4      Le Sable S'Est Écoulé                           5:38
PLP     2013    SULA BASSANA & MODULFIX : BRAIN WASH                    LP      10.2013

        A1      Svensven der Froschfrosch                       8:36
        A2      Marsmellow                                      6:31
        A3      Horta                                           8:39
        B1      Brain Wash                                      12:55
        B2      Rossos Traum                                    12:38
PLP     2014    THE OPIUM CARTEL        ARDOR                           LP        .2014

        A1      Kissing Moon                                    5:53
        A2      When We Dream                                   5:40
        A3      Silence Instead                                 4:18
        A4      Northern Rains                                  4:31
        A5      Revenant                                        3:22
        B1      White Wolf                                      6:17
        B2      The Waiting Ground                              5:58
        B3      Then Came The Last Days Of May                  4:21
        B4      Mariner, Come In                                10:59
PLP     2015    THULE : LIQUID (ROCK AND ROLL DREAM)                    LP        .2014

        A1      Wishful                                         3:19
        A2      Knock on wood                                   5:14
        A3      Oh yeah!                                        4:16
        A4      Mea culpa                                       1:42
        A5      Once upon a time                                4:32
        A6      Reposess                                        1:16
        A7      Mantra/Prozac                                   2:37
        A8      Liquid                                          5:10
        B1      Reason                                          4:51
        B2      Lucky lipps                                     3:09
        B3      Instinct                                        3:48
        B4      Aurora B                                        4:40
        B5      Vox Aeterna (Rock and roll dream)               12:33
PLP     2016    MIKROMIDAS              TRE UT AV TIDEN!                10"       .2014

        A1      De Dodes Hus                                    6:18
        A2      Mot Vinter                                      5:28
        A3      Ballade Om Drager                               5:30
        A4      Vakenatt                                        3:31
        B1      Fragmenter Av Gjenfodelse                       5:17
        B2      Reimer Og Jern                                  6:34
        B3      Go Now!                                         6:16
                (Note : LP , 300 black/100 orange copies)
PLP     2017    KAUKASUS                I                               LP        .2014

        A1      The ending of the open sky                      5:31
        A2      Lift the memory                                 8:35
        A3      In the stillness of time                        5:56
        A4      Starlit motion                                  4:36
        B1      Reptilian                                       9:05
        B2      The witness                                     4:19
        B3      The skies give meaning                          8:03
PLP     2018    Höyry-Kone              HUONO PARTURI                   LP        .2015

        A1      Beata Viscera                                   6:53
        A2      Terva-Antii Ku Haihin Lahti                     4:02
        A3      Karhunkaato                                     4:21
        A4      Lumisaha                                        4:39
        A5      Baksteri                                        1:57
        B1      Houno Parturi                                   4:52
        B2      Ullakon Lelut                                   2:19
        B3      Tottele                                         2:39
        B4      Kala                                            5:11
        B5      Laahustaja                                      6:21
        B6      Laina-Ajalla                                    5:27
PLP     2019    NECROMONKEY : A GLIMPSE OF POSSIBLE ENDINGS             LP      11.2015

        A1      "There Seem To Be Knifestains In My Blood"      4:06
        A2      The Sheltering Waters                           6:30
        A3      The Worst Is Behind Us                          8:40
        B1      The Counterfeit Pedestrian                      2:36
        B2      (A) Glimpse (Of Possible Endings)               15:18
PLP     2020    WHITE WILLOW            STORM SEASON                    LP      11.2015

        A1      Chemical Sunset
        A2      Sally Left
        A3      Endless Science
        A4      Soulburn
        B1      Insomnia
        B2      Storm Season
        B3      Nightside Of Eden
        B4      Headlights (Outtake)
PLP     2021    TANGLE EDGE             INFINITY STEPS BACK             2LP       .2016

LP 1    A       Part I - The Discovery of Transparent Surface Thresholds
        B       Part II - Vanishing Formations

LP 2    C       Part III - Chains of Interruption Appears
        D1      Part IV - Initiating Concentric Forces of Repeal
        D2      Part V - Ooo
PLP     2022    INTERKOSMOS             HYPNOTIZER                      2LP     04.2016

        1       Lift Off                                        11:27
        2       Hypnotizer                                      10:56
        3       Edentrip                                        7:29
        4       Kosmos Amigos                                   10:51
        5       Floatboat                                       10:17
        6       Rockit                                          12:28
        7       Samphonic Trip (Bonus Track)                    13:53
PLP     2023    WOBBLER                 HINTERLAND                      2LP       .2016

LP 1    A1      Serenade for 1652                               0:42
        A2      Hinterland (Part 1)                             17:49
        B1      Hinterland (Part 2)

