Distr.  : UK - Norman/Piccadilly/
Style   : disco /

PSR     001 LP  POOLSIDE                LOW SEASON                      LP      06.2020

        1.      Abandoned Tunnel
        2.      I Feel High (feat. Ben Browning)
        3.      Can't Stop Your Lovin' (feat. Panama)
        4.      Around The Sun (feat. Amo Amo)
        5.      Losing Control
        6.      Low Season
        7.      Kinda Lovely (feat. Panama)
        8.      Sunrise Strategies

Poolside’s Jeffrey Paradise recovers from the departure of Filip Nikolic just after
the project’s last album in 2017 by recruiting a new backing band - including two
former members of The Rapture for the rhythm section! - for Low Season. As you’d
expect, it’s another tour-de-force detailing Paradise’s updated vision of classic
disco sounds.