GATES OF HELL                           Cruz del Sur Music SRL
*************                           C.P. 5109-Roma Ostiense
                                        00153 ROMA , Lazio


Distr.  : IT - Cruz Del Sur
          NE - Sonic Rendezvous
Style   : metal / hardcore / heavy metal / power metal / thrash metal /
          black metal / death metal /

GOH     01      ANAL VOMIT : PESTE NEGRA, MUERTE NEGRA                  LP      04.2015
GOH     02      ANAL VOMIT : PESTE NEGRA, MUERTE NEGRA                  CD      04.2015

        1       Brebaje de muerte                               4:24
        2       Valle de tinieblas                              3:28
        3       Obsessive Sexual Slaughter                      5:48
        4       La muerte del papa / interludio                 0:56
        5       Dios muerto                                     6:45
        6       Venganza obscura                                6:15
        7       A Savage Fornication                            4:05
        8       Estado comatoso                                 3:47
        9       Pact to Kill / Outro                            4:27
GOH     03      INSTIGATOR              BAD FUTURE                      7"      12.2015

        A1      Anabolic                                        3:52
        AB      Inseminoid                                      4:05
        B1      Black Magic                                     4:17
        B2      Undetectable                                    2:32
                (Note : 7" , 33.3 RPM)
GOH     04      TYFON'S DOOM            YETH HOUND                      12"     06.2016

        A1      Yeth Hound
        A2      Still Here
        A3      Rockers
        A4      Gate To New Reality
        A5      Galactic Flash/Last Ray Of Light
        B1      Got To Love The Midnight Train
        B2      Ravenous Hunter
        B3      Rapid Revival
        B4      Stay Down
GOH     05
GOH     06      VULTURES VENGEANCE : WHERE THE TIME DWELT IN            12"     10.2016
GOH     07      VULTURES VENGEANCE : WHERE THE TIME DWELT IN            CD      10.2016

        1       End of the Void (Intro)
        2       A Curse from Obsidian Realm
        3       And the Wind Still Screams His Name
        4       On a Prisoner's Tale
        5       Where the Time Stands Still
GOH     08      LEGIONNAIRE             DAWN OF GENESIS                 LP      05.2017
GOH     09      LEGIONNAIRE             DAWN OF GENESIS                 CD      05.2017

        A1      Clairvoyance                                    3:49
        A2      Enigma of Time                                  4:39
        A3      Shadow Upon the Metropolis                      3:37
        A4      Millenium                                       4:06
        B1      The Guardian                                    2:56
        B2      Dawn of Genesis                                 3:10
        B3      Black Harbringer                                3:36
        B4      Olympian Aegis                                  4:41
GOH     10      GRAVEBREAKER            SACRIFICE                       LP      12.2016
GOH     11      GRAVEBREAKER            SACRIFICE                       CD      12.2016

        A1      Overdrive                                       3:25
        A2      Sacrifice                                       4:19
        A3      Gravebreaker                                    3:03
        A4      At The Gates Of Hell                            4:53
        A5      Violent City                                    3:19
        B1      Kill And Kill Again                             3:33
        B2      Road War 2000                                   3:15
        B3      Pray For Death                                  2:47
        B4      Spellbound                                      3:05
        B5      Messenger Of Death                              6:29
GOH     12      TYFON'S DOOM            EMPEROR'S PATH                  LP      11.2017
GOH     13      TYFON'S DOOM            EMPEROR'S PATH                  CD      11.2017

LP      A1      Tyrant's Sceptre
        A2      The Hidden Hand
        A3      Sea of Life
        A4      Beyond Treason
        A5      Endless War
        A6      Moonlight
        B1      Howling Danger
        B2      The Rider From Abandoned Town
        B3      Rising Earth
        B4      Strange Aeons
        B5      Emperor's Path