LP 2    C1      Rubato Industry                                 12:42
        D1      Clair Obscur                                    15:38

CD      Laser's Edge            LE 1041         2005    US
PLP     2024    ORESUND SPACE COLLECTIVE : LIVE IN TRONHEIM 2007        2LP     11.2016

LP 1    A       Mantric Moose
        B       Funk For Fru Lundgren

LP 2    C       Totally Improvised Driving
        D       Crash Landing In The Sea
PLP     2025    LINDA HOYLE             THE FETCH                       2LP       .2017

LP 1    A1      The Fetch
        A2      Cut and Run
        A3      Confessional
        B1      Brighton Pear
        B2      It´s The World
        B3      Fortuna

LP 2    C1      Snowy Night
        C2      West Of The Moon
        C3      Maida Vale
        D1      So Simple
        D2      Earth and Stars
        D3      Acknowledgements
        D4      Who's There?
                (Note : 2LP , 400 black/200 coloured copies)
PLP     2026    JORDSJO                 JORDSJO                         2LP     06.2017
PLP     2026    JORDSJO                 JORDSJO                         2LP     09.2019
                (Note : 2019 repress on clear vinyl)

LP 1            The Heavy Side
        A1      Betula Obscura
        A2      Mine Templer I
        A3      UK Original
        A4      Den Klaustrofobiske Masken
                The Arctic Side
        B1      Hulderheimen
        B2      Fugloykallen
        B3      Svarthelleren
        B4      Under Aurora B

lp 2            The Fantasy Side
        C1      Ogion
        C2      I Atuans Gravkammer
        C3      Se Valinors Lamper!
                The Other Side
        D1      Bilder Fra En Skog
        D2      Solina, Min Dronning
        D3      Hekseskogen
        D4      The Goddess (Of Light)
PLP     2027    BREIDABLIK              PENUMBRA                        LP      11.2017

        A       Penumbra pt. I                                  19:29
        B1      Penumbra pt. II                                 11:07
        B2      Nehalennia                                      4:34
        B3      The Chariots of the Sun                         5:14
PLP     2028    [soundtrack] SULA BASSANA : THE APE REGARDS HIS TAIL    2LP     01.2018

LP 1    A1      Beginning
        A2      Dreams
        A3      Rocks
        A4      Desert
        B1      Sand Waves
        B2      Rocks
        B3      Water

LP 2    C1      Ending
        D       [etched side]

Sula Bassana's first soundtrack album features 60 minutes of totally spaced out and
minimalistic music for the sci-fi feature-film 'The Ape Regards His Tail', directed
by Michael Yates. The music was made with synthesizers, string ensembles, mellotron,
organ, e-guitar and e-piano. It shows the mellow and relaxed, but also deep, dark and
melancholic side of Sula Bassana. Wide and floating soundscapes combined with deep
melodies and spaced out sounds. Close your eyes and watch a movie inside your head,
constructed by those tunes and your mind. Three-sided double LP, limited to 500 copies
on clear vinyl.

CD      Sulatron                ST 1705         2017    GE
PLP     2029    JORDSJO                 JORD                            LP      02.2018
PLP     2029    JORDSJO                 JORD                            LP      09.2019

        A1      Over Vidda                                      1:48
        A2      Abstraksjoner Fra Et Dunkelt Kammer             6:50
        A3      Finske Skoger                                   2:56
        A4      Jord I                                          6:24
        B1      Jord II                                         8:27
        B2      La Meg Forsvinne!                               6:38
        B3      Postludium                                      4:42
        B4      I Momos Tradgard                                2:39

The 2017 cassette release 'Jord' wasn't featured on the double album set, naturally,
but it comes to show how much Jordsjo is bound to be a force to reckon with in the
prog community. The production seems a bit more polished, but make no doubt about it,
the music is the same as before: in the Änglagard, Wobbler, Tusmorke and Sinkadus vein.
Ed of 400 copies on clear vinyl/2019 repress on black vinyl.
PLP     2030    ELECTRIC MOON           LIVE AT EPPLEHAUS               2LP     03.2018

LP 1    A1      Demoon Pt1
        B1      Demoon Pt2

LP 2    C1      Doomsday Machine Pt1
        D1      Doomsday Machine Pt2

(Note : 600 copies on solid yellow and black mixed vinyl. Originally released as
        limited to 100 pieces CD-R on Sulatron in 2010)
PLP     2031    ZONE SIX                LIVE SPRING                     LP      03.2018

        A1      Touch Down Heidi                                24:42
        B1      Song For Richie                                 12:59
        B2      Raining Sugar Cane Ritual                       11:37

