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Distr.  : UK - Norman
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NGRD    184     PETER BJORN AND JOHN    ENDLESS DREAM                   LP      03.2020

        1       Music 
        2       Reason To Be Reasonable
        3       Drama King
        4       Rusty Nail
        5       Endless Reruns
        6       Idiosyncrasy
        7       Out Of Nowhere
        8       Simple Song Of Sin
        9       A Week-End
        10      On The Brink

Peter Bjorn & John celebrate their 20-year anniversary in 2020 with the release of
ninth full-length studio album.
Also known as The People Who Did That Song With The Whistling On It Peter Bjorn and
John have done a remarkable job of carrying on with their career regardless. It's
been twenty years since they started all this and to celebrate they have made a brand
new album. Sometimes they do other songs with whistling on it in the hope that they
can repeat the trick. It hasn't happened yet but there's still time.