CD      1       Tyrant's Sceptre                                4:10
        2       The Hidden Hand                                 3:18
        3       Sea of Life                                     4:10
        4       Beyond Treason                                  3:29
        5       Endless War                                     3:40
        6       Moonlight                                       3:47
        7       Howling Danger                                  4:31
        8       The Rider From Abandoned Town                   3:44
        9       Rising Earth                                    6:10
        10      Strange Aeons                                   1:50
        11      Emperor's Path                                  5:58
GOH     14      IRON GRIFFIN            IRON GRIFFIN                    12"     11.2017

        A1      Intro
        A2      Message From Beyond
        A3      Metal Conquest
        B1      Journey to the Castle of King
        B2      Lord Inquisitor
GOH     15      CHEVALIER/LEGIONNAIRE : THE GREED OF THE CROSS          7"      02.2018

        A       Chevalier               The Greed of the Cross
        B       Legionnaire             Born of Ash and Blood
GOH     16      CHEVALIER               A CALL TO ARMS                  12"     04.2018

        A1      Under the Sceptre
        A2      The Sorcerer
        A3      The Awakening
        B1      Chevalier
        B2      Ride for Revenge
        B3      Defenestration
GOH     17      PULVER                  PULVER                          7"      04.2018

        A       Howl
        B1      Salvation
        B2      Twilight Magic
GOH     18      BLACK CYCLONE           DEATH ID KING                   LP      04.2018
GOH     19      BLACK CYCLONE           DEATH ID KING                   cd      04.2018

        A1      Death Is Crowned As King
        A2      Hordes
        A3      Black Cyclone
        A4      Falling Star
        A5      Beast Battalion
        B1      IAH
        B2      Under Your Hoof
        B3      Death by Crushing
        B4      This Is It
GOH     20 LP   TRAVELER/CORONARY       TRAVELER/CORONARY               LP      07.2018

        A1      Traveler                Starbreaker
        A2      Traveler                Behind the Iron
        A3      Traveler                Mindless Maze
        B1      Coronary                Firewings
        B2      Coronary                Bullet Train
        B3      Coronary                Mestengo
GOH     21
                THE UNTOLD

        A       Empire of the Crimson Fields
        B       Into the Cave
GOH     23      ROAD WARRIOR            POWER                           LP      10.2018
GOH     24      ROAD WARRIOR            POWER                           CD      10.2018

        A1      Don't Fight Fate
        A2      On Iron Wing
        A3      Devils in Waiting
        A4      I Am the Hunger
        B1      Tease 'n' Torture
        B2      Sweating Out the Poison
        B3      Back Alley Tokyo Woman
        B4      The Future Is Passed
GOH     25      CONVENT GUILT           DIAMOND CUT DIAMOND             LP      11.2018
GOH     26      CONVENT GUILT           DIAMOND CUT DIAMOND             CD      11.2018

        1       Howling Vengeance
        2       Born to Trouble
        3       Powder Dry
        4       Scream Out Your Heart
        5       Bonnie and Clyde
        6       Thief in the Night
        7       Foxes Run
GOH     27      TIR                     METAL SHOCK                     LP      05.2019
GOH     28      TIR                     METAL SHOCK                     CD      05.2019

        01.     CITA IN FIAMME
        02.     LA SFIDA
        03.     BANCHE ARMATE
        04.     LA LUNA NEL CERCHIO
        05.     CRAZY MAMA
        06.     DENTRO IL VUOTO
        07.     LASCIATECI FARE
        08.     METAL SHOCK
        09.     BEAT 150
        10.     MITRA
        11.     MEMORIA (FABER)