(Note : LP , 500 copies on black vinyl)
PLP     2032    WHITE WILLOW            SIGNAL TO NOISE                 LP      09.2018

        A1      Night Surf                                      4:12
        A2      Splinters                                       8:36
        A3      Ghosts                                          5:48
        A4      Joyride                                         4:18
        B1      The Lingering                                   9:25
        B2      The Dark Road                                   4:17
        B3      Chrome Dawn                                     7:12
        B4      Dusk City                                       6:05
        B5      Ararat (For Teresa)                             1:35

Originally released on CD in 2006, first time on vinyl. Limited to 400 copies on
clear vinyl.
White Willow's fifth studio album, 'Signal to Noise', was mixed and produced by
Tommy Hansen (Helloween, TNT, Pagan's Mind, Circus Maximus). The line-up features
singer Trude Eidtang (vocals), Lars Fredrik Froislie (keyboards, electronics),
Jacob Holm-Lupo (guitars), Ketil Vestrum Einarsen (woodwinds), Marthe Berger
Walthinsen (bass guitar) and Aage Moltke Schou (drums, percussion).
PLPC    2033    AGUSA                   IN CONCERT                      LP      10.2018
                (Note : LP , clear vinyl)
PLPC    2033    AGUSA                   IN CONCERT                      LP      10.2018
                (Note : LP , colourd vinyl)

        A1      Landet Langesen/Sorgenfri                       15:40
        A2      Uti Var Hage                                    9:31
        B1      Ganglat Fran Vintergatan                        24:55

Here's Agusa In Concert at Death Disco, Athens, recorded on December 9, 2016, less
than a year after their first visit to Greece.
PLP     2034    BREIDABLIK              NHOOHR                          LP      02.2019

        A1      Arrival
        A2      At The Windswept Planes Of Nhoohr
        A3      Clouddancing
        B1      The Old Forest
        B2      Strange Lands
        B3      Perihelion

2019 album by Norwegian progressive electronic artist Breidablik, aka Morten Birkeland
Nielsen. Following the critically acclaimed 'Penumbra' from 2017, 'Nhoohr' includes
six tracks combining elaborate synth sequences and large ambient passages. 'Nhoohr'
is a concept album inspired by the idea of a world that has not been modified by
humans. Hence, the concept 'Nhoohr' represents the most intact, undisturbed wild
natural areas left on our planet... those last truly wild places that humans do not
control. Limited to 300 copies.
PLPLTD  2035    ELECTRIC MOON           HUGODELIA                       2LP     05.2019
PLPCRB  2035    ELECTRIC MOON           HUGODELIA                       2LP     04.2022
                (Note : 2LP , 300 copies on clear-red-blue vinyl)

LP 1    A       Hugodelia                                       20:30
        B       Transmitter                                     20:33

LP 2    C1      Cellar Grime                                    12:37
        C2      Cellar Slime                                    10:24
        D       Ween                                            23:17

Hugo Graf has been a place for people of all ages in a wonderful old house, its cellar
was used for underground concerts, but Graf Hugo got fucked by the government in the
manner of capitalism. Electric Moon was invited to their farewell festival and had the
great honour to play the very last into this old building. The second half of the
concert, Erich of the Hugo crew joined the band and they were freaking out together.
Dennis (also from Hugo) recorded it, Dave produced it and 'Hugodelia' was born. Cover
design and artwork by Lulu Artwork. Line up: Sula Bassana - guitar, Pablo Carneval
- drums, Lulu Komet - bass, Coldino Erich - guitar (side C). Limited to 200 copies
on transparant blue vinyl mixed with solid yellow and black AND 400 copies on clear
vinyl.Only few available, so first come, first served.
PLP     2036    JORDSJO                 NATTFIOLEN                      LP      05.2019

        A1      Ouverture
        A2      Stifinner
        A3      Solens Sirkulaere Sang
        A4      Septemberbal
        B1      Mine Templer II
        B2      Til Varen
        B3      Ulvenatt

After the critically acclaimed album 'Jord', Jordsjo (led by multi-instrumentalist
Hakon Oftung (ex-Tusmorke)) returns with their second album 'Nattfiolen'. The seven
songs fit seamlessly into their nature romantic, murky and apocalyptic forest prog.
Inspired by Swedish folk music, German prog and '70s synth music, Norwegian jazz,
British acid folk, old horror movies and fantasy novels, the dreamy and warm sound
scene, filled with acoustic guitars, flute, tape deck, analog synths and Hammond
organ, continues. The music reflects the band's longing for a simpler life near
nature, an imaginary past where mystique has a central role. For fans of Anglagard,
Tusmorke, Black Magic, Wobbler and Sinkadus. Limited to 300 copies on black vinyl
and 200 copies on solid red and clear vinyl.
PLP     2037    MAKAJODAMA              MAKAJODAMA                      LP      11.2019

