PSI                                     GERMANY
[Psychedelic Sounds International]

Merlin's Nose Rec. sub-label.

Distr.  : GE -
Style   : reissue - psychedelic / psych. folk /

PSI     001 2   PERRY LEOPOLD           CHRISTIAN LUCIFER               LP      04.2015
PSI     002 1   D.R. HOOKER             THE TRUTH                       LP      04.2015
PSI     002 CD  D.R. HOOKER             THE TRUTH                       CD      06.2016

        01.     The Sea
        02.     Fall In Love 
        03.     A Stranger´s Smile 
        04.     Weather Girl 
        05.     This Thing 
        06.     Forge Your Own Chains
        07.     I´m Leaving You 
        08.     The Truth 
        09.     The Bible 
        10.     Falling Asleep 
                BONUS TRACKS
        11.     Hello 
        12.     This Moment 
        13.     Free 
        14.     Winter
        15.     A Tormented Heart 
        16.     Kamala

New Haven, CT nutbomb Donald Hooker, who rumor has it went dressed like Jesus at all
times, was a guitarist, singer & songwriter who got a gaggle of local yokels to
accompany him on dobro, bass, synth, organ, piano, horns and drums.
PSILP   003     ALVA                    JA TIK BUTU                     LP      10.2015
PSI     003 1   ALVA                    JA TIK BUTU                     CD      06.2016

        1.      Ja Tik Butu
        2.      Pilseta Kura Piedzimst Vejš
        3.      Kopa
        4.      Svešinieks
        5.      Akts
        6.      Vilcienu Dziesma
        7.      Migla
        8.      Ziemelveji
        9.      Es Izkulu
        10.     Jo Beigas Ir Klat

Yorkshire-based Latvian psych rockers Alva released an album in 1978, and it was
unheralded but great. Psychedelic Sounds International re-release it in 2015 and it
is equally as great, but more available (which is great). This is a true gem of a
collection, part Jefferson Airplane-esque twee melodies, part 70's psych-rock
freakouts. Low-fi foot tapping drum gallops, broken power chords and single string
melodies. Twelve-string acoustic guitar introduction immediately backed up by weighty
drums and resonant meandering woodwind (It's described purely as 'Pipe' on the CD
PSI     004     OSAMU KITAJIMA          BENZAITEN                       LP      08.2016

A reissue of Osamu Kitajima's Benzaiten, originally released in 1976. Benzaiten is
world music and ethno sounds with an obvious Japanese origin, meeting progressive rock
and psych rock.
PSI     005     GUNESH                  GUNESH                          LP      03.2018
                (Note : LP , clear vinyl)

The Gunesh Ensemble was founded in 1970 in Ashkhabad, Turkmen Soviet Socialist Rep.
then part of the Soviet Union. They started out as a vocal group with supporting
musicians from Turkmenistan State Radio and TV. Later several young musicians came
to play with them and the band's music became much more modern. The group began to
play jazz-rock tightly intertwined with traditional Oriental music. This, their very
fine first LP was originally released in 1980 on the Soviet state label Melodiya and
contains traditional Central Asian music in jazz-rock arrangements plus a Vietnamese
singer. Limited to 100 copies on clear vinyl for the Russian market, but only few
available here too!