One of the very first Italian heavy metal bands returns with its first full-length
album in eight years, Metal Shock! Trailblazing and traditional metal ensemble TIR
emerge with their second full-length in a career that dates back to 1980, Metal Shock,
an album that challenges the old-school metal status quo by having lyrics sung
entirely in Italian. another angle in a career that has been marked by going against
the grain. Several of the songs found on Metal Shock date all the way back to the
bands halcyon 80s period and were subsequently re-written and tinkered with until the
members of TIR were satisfied. This type of meticulous detail shines throughout the
album, where TIRs penchant for knifing twin guitar melodies, hefty gallops and the
multi-faceted vocal capabilities of Cialone are pure touchstones of metals undisputed
glory era.
GOH     29      CHEVALIER               CHAPITRE II                     12"     09.2018

        A1      The Messenger
        A2      Wrath of Steel
        B1      The Curse of the Dead Star
        B2  Fly High
GOH     30
GOH     31      TRAVELER                TRAVELER                        LP+DLc  02.2019
GOH     32      TRAVELER                TRAVELER                        CD      02.2019

        A1      Starbreaker                                     5:41
        A2      Street Machine                                  4:40
        A3      Behind The Iron                                 4:37
        A4      Konamized                                       2:09
        B1      Up To You                                       3:47
        B2      Fallen Heroes                                   5:58
        B3      Mindless Maze                                   6:17
        B4      Speed Queen                                     5:28

GOH     34      BOOZE CONTROL           FORGOTTEN LANDS                 LP        .2019
GOH     35      BOOZE CONTROL           FORGOTTEN LANDS                 CD        .2019

        A1      Forgotten Lands
        A2      Attack Of The Axemen
        A3      The Nameless
        A4      Of The Deep
        A5      Spellbound
        B1      Slaying Mantis
        B2      Playing With Fire
        B3      Thanatos
        B4      Doom Of Sargoth
        B5      Cydonian Sands
GOH     36
GOHLP   37      PULVER                  KINGS UNDER THE SAND            LP      05.2019
GOHCD   38      PULVER                  KINGS UNDER THE SAND            CD      05.2019

        01.     RISING
        02.     PHANTOM HAWK
        03.     BLACKSMITHS LAMENT
        04.     KINGS UNDER THE SAND
        05.     QARÎNAH
        06.     WARRIOR CASTE
        07.     ALPHA OMEGA
        08.     CURSE OF THE PHARAOH

The "Phantom Hawk" arrives to enslave ancient Egypt! Here to tell the tale is Pulver,
a German metal five-piece who batters like classic Tank and dazzles like early Iron
Maiden. Just over a year after the release of their well-received self-titled debut
EP, Pulver emerge with the Kings Under the Sand full-length, an album loaded with
eight taut, memorable, but gritty classic metal cuts.
GOHLP   39      VULTURES VENGEANCE      THE KNIGHTLORE                  LP      05.2019
GOHCD   40      VULTURES VENGEANCE      THE KNIGHTLORE                  CD      05.2019

        02.     FATES WEAVER
        03.     PATHFINDER'S CALL
        04.     THE KNIGHTLORE
        05.     LORD OF THE KEY
        06.     DEAD MEN AND BLIND FATES
        07.     EYE OF A STRANGER
        08.     CHAINED BY THE NIGHT

From the Italian underground comes Vultures Vengeance, a heavy epic metal quartet that
defends the realm of the obscure on their first full-length album, The Knightlore.
The wait is over.ten years into their career, Italian heavy epic metallers Vultures
Vengeance deliver on the promise shown on their Where the Time Dwelt In and Lyrids:
Warning From the Reign of the Untold EPs with their first fulllength The Knightlore.
Tony T. Steele formed Vultures Vengeance in 2009 with rather earnest intentions.
Simply put, he wanted to assemble a band of like-minded people who had the same passion
for classic and somewhat obscure heavy metal as he. From there, they would write orig.
material, record albums and play live shows in their native Italy and across Europe.
However, Steele, who serves as the bands vocalist and lead guitarist, encountered the
usual lineup turnover the befall younger bands, making him even question whether
Vultures Vengeance would have a career to call their own. Undeterred, Vultures
Vengeance finally made their way into the studio in 2015 to record their debut demo,