        A1      Reodor Felgen Blues                             10:15
        A2      Buddha And The Camel                            9:25
        A3      Wolof                                           2:31
        A4      The Train Of Thought                            6:58
        B1      The Ayurvedic Soap                              7:42
        B2      Vällingby Revisited                             3:00
        B3      The Girls At The Marches                        8:16
        B4      Autumn Suite                                    8:29
                (Note : LP , 300 copies on black vinyl)

Makajodama is the unusual name for this young instrumental quartet from Sweden.
PLP     2038    SULA BASSANA            THE BOX                         6LP     01.2020

A 6 LP box by Sula Bassana, simply titled 'The Box'. It contains 3 double LPs with
gatefold colour sleeves and with these titles: 'Endless Winter' (on clear and black
mixed vinyl), this music was recorded in March 2006 and has previously only been
released as a limited CD-r. 'Silent Music' (on transparent blue with some black mixed
vinyl) is for sure the softest music recorded by Sula, recorded between 1999 and 2009
at different places and only previously available on a limited CD-r. The third double
LP (on black and solid orange mixed vinyl) contains one LP with the split albums
(with Vibravoid and 3 AM), both released on vinyl in a small print run and an album
with unreleased and newly recorded tracks. The box is strictly limited to 500 copies.
PLP     2039    BREIDABLIK              OMICRON                         LP      03.2020
PLP     2039    BREIDABLIK              OMICRON                         CD      03.2020

LP      A1      Omicron pt. 1
        B1      Omicron pt. 2

CD      1       Omicron pt. I                                   22:24
        2       Omicron pt. II                                  20:47
        3       Penumbra pt. I                                  19:28
        4       Penumbra pt. II                                 11:06

Breidablik is a progressive electronic band from Bergen, Norway. Breidablik was formed
by Morten Birkeland Nielsen in 2013 with the idea of creating music inspired by the
classic Berlin School of Electronic Music movement in the 1970 and 1980s, albeit with
a more contemporary musical expression. Breidablik's music is mainly based on analog
synthesizers, although acoustic and electric guitars, as well as flutes and percussion,
are included as added zest. Conceptually, 'Omicron' deals with circularity and the
album contains a two-part title track with a total playing time of 44 minutes that
should be played back-to-back. For 'Omicron', Breidablik has reqruited Hakon Oftung
(Jordsjo, Elds Mark, ex-Tusmorke) as guitarist and flutist.
PLP     2040    ELDS MARK               ELDS MARK                       LP      03.2020
                (Note : LP , 250 copies on black vinyl + 12 page colour
PLPC    2040    ELDS MARK               ELDS MARK                       LP      03.2020
                (Note : LP , 300 copies on clear vinyl + 12 page colour
PLP     2040    ELDS MARK               ELDS MARK                       CD      03.2020

A.      1       Telg Og Sti
        2       Stova
        3       Spor
        4       Lauvdal I
        5       Varder
B.      6       Jordreis
        7       Lauvdal II
        8       Var Skog
        9       Sunket
        10      Elds Fall
        11      Vandring

Elds Mark plays dark and mellow folk-inspired instrumental rock. It was established
as a side project by musicians from Jordsjo and Obliteration among others, and the
album was recorded autumn 2019 in Valer, Ostfold, Norway. The songs try to capture
the feelings of old cabins and silent mountain lakes, and should appeal to fans of
Ragnarok, Landberk, Träden and Scandinavian jazz and folk music. The black vinyl
version is limited to 250 copies and includes a 12 page colour booklet.

PLP     2042    SULA BASSANA            LOOP STATION DRONES             2LP     04.2022

Limited to 500 copies on hazy red vinyl. Sula did it again. An album recorded in
3 evenings. This time some 'Loop Station Drones'. With guitar, effect pedals,
2 loop stations, 2 guitar amps, a syncable drum computer, a very old organ from
GDR (Weltmeister TO 200/5), a very old synthesizer (Roland SH 5) and a modern one
(Roland SE-02) Sula instantly composed 7 tracks. Later Sula cutted them down a
little and made some very little overdubs. 'Roadburn Haze' was exclusively made for
the Roadburn Festival Redux in April 2021. Recorded on the 28th of March, together
with tracks 2 and 7. Tracks 3-6 recorded on the 13th and 14th of May for Radio
KFJC home stream-concert. But only the first 3 of them appeared. These were filmed
by Thierry Miguet for Wah Wah TV and you can watch it at his great Youtube channel.




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