PACIFIC CITY DISCS                      BELGIUM

Owner   : Spencer Clark)
Distr.  : BE -
          UK - Norman
          US - Forced Exposure
Style   :

PCD     02      ETRUSCA 3D              ETRUSCA 3D                      LP      10.2020

Etrusca 3D is a duo made up of Francesco Cavaliere and Spencer Clark. Their self
titled debut LP is released through Clark’s Pacific City Discs and Discrepant.
The duo are each audio and visual artists in their own own right. This collaboration
sees them invoking the music of the ancient Etruscans and giving it a fresh 21st
century spin using Cavaliere’s voice and an Emax 2 sampler.
PCD     03      MONOPOLY CHILD STAR SEARCHERS : Prince of Parrot        LP      02.2022
                Shooters / The Aqueducts of Channel Island

        A1.     Prince of Parrot Shooters 1
        A2.     Prince of Parrot Shooters 2
        A3.     Prince of Parrot Shooters 3
        B1.     The Aqueducts of Channel Island 1
        B2.     The Aqueducts of Channel Island 2
        B3.     The Aqueducts of Channel Island 3
                (Note : LP , black vinyl)
PCD     04      STAR SEARCHERS          AVATAR BLUE 2                   LP      11.2020

        A1.     Freshly Sprayed Amino Tanks
        A2.     Total Dorsal Recall
        A3.     Chenjian Fauna
        A4.     Thresher Shark Pods
        B1.     Wetsuits of Wiwaxia
        B2.     Reef Showers
        B3.     Emu-Bay Biodomes
        B4.     Marine Snow Lines (Upworlds)

Avatar Blue by Star Searchers AKA Spencer Clark started life as the soundtrack to
the yet-to-be-made / non-existent film Avatar 2. It ended up not being that, but
he still created a new world with Avatar Blue. It was released as a double CD in
2019 and now selections from the double CD set are being released on vinyl as Avatar
Blue 2. Cut at Dubplates & Mastering, Berlin. All songs by Spencer Clark. Artwork
by Spencer Clark.