Distr.  : NE - Shiny Beast/Clear Spot/
Style   : reissue - jazz fusion / psychedelic / prog rock / blues rock / folk
          / psych. funk /

PP      101     ABRAXIS                 ABRAXIS                         CD      10.2015

Originally released in 1977, now reissued on CD. Abraxis was a jazz/fusion band from
Brussels. The music on the band's s/t album is an enjoyable mixture of flute dominated
jazz, Canterbury inspired fusion and '70s funk.
PP      102     BIG SET                 IT WASN'T MEANT TO HAPPEN       CD      10.2015

Swirling, Hammond organ-heavy progressive spaceiness from Sweden, originally issued in
1969 on the Toniton label. The bandname refers to leader Bjorn Ingvar Bjornsson's
initials. This was the group's sole release, but its reputation has only grown over the
years and it is now one of the rarest and most sought-after Swedish psych-prog albums
ever. It's also damn good, which doesn't hurt.
PP      103     WOMEGA                  A QUICK STEP                    CD      10.2015

Orig. released in 1975, now on CD. This is the debut-album by a Belgian progressive
rock act. Influences include the Canterbury scene and Zappa, and mellotron and flute
are among the instruments.
PP      104     AIRLORD                 CLOCKWORK REVENGE               CD      10.2015

Originally released in 1975 and here on CD, this a progressive rock album by a 5-piece
band from Wilmington, New Zealand! For Genesis-fans who don't mind some hard-rock
touches either.
PP      105     LIGHT                   LIGHT                           CD      10.2015

Originally released in 1978. An Irish band from the late 70's. The vocals on this s/t
album remind of Rory Gallagher and the songs have a Thin Lizzy-ish quality with some
nice dual harmony guitars.
PP      106     BOTH HANDS FREE         BOTH HANDS FREE                 CD      10.2015

Originally released in 1976, this album was recorded by a UK jazz fusion combo with a
style reminding of mid-period Nucleus or the Scottish band Head.
PP      107     CARGO                   SIMPLE THINGS                   CD      10.2015

        1       Initial Mailing                                 4:16
        2       Geordy                                          3:00
        3       Serenade To A Cuckoo                            4:56
        4       The Old Woman                                   2:04
        5       Simple Things                                   2:50
        6       Calvin Fell Out                                 1:58
        7       Rural Route 1                                   3:02
        8       Pachyderm (In Your Head)                        7:06

Originally released in 1970, here on CD. The second album by the Toronto, Ontario-based
outfit that recorded two albums and two singles in 1969-'71. This bluesy psych/jazz
rock album is quite sought after.
PP      108     PANDORA                 MEASURES OF TIME                CD      10.2015

A Genesis influenced album with some remarkable popsike leanings, originally released
in 1974, now reissued on CD.
PP      109     MIRROR                  DAYBREAK                        CD      10.2015

An interesting symphonic album, originally released in 1976.
PP      110     WAVE                    WAVE                            CD      10.2015

A CD-reissue of a rare psych-funk album, originally released in 1972.
PP      111     CHETARCA                CHETARCA                        CD      10.2015

Originally released in 1975. An enjoyable, decidedly Australian take on the 'keyboard
trio' format. Recorded in an inimitable Australian style, there's a heavy dose of blues
injected into the music, with even some harmonica solos here and there!
PP      112     MEMORIANCE              ET APRES                        CD      10.2015

Originally released in 1976, here on CD. High quality prog rock from France.
All notes taken from :  Shiny Beast  Mailorder
                        Hermelijnkoog 21
                        1822 CA  Alkmaar
                        The Netherlands